If you’re familiar with online gambling, you’re most likely aware of all the great and fun bonuses some casinos have to offer! There are all sorts of bonuses, but the most important one is arguably the no deposit bonus. After all, it’s often a player’s first experience ever with an online casino! But what exactly is a no deposit bonus? Is it really just a bonus you get for free, or is it more complicated than it seems? Keep reading for our detailed review on the no deposit bonus!

What is a no deposit bonus?

A casino’s no deposit bonus is a type of promotion offered by online casinos to attract new players. As the name suggests, it is a bonus that does not require the player to make a deposit (a sum of real money) to receive a prize. Typically, a no deposit bonus will be a small amount of bonus cash, free spins, or both, that can be used to play selected casino games. The purpose of the bonus is to give players a chance to try out the casino and its games, without risking their own money.

No deposit bonuses usually have wagering requirements attached, which means that players must wager a certain amount of money before they can withdraw any winnings made from the bonus. A wager refers to the amount of money you stake with each hand of cards, spin of reels, sports match, etc. It can also refer to the amount of money that you bet overall, in a session or specific time period. The wagering requirements and other terms and conditions will vary depending on the casino, so it’s important to read them carefully before claiming any bonus.

It’s worth noting that the no deposit bonuses can be a great way to try out a new casino, they are generally smaller than other types of bonuses and may not be worth the time and effort if you’re looking to make significant winnings. Additionally, some casinos may impose restrictions on the types of games that can be played with a no deposit bonus, so it’s important to be aware of these limitations as well. Keep your expectations realistic! But if you’re simply looking for a free way to explore a new casino, or you want to spruce up your gambling games with a fun challenge, then keep reading to learn more about the no deposit bonus!

It’s important to understand that a no deposit bonus doesn’t always mean free money, so it’s important to have realistic expectations. Therefore, we recommend reading our responsible gambling blog to prevent any potential issues! 

How do no deposit bonuses work?

A no deposit bonus is always the first bonus you gain when signing up to an online casino (if the online casino offers a no deposit bonus in the first place!). This can be obtained through either;

  • Using a special redemption code given to you by the casino when creating your account.
  • Simply picking a slot you’d like upon entering the online casino for the first time, then claiming the free spins that can only be used on that specific slot. (It’s important to note that some online casino’s only have one available slot for a no deposit bonus, while others have no restrictions at all. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, to ensure you won’t be stuck playing a slot you don’t like)!
  • Claiming the bonus in your inbox. This can be either an inbox in the online casino website itself, or check the inbox of the e-mail you used upon registering.

However, sometimes an online casino will just give them to you when you register. This highly depends on the casino you play at. So make sure to read the terms and conditions before registering. This way, you don’t miss out on any redemption codes or any other way to obtain your bonus!

A no deposit bonus is always a small bonus, served as more of a sneak peek than an actual way to earn some cash. If you’re pleased with the online casino’s performance and wish to invest in it with real money, that’s when you gain the first deposit bonus. A first deposit bonus will usually have higher multipliers. Some casino’s might even offer a second deposit bonus, but this highly depends on the online casino! Usually when you’re this far in, it means you enjoy the online casino and wish to stay. That is why the no deposit bonus is such a useful thing! So you know exactly what you’re putting your money into, without having any doubts!

Pros and cons of the no deposit bonus

Just like everything else, the good always comes with the bad! Although we’ve been quite positive about the no deposit bonus so far, it’s important to keep both sides in mind. So, let’s get into the pros and cons!


  • No risk: The no deposit bonus is a free way to test out a casino, without having to spend any real life money on it. A first deposit usually comes at quite a high price, starting at €100,- for some online casinos. Sometimes, you’re just looking to try out a new casino without any strings attached. Dropping a €100,- for simply a way to try it out isn’t ideal. So, the no deposit bonus is the perfect solution for this!
  • Try before you buy: A no deposit bonus allows you to test out a casino and its games before deciding whether or not to make a deposit.
  • No strings attached: It’s very easy to cancel your subscription with the online casino if you find out the casino doesn’t suit your interests.
  • Access to exclusive promotions: Some casinos offer exclusive promotions to players who have used a no deposit bonus, giving you even more chances to win.


  • Wagering requirements: Most no deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements, which means you need to bet a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings.
  • Keep low expectations: The bonus you receive is small. Remember that the no deposit bonuses can be a fun way to enjoy online gambling, but they should never be used as a way to make a profit.
  • New player limitation: A lot of the no deposit bonuses are for new players only! So if you accidentally missed out on a redemption code (or any other bonus you can only receive upon creating your account), you will not be able to claim it. Most online casino’s do not allow you to make more than one account either, to avoid players misusing their no deposit bonus. If you do make a second account, this can result in your account getting permanently terminated and your IP banned. This means any bets may be voided! 
  • Time limits: Some casinos only have a temporary time period for you to claim the no deposit bonus. This means you may only have 24 hours to claim the bonus, before it disappears forever. This connects to the previous point as well; if you’re an older player who simply wasn’t aware of the free bonus, you’re basically toast. 

Once again, it’s important to note that these may vary per online casino! Some casinos may be more lenient with their rules and regulations, while others will terminate your account upon any suspicious activities. So, make sure to read the terms and conditions before you get started!

How to choose a no deposit bonus casino

First things first: Make sure the casino offers a no deposit bonus in the first place!

The information on the bonuses, including the no deposit bonus, is always explained in the terms of conditions. 

Here is the terms of service page of Cookie Casino, for example. As you can see, all the information is clearly displayed and easy to find! This is the case for most, if not all, online casinos. If this is not the case for the online casino you’re visiting, it might be best to stay away from that casino for now.

Although the no deposit itself is free, the ultimate goal of the casino is to get you to stay. It’s important to think ahead when deciding on a no deposit casino for that reason. When deciding whether an online casino is suitable for you, there are several factors to consider. These include the;

  • Casino’s reputation.
  • Licensing and regulation.
  • Game selection.
  • Bonus offers and promotions.
  • Payment methods.
  • Customer support.
  • The user experience.

You should also consider your personal preferences and needs, such as the types of games you enjoy playing and the level of customer service you expect. If you’re not sure whether a casino is reliable or not, you can always check out our casino reviews!

After finding a casino that interests you and reading their terms and conditions, you can finally start with the real fun. It’s time to register your account and claim your free spins!

Our opinion on the no deposit bonus

Personally, we at bonuslots are quite fond of the no deposit bonus and wished more casinos offered it! It’s a nice way to try out a casino, without having to worry about your money. 

If you use no deposit bonuses in a responsible manner and stay within your financial limits, you can experience the thrill and enjoyment of online casinos without any concerns! However, it’s important to keep in mind that responsible gambling is very important, and you should never bet more than what you can afford.