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Mansion Casino is a casino whose name might be familiar to you. It is no surprise either, as it is one of the larger legal online casinos in the United Kingdom. In addition, they have been active for years and are therefore no stranger to the casino world. With an English license in their pocket, they keep customers happy for years. But what kind of company is and who is behind it? Are they reliable? It is interesting to take an objective look at the casino and its company. We will look at several items: the company’s history, if they are reliable, remarkable information about them, and some other points.

So today is about Mansion Casino. Please read along.

We want to point out that this is an objective consideration. Under no circumstances do we want to persuade you to play at Mansion Casino. On the contrary, the text below will inform you and give you a better idea of Mansion Casino.

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The history of Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino has been in the casino industry for many years. So at least there has been plenty of time to gain experience. The casino was founded in 2003 and then launched in 2004 by private investors. The casino is part of The Mansion Group, including casinos such as casino.com and SlotsHeaven. Mansion Casino is officially licensed and regulated in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. In addition to being certified from Gibraltar, Mansion Casino also has a license from the United Kingdom Gaming Commission and, since July last year, also from the Spanish Gaming Authority. A license from the United Kingdom is known to be very reliable. The license can be found under the number 000-039448-R-319446. The Gambling Commission is known for being strict and is committed to putting the player’s interest on one. Mansion Casino is headquartered in Europort, Gibraltar. Karel Manasco is the CEO of Mansion Casino.

Mansion Casino uses Playtech’s software. As a result, the games on offer are of high quality, and most of them are developed by Playtech. Playtech is known as one of the most reliable providers in the gaming software industry. With Playtech’s technology, Mansion Casino offers players the best games and stability. The partnership between Mansion Casino and Playtech can guarantee an excellent selection of games and maximum satisfaction regarding customer data protection, platform stability, and, of course, maximum satisfaction with the available online casino services.

Remarkable information about Mansion Casino

The Mansion Group, which includes Mansion Casino, has been in the online casino world for quite a few years and is no stranger either. In the last few years, The Mansion Group has tried to gain brand awareness in several ways. One way that was done was sponsorship. In 2006, The Mansion Group had a 4-year deal with the English club Tottenham Hotspur. The group also became the official sponsor of AFC Bournemouth since its promotion to Premier League in 2015, while Mansion Group also entered into a sponsorship deal with Crystal Palace in the same year. Most recently, MansionBet signed with the English Football League (EFL) Championship Millwall FC for the 2020-21 season to add the Lions to its other EFL club sponsor partner Bristol City.

Famous figures about Mansion Casino

  • At Mansion Casino, you can choose from over 300 games
  • 3 licenses in different countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, and Gibraltar
  • Founded in 2003
  • Part of The Mansion Group that

What is Mansion Casino known for?

Mansion Casino is best known for high-quality games. They use Playtech’s software. Most of the games that Playtech develops Mansion Casino offers. Although you don’t have to go to Mansion Casino for thousands of different games, you can go there for high-quality games and a good selection of games. With 300+ more games, there is still more than enough choice.

Mansion Casino in the news

The Mansion Group announced their players quit MansionBet in March this year. As written, Mansion Casino falls under The Mansion Group; MansionBet is also part of this. As its name suggests, MansionBet mainly focused on offering sports betting. It has been decided to close MansionBet to focus more on the company’s casinos: Casino.com, Mansion Casino, and SlotsHeaven. It remains possible to cash out bets until April 28, 2022. For example, bets placed for the World Cup football next winter can still be settled. However, April 28, 2023, will fall off. The CEO of Mansion Group has said the following about the decision to close MansionBet:

“After careful consideration, we decided to stop trading in our MansionBet brand. The commercial decision was difficult, but it offers the opportunity to focus on our casino brands, where we have a long history of excellence.”

With the closure of MansionBet, it was indicated that she wanted to focus solely on the casinos and continue to operate in the English market. In addition, it was noted that The Mansion Group is working to enter other markets in addition to the English market. For example, since October, it has been possible for players in Spain to gamble at Mansion Casino. In July last year, they were granted a license from the Spanish Gaming Authority or the Dirrección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ). In Canada, we are working on a license application for Casino.com. They hope to be able to enter that market this year.

The launch of Mansion Casino marks the first step in the group’s strategy to establish a presence in Spain as part of its group-wide strategy to expand to regulated gambling jurisdictions in Europe. The group plans to confirm its presence in the Iberian country by introducing the other brands from its portfolio, Casino.com, SlotsHeaven, and MansionBet, in the future.

Is Mansion Casino reliable, and what does that indicate?

Mansion Casino is a casino known for being highly reliable. To determine if a casino is reliable, you can check whether a casino has a license. A permit conveys reliability because the licensee must meet different requirements, and the designated government body checks them. In the case of Mansion Casino, they are licensed in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Gibraltar. Mansion Casino runs on Playtech software. Playtech is highly reliable, stable, and well-known in the casino industry and exudes confidentiality. However, Mansion Casino itself indicates that third parties control them.

Furthermore, customer service, payouts, deposits, etc., are essential. Mansion Casino customer service is available 24/7. In addition, the reviews about the casino are very positive. Payouts are arranged relatively quickly, within 72 hours, and deposits are made safely and promptly. The website is also well secured with adequate SSL encryption. This way, players can safely play, deposit, and withdraw and know that their data does not end up in the hands of third parties.


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