High rollers and playing online

High rollers play at many different kinds of casinos (check out our casino reviews), including those that are only available online. There are any differences between online casinos and landbased casinos. A large number of the benefits that high rollers would receive from landbased casinos are unavailable online. How do online casinos entice high rollers into playing with them then? What methods do online casinos use to attract high rollers towards their establishments then?

They mostly offer special bonuses and play benefits that are exclusive to high rollers. Online casinos can’t grant the same benefits as landbased casinos, which is why they put most of their stock into actual play-bonuses. Before we examine Spinia Casino, we will briefly introduce some of these bonuses and explain exactly how they work.

How a particular bonus works depends on the type of bonus and the casino that grants it. For example, your very first bonus in an online casino will often be a registration bonus that does not require a deposit. Even more common would be a welcome bonus. Let us explain the most common bonuses when gambling online.

And, we can already tell you, Spinia is indeed a fine choice for highrollers!

Registration Bonus

This bonus is basically a welcome bonus that does not require a deposit to activate. A registration is all that is required.

A registration bonus can sometimes consist of free play money, but it usually consists of a number of free spins, free games, or free bets.


An example of an often-seen registration bonus can be seen with Starburst, one of the biggest and most famous videoslot games currently on the market. Players often receive free spins to this game in particular as its popularity means that nearly every online casino has it on their site. The steps to receive a registration bonus are usually as follows:

  1. The player first has to register at the online casino that offers the registration bonus. They have to give their personal data to register, including at least an account name and financial information;
  2. If necessary, the player has to choose whether they are interested in taking part in the promotions made available by the casino. If they are not, they will not be contacted for any bonuses and most bonuses will not be available to them;
  3. The player will have now received the free spins, which they can use as soon as they open the game to which the spins are assigned, in this case, Starburst.

One important thing to verify before redeeming a bonus is the wagering requirements. A bonus might not need a deposit, but that doesn´t mean you can cash out immediately after using it to win some money. Usually this means that the winnings from a bonus has to be used as a bet for a set number of times.

Welcome Bonus

This one is one of the most important bonuses, because it´s main goal is to attract fresh players to the casino. Pretty much every online casino offers a welcome bonus as a consequence. This is also why this bonus is often the one that receives the most attention in marketing material. The reload bonus for existing players is an example of a different kind of bonus, but this is far less interesting for new players. These bonuses will often be marketed through e-mails, once the player has given their permission for this marketing.


An example of a common welcome bonus could be when players receive 100% on top of the first deposit in their account. This will usually be up to a maximum of 100 to 200 euros. The additional 100% means that the first deposit will essentially be doubled.

This bonus requires both a registration and a first deposit. The process for receiving the bonus is as follows:

  1. The player registers themself at the online casino where they want to use the welcome bonus. In addition to registration, they must create a personal online account with all the necessary information, such as name and financial details.
  2. The player has to make their first deposit on their new account.
  3. If necessary, the player must indicate whether they wish to make use of any provided bonuses. It depends on the casino whether this is asked or not.
  4. The welcome bonus will now be credited to the account.

Welcome bonuses are subject to numerous conditions as well and are usually only converted to cash once the player has fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Deposit Bonus

Most of the previously mentioned bonuses are deposit bonuses, which means players have to make a deposit to receive it. This is in contrast to no deposit bonuses. The trade-off here is that deposit bonuses usually offer greater benefits.


An example of this type of bonus could be when a player receives an extra 25% up to a maximum of €500 or fifty free spins for the indicated game when they deposit €25 or more during the weekend.

The deposit bonus does not strictly require the player to register first. All it looks at is the first deposit placed on the account. The step-by-step plan would be as follows:

  1. The player makes a deposit. This deposit cannot exceed any previously noted conditions.
  2. The player uses the extra play money or free spins they received from the bonus.
  3. The player must make sure they meet the wagering requirements to get the most out of their deposit bonus.

 As with the other bonuses, it is important that a player is aware of the requirements set by the casino before they redeem it.

The previously mentioned bonuses are the most common, but there is another particularly important bonus to consider. This bonus is especially interesting for high rollers, as it is geared specifically toward them. This is…

The High Roller bonus

This bonus is a specific type of bonus aimed towards high rollers. As such, it is geared towards players who spend a significant amount of money at a casino starting with their first deposit. These kinds of bonuses are scaled up accordingly. The high roller bonus is usually a matched deposit bonus that replaces the welcome bonus, though it will almost always offer a much higher maximum bonus amount.

An example of these types of bonuses could be the following: imagine a casino offers a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to two hundred euros to normal players. They may offer a high roller bonus in the form of a 100% matched deposit bonus up to 2,000 euros. The minimum deposit requirements are typically much higher to claim this bonus, sometimes as much as five hundred euros, or even 1,000 euros.

You may also find that high roller bonuses also have lower wagering requirements. Other terms and conditions may also be designed to be slightly more friendly to players.

Casino high rollers in general

So; what exactly constitutes a high roller?

The definition of a high roller is a high-profile individual that gambles substantial amounts of money at casinos. They are also often referred to as `whales´ or `cheetahs´. Due to the substantial amounts of money they bring to casinos, they often receive exclusive offers in an attempt to entice them into playing there.

High rollers and Spinia Casino

One of the more popular online casinos for high rollers is Spinia Casino, mostly owing to their various bonus features. We will quickly tell you all about the casino, and the features that make it so attractive.

Spinia Casino has quite a wide variety of games on offer, owing to the company being directly owned by N1 Interactive Ltd. Players can play more than a thousand of the most popular online slot games, as well as many popular table games. Live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or baccarat are also available. This variety is one of the big reasons Spinia Casino is so popular, but it most definitely is not the only one.

Online slots

Spinia Casino offers a wide range of games developed by some of the software giants of the online casino industry. As such they offer games from providers such as Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Microgaming, Netent Quickspin, and Play’n GO.

Working with these giants ensures all the classic slots, such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst are present. There are many more slots available as well through the private label provided by Softswiss.

spinia slots page

Jackpot slots

Spinia Casino provides multiple slots using progressive jackpots. An example of this is The Ruby, developed by iSoftBet. This game boasts the classic image of a Las Vegas casino and allows players to win from a progressive jackpot of up to 25.000 euros. The more you spend, the higher your chances of winning. These numbers are definitely interesting to higher rollers.

Live games

Spinia Casino has many live games provided by Evolution. This developer provides multiple big games such as live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. These games are staffed full-time, and as such are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer numerous tournaments to take part in as well. These tournaments can pay out very handsomely to skilled players who know what they’re doing. The live games table tournament refreshes on a weekly basis. After this week, the casino takes a look at which player won the most. The winner receives additional prizes and benefits.


This is where it gets interesting for high rollers. When a player first starts playing a game at Spinia Casino, they customarily receive a welcome bonus. This is usually a match bonus of a hundred percent with a maximum of up to one hundred euros and twenty-five free spins. These spins would be for the game Big Bass Bonanza, developed by Pragmatic Play. This bonus will be received after a player first deposits money into their account. In particular cases, this bonus can be replaced by the previously mentioned high roller bonus. This bonus will usually be unaltered, aside from the fact that the amounts the player receives have been pumped up considerably.

The player receives an additional bonus after the second deposit. This one consists of a 50 percent match bonus and bonus money of up to 150 euros, along with twenty-five free spins. These spins will be usable for the game Fishin’ Reels, also developed by Pragmatic Play.

Aside from the welcome bonus, Spinia Casino has a system that allows players to receive some free spins every week. If a player deposits a minimum of forty euros in their account on a Wednesday, they will receive fifty free spins. Half of those will be received immediately, while the other half will only become available after 24 hours. All spins will be for Piggy Bank Hills. This is quite cheap, especially for high rolling customers, who can get the full benefits from such deals.

Aside from the weekly free spins there is an additional reload bonus on Sundays. Players will receive a 50 percent match bonus of up to a maximum of 250 euros for all money they deposit on that day. They will also receive twenty-five free spins for the game Mystic Chief.

Bonus requirements

Spinia’s bonus requirements are more flexible than those of most other gambling providers. For example, using payment services like Skrill and Neteller does not void the players’ right to receive a bonus. Most online casinos no longer allow players to use these payment services to deposit or withdraw money.

Players must also play with the money in their deposit before any bonus money becomes available to use. Winnings can be paid out at any point, but bonuses and any winnings from bonuses will not remain if the full bonus was not used.

Further requirements are as follows:

  • The absolute minimum to receive a bonus is twenty euros;
  • Any bonus money must be played with for at least forty times before it can be converted into real money. For the special high roller bonuses this can be lowered, though this will be decided on a case-by-case basis;
  • Free spins will allow players to withdraw a maximum of one hundred euros;
  • The max stake a player can use bonus money for is five euros per spin;
  • Slots count for 100 percent; live casino games count for 0 percent. All other games count for 5 percent;
  • An important fact to remember is that the bonus codes need to be used to receive the bonus in the first place. Players will receive these codes when they have fulfilled the requirements to receive a bonus.

Loyalty program

Spinia Casino has a loyalty program where VIP players can receive additional rewards for playing. They receive these rewards by gathering points, which is where things truly get interesting for high rollers.

Players start at level 1, called the Rookie-level. This level is reached once a player has reached fifty points. The player will receive five euros as a reward for reaching this level. Nothing much yet, but everything has to start somewhere.

The highest level is level 10, called the Elite level. This level is reached once a player has reached 1.500.000 points. The reward is an amount of 50.000 euros in cash. This level will also allow players to trade in points for money. The conversion rate lies at 1 euro for every seventy points. This means players can receive more than 20.000 euros if they exchange all their points. This program and its rewards are specifically geared towards high rolling customers, as they are some of the few players who have the means to fully take part in the program.

It does take a while for players to reach the maximum number of points. A point is rewarded for every twenty euros used in a bet. It would thus take around 30.000.000 euros to receive the highest rank in the loyalty program, which is by no means a small investment. All bonus rewards must be played with three times. Points that are exchanged for money also need to be bet once, which is no problem for the richer players.

So, should high rollers play at Spinia Casino?

While Spinia Casino and other online casinos will probably never be able to match the experience of landbased casinos for high rollers, they are definitely worth playing at. Spinia Casino truly shows its worth through its VIP program, its tournaments, and the jackpot slots. The regular bonuses and the other games are nice, but if that´s all you’re interested in, you’re better of playing somewhere else.