What exactly is the Return to Player percentage? The Return To Player percentage refers to the amount of money that a gambling game gives back to the player.  It is expressed as a percentage and is calculated based on a long-term evaluation of the game.

This would be in a best-case scenario of course, because a player may well bet €2 on an online slot game, win €100 in the process, and have his money paid out right away. Now, for the lucky player, the RTP will equal a win of 50x the bet, but casinos work with long-term strategies, and most standard games have a long-term RTP of 95-97 per cent. This means that, on average, a game will pay back 95-97 per cent of every pound, dollar or euro wagered on the game.

Good online Slot Casinos with a lot of High RTP Slots:

How does the Return To Player percentage get calculated?

In theory, it is quite simple to calculate the RTP of a game. The formula is relatively uncomplicated: The total amount paid out to a player divided by the total amount wagered by a player. However, the RTP of online slots games, for example, can be misleading, as it does not indicate how often you can expect to win.

In games like online blackjack, it is much clearer because you know you will win about half of the bets placed, but slots, which can pay out huge jackpots, pay out less often, but with significantly higher amounts. However, the end result will always be the same in the long run, which is an RTP towards the player that is just slightly less than the total of all bets.

In general, the RTP of casino games looks as follows:

  • Online Slots – 93-99 per cent
  • European Roulette – 97.3 per cent
  • American Roulette – 94 per cent

With other games, it is more difficult to calculate because here it depends on the strategy a player uses. There are different bets possible in the game of Craps (where the RTP ranges from excellent to dramatic), and Blackjack and poker are partially games of skill. With a refined strategy, the RTP is exceptionally high (more than 99 per cent), but a bad player, who continues playing at 17 while the dealer has a 6, can drastically reduce his RTP.

An examination of a game with a good Return to Player percentage

Gambling games can differ greatly in their Return To Player percentages. As was previously mentioned, online slots have percentages between 93% and 99%, though you´ll most commonly encounter percentages around 95%. Some games have better percentages than others, so let´s examine some popular games with a good Return To Player percentage.

Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead is a famous Play’n GO slot that builds on both the (almost endless) success of Book of Dead as well as that of Rise of Merlin. Elements of both online slots were merged into a new title, best described as Book of Dead on steroids. Not only can you win the familiar free spins with fold-out special symbols, but each retrigger also gives you an additional special symbol. There are nine special symbols that you can unlock, which is why each retrigger not only gets you more free spins, but also more chances to win big payouts. You can win up to €250,000 on Legacy of Dead, at least if you play with all 10 paylines active and the maximum bet.

How does the Legacy of Dead slot work?

If you’ve played Book of Dead before the gameplay will look very familiar to you. There are 10 variable paylines and you place bets reaching from 1 cent to 1 euro per payline. You can also bet between 1 and 5 coins per line. This brings you to a betting range that lies between 0.01 euros and 50 euros per spin. The theoretical payout percentage, also known as Return To Player or RTP, is set at 96.58% by default. Pay attention, however: not all online casinos have a version of Legacy of Dead with this high payout percentage. Some offer a version of this slot with a substantially lower Return To Player. It would be wise to always check this up front. The variance is medium: with all paylines active, you can win up to 5,000 times the total bet.

Symbols and payouts

The mythological Egyptian theme is unsurprising in terms of symbols: we see tombs, mummies, Anubis, Pharaoh and Horus symbols. The tomb is the wild symbol, which also doubles as a scatter. Spin five of them on an active payline for a prize of 5,000 coins (500 x total bet with 10 active lines). The high symbols pay out between 600 and 5,000 coins when spinning 5-of-a-kind on an active payline, which amounts to between 60 x and 500 x the total bet, if you have all the paylines activated.

An unwritten law in online slots is that the card symbols are the low symbols and in this too, Legacy of Dead follows all paved paths. Spin five times a 9, 10, J, Q, K or A for a prize of between 80 and 120 coins. 3 or more scattered tombs trigger the free spins bonus: 8 free spins. Before entering the free spins bonus, the famous special symbol is determined. This symbol folds out and always pays on all active paylines. The quickest way to a mega-sized payout is to spin a full screen of the same special symbols. If you manage to trigger the bonus again, you will not only win 8 extra free spins, but also an extra special symbol. The more special symbols there are in the game, the greater the chance of big payouts. There are nine special symbols you can unlock.

So, what do we think?

Legacy of Dead is undoubtedly popular with slots players. The two slots (Book of Dead and Rise of Merlin) it is based on are two of Play’n GO’s most-played slots, so it makes sense this slot has become very popular as well.


Reactoonz is an online slot developed by Play’n GO. It is something of an unofficial sequel to the video slot Energoonz, which has been one of their popular titles for a while now. Play’n GO is known for slots with a distinct game mechanics, where symbols can cause chain reactions and bonus features can be unlocked. Also notable is the variance. Although Reactoonz may look a bit juvenile, it’s got great rewards. And not even with the main bonus feature, the Giant Gargantoon, but with the mini features as well.

Reactoonz is not a slot machine that you just boot up and get right away. It takes a few spins to understand how everything works. The sounds, bright colours and frantic animations don’t really help either. Chances are you’ll soon find yourself getting dizzy. Our advice: push through. This his is one of the most fun – and lucrative – releases of 2017, and has held strong ever since.

How does the Reactoonz slot work?

The game is played on a matrix of 7 x 7 symbols. That means 49 squares on which symbols will appear. The symbols consist of roguish space creatures and the occasional wild symbol. Winning combinations occur when 5 or more of the same symbols touch each other. NetEnt calls this Cluster Pays, which is also used in Emoji Planet and Legend of Shangri-La. The more the same symbols touch, the higher the payout. Winning combinations disappear and make way for new symbols, so you can win multiple in a row. If there is a 2 x 2 symbol in a winning combination, the payout is doubled.

The betting range runs from 0.20 to 100 euros per spin and the payout percentage is a fine 96.52%. On every spin, 1 special symbol is designated, which lights up. Every time a winning combination is created with this special symbol, it leaves 2 wilds. This increases the chances of new winning combos.

The Gargantoon

If you look at the top right, you will see a big white monster with 3 eyes. Keep an eye on him. After all, this is your best friend in the game, the Gargantoon. This white behemoth can trigger special features for you. For that, you’ll have to fill the meter by making winning combinations. For every full meter, 1 of the 4 boosters is activated at random. These boosters are essential for landing big payouts.

  • Alteration: 1 random symbol is changed into another symbol – often worth nothing, and sometimes extremely valuable.
  • Implosion: without a doubt the booster: 3 to 6 random symbols are turned into wilds and all surrounding symbols are removed.
  • Demolition: all low symbols are removed, causing premium symbols to fall down.
  • Incision: a powerful booster, where a wild symbol and two diagonal rows of the same symbols are placed on the screen. Very powerful, especially if the rows are filled with wilds.

The Gargantoon can also put between 4 and 8 wilds on the screen after a non-winning spin, the Instability Feature. Once you have filled all 5 gauges, our big friend the Gargantoon really jumps into action. He appears on the screen as 3 x 3 wilds, then as 2 x 2 wilds and finally with 9 loose wilds. It’s a kind of wild mayhem, with winning combinations and big prizes everywhere. A delightful feature that really feels like the crowning achievement for your hard work. Although sometimes it can also be a big curse if you get stuck at 4 full meters and don’t manage to get the 5th meter full. When 5 the metres are filled, it’s party time. This is because now the super powerful Gargantoon Feature is added to the queue. This Gargantoon Feature creates quite a few extra wilds on the screen. First, a 3 x 3 wild symbol appears on the screen, then a 2 x 2 wild and then nine single wilds.

So, what do we think?

It can take some time to get used to this slot machine from Play’n GO. Reactoonz is quite busy, looks a bit childish perhaps, and is quite complicated. If you lose a couple of times and your balance starts shrinking, you might cut your losses and play something else. Once you get used to this game, it’ll show it’s worth. But be warned: Reactoonz can be hugely erratic and sometimes has long dry spells. So make sure your balance is high enough and don’t bet too high.