Gamble Online on reliable sites? Then you should know what you’re in for. The world wide web is filled with all kinds of online gambling sites. But how can you make sure that you click on the right one? And what should you definitely know before you start playing on an Online Gambling Site?

In this Article, Bonuslots will provide you with all the necessary information on Online Gambling. We aim to inform you adequately, and in a way that is understandable for you. We will do this by writing a Mega FAQ which will explain everything about gambling online. First of all, check out our top-rated online casinos:

Now, what questions will we talk about on our Online Gambling Website Mega FAQ? We will answer them all shortly below before we start explaining all the questions extensively.

  • Is online gambling reliable? Short answer: yes, but it depends on which online gambling site you choose.
  • Is online gambling legal? This depends on the regulation rules in your country.
  • Which online gambling sites should I choose? Here at Bonuslots, we selected some reliable and qualitative online gambling sites for you. Choosing one of them is always a fine choice. See all our online casino reviews here.
  • What are the best gambling site casino bonuses? We will explain more to you about different bonus offers.
  • On what online gambling sites can I gamble for real money? All the sites that are listed on Bonuslots for sure.
  • How can I best use an online gambling site? By being 18 years old at least, and gambling at a website for online gambling that is legal in your country.
  • What online gambling site is the best choice? Depends on what you like! Slots sites, online bookmakers, or maybe live casino websites? Up to you!
  • How does an online gambling site work? Make an account, deposit money on the platform, place a bet, and if you win: cash out! A lot of different games are optional for this of course. Check out our online videoslot reviews!
  • How can I use online gambling sites in a responsible way? By keeping responsible gambling in mind. Know your limits, play carefully and take a gambling break once in a while.
  • What are the best video slots for online gambling sites? A lot of them are actually great. Check out our online videoslot reviews!
  • Can I play at online gambling sites as a minor? No, you can (and should) not!

Let’s go into specifics now, and give you all the information you need on online gambling sites (and how to use them)!

Are online gambling sites safe and reliable?

Online gambling may feel like taking a risk. Depositing money on an online platform of which you sometimes do not know the background, may feel uncomfortable. We completely understand this. And to be fair, a lot of complaints on unreliable online gambling sites are known to us:

  • Very bad addiction prevention policy. Sometimes, a player/gambler can get caught up in the moment. Maybe even getting his or her hopes up and playing a little bit too much. A safe choice at that point can be withdrawing your account money, and/or closing your account (for a little while). Unfortunately, there are many casinos out there who know that this vulnerability is also a way to make extra money. So, delaying withdrawals and not having self-exclusion as an option, can make it harder for players to stay in control.
  • Not paying out withdrawals. Yes, this really happens. And usually, the reasons are very vague. ‘Technical Issues’, ‘AML (Anti Money Laundering) flags’ on account (without further explanation), or other excuses can be used. In a good portion of cases, money will never be paid out. 
  • Bad customer service. Receiving help too late, or in a not-so-helpful manner.
  • Strange and/or unclear terms and conditions. Imagine playing some, winning a good amount of money, and then finding out that the casino will only pay out 500 euros per week or month. Or think of strange or extremely strict bonus terms.

So no, online gambling sites are not always so safe. At Bonuslots, we will review online gambling sites intensively. One of the points we check the sites on is safety and reliability. So please read our casino reviews, or pick a gambling site to play at below:

And what should you look for then, to identify if an online gambling site is safe and reliable?

Step 1: Well, first of all, we would advise you to see where the casino site is licensed. Scroll down to the bottom, and check if there is a seal from a regulated market. If yes, Google the casino and the responsible authority. Check if the information is correct. And of course, verify if the country that licenses the casino is on the up and above. Black list countries for online casinos:

Be aware of Curacao! This country has a very strange system that makes it so that no legal authority is in charge of gambling licenses for websites. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every Curacao online casino is unsafe. But just do some extra research if you can!

Step 2: Check out the legal documentation. We know this is very boring. But, for instance, try reading the Terms & Conditions. Do they look nice? Do they look like effort has gone into setting them up? And: do the terms seem reasonable? To check out extra carefully (control F the relevant words):

  • How does the casino handles account inactivity? Sometimes, online casinos have pretty harsh terms regarding this. Think of account closure, taking money of the account or worse.
  • Is there a maximum withdrawal? And if so, does this seem reasonable, or in other ways okay to you?
  • Are the bonus terms fair? Think of wagering requirements that do not go above X 35.
  • What does the casino consider to be fraud, that might lead to account closure? Sometimes, online gambling sites are a bit too loose when it comes to this.
  • Are there any clauses, stating that the online gambling site could charge you for any legal fees, or other administrative fees? This should generally not be the case.

Step 3: Check out the addiction prevention policy. Does it all look okay? Are there good self-exclusion possibilities? Are there good references for professional help if you might need it? Does the online gambling site seem to be taking responsible gambling seriously, by the looks of the available documentation?

Step 4: Do your research! Use websites like Bonuslots and even Trustpilot to see if there are any strange stories available. Reddit might also be a good place to check out.

To conclude: Most online gambling sites are pretty safe. But: do not ever just make an account anywhere. Follow the steps above, or of course, choose a Bonuslots rated online casino.

What are the best video slots for online gambling sites?

Online videoslots are, to our opinion, the most fun to play at online gambling sites. We rate online videoslots, and write extensive video slot reviews about it. Below, we gathered some online videoslots which we really recommend you to play!


Sweet Bonanza Videoslot

A great Pragmatic Play Videoslot! With high volatility and possible winnings of 21.000 x, a great and exciting videoslot to try. Sweet Bonanza has a very sweet-looking theme. Sweet Bonanza is a videoslot we definitely recommend highly!

Developer: Pragmatic Play. A reliable developer, also known from the Wolf Gold videoslot.

Return To Player: 96,5%.

Minimum – Maximum stake per spin: 0,20€ up to 100,00€ a spin.

Winning methods: Scatter Pays as well as Tumbling Reels.

Free Spins mode: 4 scatters or more will activate Free Spins. The Scatter Symbol is a lolly in the Sweet Bonanza game.

Other features: None.

Jackpot: No.

Reliability: Pragmatic Play is well known for reliability. Absolutely one to trust!

Black Gold 2 Megaways Videoslot

Black Gold 2 Megaways is a video slot from Stakelogic and the sequel of the equally great Black Gold Megaways. We see this online video slot as one of the greatest at this very moment. And of course, Black Gold 2 Megaways has a wonderful Free Spins mode. Exciting, fun, and looking good. Highly recommended by us.

How do you get into the Free Spins mode? 

The scatter symbols in Black Gold 2 Megaways are depicted as gold-colored oil towers, just like in the previous variant. Black Gold 2 Megaways also has ‘SCATTER’ on it. Do you have four or more of these symbols? This will take you to the Free Spins mode. Note: Although it is a Megaways game, you can only spin one per reel (and not in the top connector reel).

How does the Free Spins mode work?

So imagine You spin 4 Scatters, which then gives you a number of options to choose from:

  • 12 Free Spins, starting at an X1 Multiplier
  • 8 Free Spins, starting at an X5 Multiplier
  • 5 Free Spins, starting at an X10 Multiplier
  • Random (Spins and Multiplier)

We always find Random very nice as a free spin option. If you choose the Random Option, then you have 3 boxes that will offer a certain number of spins, and 3 boxes that the xMultiplier will give, so you choose one of each. Of course, hope for 12 spins and x10 Multiplier!Then you get an extra multiplier with every winning combination. And the nice thing is: in the top bar you can still get the extras, such as the Destroyer, or the Stacked feature. In the end you can use this progressive That way you can make big profits. And how much? You can read that below!

How much can you win?

With some, somewhat newer video slots, it is not immediately clear what the max win is. In any case, we know from Black Gold 2 Megaways that it should be possible to win 21,000x your stake. So absolutely not bad.

Other Facts:

RTP: 96.01%

Variance/Volatility: High

Paylines: 117,649 Megaways Maximum

Developer: Stakelogic Deposit

Possible stake per spin: €0.20 – €40.00

Extra Chilli Megaways Videoslot

Big Time Gaming is famous. And they really aren’t just that. Why? Because they are the inventors of great video slots. And even more: Big Time Gaming invented the great Megaways principle. Extra Chilli Megaways is one of the BTG video slots that come out very positively, among other things due to a very nice Free Spins Mode.

How do you get into the Free Spins mode? 

Many people compare Extra Chilli Megaways to Bonanza. That in itself is not so strange. The game has a lot of similarities. For example, the Scatter Symbols are all those thick, golden letters. What is different: at Extra Chilli Megaways you only need 3 scatters to get into the Free Spins mode. Are you turning the letters HOT? Then you enter the bonus game with at least 8 Free Spins. Each additional scatter gives an additional 4 free spins.

How does the Free Spins mode work?

Suppose you have landed three scatters (HOT) without a +4 symbol. Then you start with 8 Free Spins. Butrrrr…. Before the reels start spinning immediately (as with the Bonanza Free Spins Mode), you can apply the Free Spins Gamble Feature. In addition, you can gamble with your free spins to get more. This goes as follows:

  • Gamble with 8 spins, and have a chance to win 12 spins. If you lose, you have no more spins left and you go back to the base game.
  • Gamble with 12 spins further, and have a chance to win 16 spins. Did you lose? Then you go back to the base game with no spins.
  • Gamble with 16 spins, and have a chance to win 20 spins. Did you lose? Then you have 8 free spins left.
  • Gamble with 20 spins, and have a chance to win 24 spins. Did you lose? Then you have 12 free spins left.

Obviously, you do not need to use this feature. Simply press collect to continue playing with the free spins you have already received.

In the Free Spins mode itself, you start with a x1 multiplier. This gets a multiplier with every winning combo. This means that you take base game win x stake x multiplier per winning combination. And that can get pretty high!

How much can you win?

This game has unlimited multipliers and therefore also unlimited winnings. What we know in any case is that profits of up to 20,000 x stake are possible.

Other facts:

RTP: 96.15 to 96.82 %

Variance/Volatility: High

Paylines: 117,649 Megaways

Developer: Big Time Gaming

Possible stake per spin: €0.20 – €40.00

NARCOS Videoslot

NARCOS is a slot from the quality developer NetEnt. The game reflects the well-known Netflix series, where the symbols are also characters from the series. NARCOS has two different bonus games, including a very nice Free Spins mode.

How do you get into the Free Spins mode? 

First of all, at NARCOS you can get a ‘Lock it Re Spin’ bonus with three Pablo symbols. This fun feature gives suitcases, cash prizes and multipliers. But did you catch the scatters (the car with the text FREE SPINS) on the first, third and fifth reel? Then you go to the NARCOS Free Spins.

How does the Free Spins mode work?

In the Free Spins game at NARCOS you start with 10 Free Spins. Every ‘sticky wild’ (police badge) sticks during every round. It is therefore important to grab as many as possible with the Drive-By function. This occurs in the base game, and also occurs every round in the Free Spins feature. By the way, completely randomly, Free Spins are also added after you have finished the 10 initial spins. This can turn into a very lucrative game.

How much can you win?

During the Lock it Re Spin game with Pablo you can win up to about 271 x your stake. In the Free Spins mode, it is possible to win up to 1506 x your stake.

Other Facts:

RTP: 96.23%

Variance/Volatility: Average

Paylines: 243 Win Ways

Developer: NetEnt Deposit

Possible stake per spin: €0.20 – €400.00

Is online gambling legal?

This is a very interesting question. First of all it is good to point out that online gambling is legal in a lot of jurisdictions, but not everywhere. Figuring out if online gambling is legal therefore depends on where you live. So, how to determine if online gambling is legal for you? 

Step 1: Google the name of your country, combined with ‘online gambling legal?’ This might be a good way to see how it is. And of course, only trust government websites providing this information. Usually, a lot of countries have some sort of Gambling Authority. These are the sites you should be looking for.

Step 2: Gambling might be legal in your country. However, this does not mean that you can just gamble online everywhere. You can mainly only gamble at online casinos that are licensed by your country/jurisdiction. So a good way of finding that out is searching on Google: ‘legal online gambling sites …country…’

Step 3: You might have figured out a list of supposedly legal online gambling sites. However…, you cannot always trust all information you find on this. So this means that you should then check if the online gambling site you want to gamble on, is in fact licensed by your country. This information is almost always good to find on the website of your gambling authority.

So, to sum it up: Online gambling is legal in a lot of places. Not everywhere, but chances are pretty good that you might have a legal chance to gamble online.

How to choose the best online gambling website?

When you want to start gambling online, it is very important that you choose a gambling site that fits your needs. This means that you will really have to pick something that offers what you are seeking. Are you a big fan of sports betting? Then it would be logical to choose a gambling site that offers bookmaking. Are you a big slots fan? Then of course choosing a site with a great variety of video slots is a good idea. So how to pick a good online gambling site?

First of all: Check out our casino reviews. Bonuslots has gathered a lot of online gambling sites, which we reviewed thoroughly. Chances are good that by reading those reviews, you will be able to pick the online gambling site that fits your needs.

Secondly: We would always advise you to check out the whole website before you even start making an account. It is important that you have a good idea yourself on the site, even if you have read different online gambling site reviews. Check out the games they offer and of course, check out the layout. Do you think you can work with the design and functions the site has to offer you?

Lastly, but very important: Read the terms and conditions. In the gambling site terms and conditions, you will be able to find relevant information regarding your time there as a customer. For instance:

  • Is there a general deposit limit?
  • Is there a limited withdrawal on monthly basis, for instance? Good to know if you plan to play big of course.
  • Are there any account inactivity fees?
  • Are there any strange clauses on account fraud?
  • What are the bonus terms?

Be sure that you really know what kind of casino this is, and if they have reasonable terms and conditions. Of course, it is also relevant to check out addiction prevention documents, and privacy documentation.

Gambling Site Casino Bonuses

Online gambling sites regularly offer you a casino bonus. This can be a welcome bonus, but also, for example, a weekly recurring bonus. Or a free bet. It is always good to stay informed about the possible casino bonuses. At Bonuslots we always make sure that we give you an overview of the current bonus options there are.

Let’s also discuss the different types of bonuses that are available at online gambling sites:

Welcome bonus

The online casino where you register is of course happy with this. A new customer is always good news. This also means that many online casinos reward this by offering a welcome bonus. Of course, this is optional: you do not have to accept the bonus. And do you choose it? Please read the bonus conditions. It tells you exactly what you have to do to clear the bonus.

Deposit bonus

Especially with first deposits, it can often be that a casino (up to a certain amount) chooses to give a bonus. Think of up to 100€ bonus, for 100% on your first deposit.

Free Spins bonuses

Does an online casino have a new game? Or is it just policy? Then it sometimes happens that you can get a free spins bonus at an online casino. Usually between 20 and 100 spins, to be played on a particular online slot machine.

What is important when you want to accept an online gambling site bonus?

It is very relevant that you know more about the terms and conditions that are connected to accepting this bonus. Are there any wagering requirements for instance? Very important to exactly know what you are agreeing to when it comes to online gambling site bonuses. Are you in any doubt about the exact meaning of the bonus terms? Then do not accept them, until you know more. Contact customer support for instance.

Real money Online Gambling Sites

A frequently asked question is: ‘Where can I play for real money?’ Well, all online casino’s that we are talking about on Bonuslots are Real Money Online Gambling Sites. Good to know though, it is only possible to play there if you are at least 18 years old. 

And what should you take into account if you are considering to gamble online for real money?

  • As said, being 18 years of age at least is a must.
  • Next to that, it would be very important tot start thinking about if you have a history of addictions. Are you vulnerable to addictions? Then it could be a good choice to not gamble for real money at all.
  • Are you sure that online gambling for real money is just for fun for you? Then you should think about how much you are willing to lose. This means setting a clear limit for yourself (at the casino you can mostly set deposit limits) and holding on to it.
  • And when you start playing real money gambling games, it is a good idea to take a break once in a while. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you, and stay stable.
  • Never play for real money on online gambling sites while you are under the influence. This is a very bad idea in any way you would look at it because different substances could cause you to make decisions that are not that wise.

Fair to say that some online gambling sites do offer a possibility to play online gambling games as a demo. This is, of course, meant to give you a free look at how it would be when you would play for real money.

The best choice for an Online Gambling Site

Choosing an online gambling site can be hard. Because after all, there is so much to do. There are thousands of online casinos where you can gamble. So what would then be the best choice? Of course, Bonuslots offers you a lot of guidance when it comes to making a choice. But also, we would like to share some insight when it comes to making decisions about where to gamble online.

Online Gambling site decision-making tips!

  1. Play at a regulated online gambling site. Try to find out if the site you want to gamble on is actually legal in your country. This is something you can mostly find in a register of the authority that handles gambling in your country.
  2. Choose an online gambling site that offers gambling products that are interesting to you. Are you a big fan of sportsbooks? Then don’t make an account at an online gambling site that focuses mainly on slots.
  3. Check out the terms and conditions of the gambling site. Be sure to check out if the online gambling site you want to play at offers good terms. Are there any depositing or withdrawal limits? Are there some kind of policies that are inconvenient for you?
  4. Check out bonus terms. Be sure to know what kind of welcome bonus the online gambling site offers before you accept it.
  5. Take a look at the way they handle gambling addiction prevention policy. Even if you know that you are pretty steady when it comes to this, it can be a great indication if the gambling site is serious or not. Look at the way the addiction prevention part of the site looks visually and of course what it contains. Is self-exclusion possible? Are there limits you can set for depositing or even placing stakes? All good to know. Why? Because it mostly is a good indication for seeing if the site is taking certain regulations and risks of gambling problems seriously. Most serious companies do, so if the gambling site you want to gamble at does this neat, that’s a good thing.
  6. Check out the privacy policy. Has the online gambling site placed a lot of effort into the available privacy policy? Also, that is a good indication, for pretty much the same reasons as given under 5.

So choose wisely, gambling companion!

How does an online gambling site work?

That is a fair question. But how to interpret it? We, at Bonuslots, think it is best to answer this question by writing about the whole process of playing at an online gambling site in steps. So let’s start!

Step 1: You are probably Googling your way towards the online gambling site that suits your needs the best way. But how to make this decision? Well, for one thing, review sites like Bonuslots can help. Check out our Online Gambling Site Reviews: You might find a site that fits your needs entirely. But, of course, be as precise as you can…

Step 2: Choosing your online gambling site is important. Review sites like ours can give you a lot of relevant information. But how to make the decision that is perfect for you? Read more than one online gambling site review! Check out a couple of them, and see if the information you find gives you a clear view of what to actually expect.

Step 3: Have you made a decision? Then it is time to take a good look at the website of the online casino you have chosen. How does it all look? Is it a legal online casino? Are the terms and conditions reasonable? Is there an addiction prevention policy (and tools) in place? Be as cautious as you can, before making the final decision.

Step 4: Does the online gambling site looks like a site that would be perfect for you? Does it look like a reliable online gambling site? Then open an account there! In most cases, you will have to fill in your personal information, and let the casino verify your identity. Of course, you will have to be 18+.

Step 5: Have you made your account and is it all functioning properly? Then it is time to fund your account. Mostly, there is a cashier’s button where you can take care of this. Most online casinos offer sufficient methods like Trustly, PayPal, CreditCard, or for instance bank transfer. Deposit the funds you can really miss for gambling and then…

Step 6: Choose a game that you like! Need some inspiration? Read our online videoslot reviews!

Online gambling as a minor at an online gambling site?

We can be clear about this one: NO! Gambling is not meant for persons who are underaged. This means that gambling is only a possibility when you are 18 years or older. There are even jurisdictions where 21 is an age limit regarding (online) gambling (sites).

And why should you not gamble as a minor?

The brain of a minor is not fully developed yet. This means that understanding risks and repercussions is not developed as much as it should be. Also, young people are more influential. This could mean that gambling as a minor could easier result in an addiction. So: are you a minor? Then don’t gamble! 

Next to the fact that it isn’t a smart thing to do, it is also strictly forbidden. And do not try to gamble anyway when you are under 18 (or 21), for instance with your parent’s information, because online casinos will figure this out. And this could mean that they will warn your parents or even the authorities.

How to best use an online gambling site?

Using an online gambling site seems to be pretty easy. And in a lot of cases, that is correct. But sometimes mistakes can be made. So how to best use an online gambling site? First of all, be sure that the site that you are going to use is legal in the country where you are. Next to that, it is important to make sure that you have read the terms of the online gambling site. It could be a mistake to accept a bonus for instance, without having read the bonus terms and conditions. Also, it is important to play responsibly! Read more about responsible gambling here.