The name doesn’t fully reveal it, but we all know the image. We are talking about Online Video Slots. The online games that have a lot in common with the physical, classic slots. These machines were developed in the 19th century, and although they have become more modern in the land-based casinos and thousands of different versions have been made, an online version obviously could not be left behind. Video slots are popular because they are easy, it looks inviting because of the graphics and free additions such as: free spins, bonus games et cetera. In this blog we take you into the world of Online Video Slots.

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How does Online Videoslot actually work?

An Online Video Slot works with different ‘reels’ and ‘paylines’. It differs per Slot how the game works but, in the base they are all the same. You win by spinning a certain pattern, this can be 3 icons next to each other, 4 icons diagonally and so on. When the games were first developed there was only one payline, if you had 3 matching symbols on the same line you would have won. Since then, a lot of paylines and other extras have been added.

Often there are extra features that the game developer adds. Some examples include the wild symbol; this symbol has the property to turn all symbols in a line into a payline, a kind of joker.

In addition, a common feature is a free spin. This is a feature that is nothing but an x ‚Äč‚Äčnumber of free (and free as it comes to money!) spins. You could obtain this by, for example, getting 3 special symbols in the picture.

The payout works as follows; every time you put money into a Videoslot, you have a chance to win. You may think you understand the logic behind the “yeah but, I just won twice, so now I won’t win anything anyway”, but that’s not how it works. This has everything to do with the Return To Player percentage (also known as RTP).

If you are guaranteed to win, your RTP is 100%, in practice this is of course never the case because casinos also want to earn something themselves. Legal rules have been set for the minimum RTP, for physical slot machines in restaurants and arcades, at least 60%. Now it is true that it is set even higher in the Netherlands, you should think of an RTP of at least 80%.

There is also a difference in terms of RTP between online and land-based casinos / arcades. For example, you can expect a good 80% at an arcade, and at a physical casino even percentages of 90%. At online casinos, on the other hand, the RTP is often between 91 and 99%!

Which Online Video Slot Tips are good to know if you are a beginner?

Online Video Slots are completely random, there is no croupier to play against you or a deck of cards to pick out. No, it’s an online game where everything is random. 

Tips we can give you are the classics; know the game before you bet money on it. You can do this by first practicing on demos, for example, without real money. Once you think you know the game and what all the extra features entail, you can start playing the game with real stakes.

Keep in mind that you should always bet money according to experience and budget. This is generally the case with any game of chance. Especially at Videoslots where there is no logic behind it, you will not be able to crack this type of game.

Given the RTP of Online Videoslots and you are after the profit, it is a tip to go for the Online Videoslots. Purely because the RTP is higher at Online Videoslots than at a physical casino or arcade.

How do the odds work at Online Videoslot?

As said before, there is no masterbrain involved with Videoslots. It’s completely random. That’s what makes Videoslots so much fun, you don’t have to be an experienced player for this. A person who is playing Videoslots for 5 minutes can make the same, less or even more profit than a person who has been playing for 3 hours.

Video slots are driven by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a mathematical construct that generates random numbers. This series therefore never depends on your bet or how long you have been playing. The Gaming Authority is constantly testing this RNG, after all, players must continue to have fair chances!

Is there a winning strategy at Online Videoslot?

There is no such thing as a winning strategy in an Online Video Slot, there is a mathematical construction designed to make the number sequences as random as possible. The only strategy you can use is a bit of luck! So that being said, good luck and have fun.