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10.001 Nights

10.001 Nights slot is an idyllic slot game with impressive graphics. These nights are known from the fairy tales. The Arabic theme is nicely worked through in the layout of the 10.001 Nights slot. You bet with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, with a minimum of 0.10 euro and a maximum of 8 euro. Not a high maximum deposit, but that is understandable with a maximum multiplier of 10.374 times your stake. The return to player, the theoretical payout percentage, is 95.76%. The fairytale slot has a total of 5 pay lines, with 4 nicely designed symbols per reel, which comes out to 20 pay lines. Moreover, 10.001 Nights has a high variance: the results of the spins will vary considerably.

  • High variance: each spin is different
  • Beautiful graphics: and an exciting audio
  • High maximum multiplier: and the maximum win
Great graphics

and you can see that

High maximum multiplier

nice when you grab it

Reliable slot

from a reliable supplier

Easy gameplay

fine online slot game

Cool theme

original too

Big wins in it Basic Game

Always Fun

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10.001 Playing Nights

Who didn’t grow up with Aladdin? The famous fairy tale of a thousand-and-one night. Not only Aladin but many fairy tales have also been released under the Arabic theme. 10.001 Nights is a slot machine based on fairy tales and amazingly beautifully designed. The famous lamp comes back in, richly designed sheiks, turbans, swinging music. All the aspects you expect in a slot machine with such a theme.

10.001 Nights is a product by Red Tiger. The company is often distinctive in optimizing the gambler’s playing experience. For example, many slots have beautifully designed graphics, swinging audio, and a pleasant layout. While playing 10.001, you imagine yourself in Arabic spheres. We can determine that 10.001 Nights is an excellent slot machine, but is the slot also for you? Keep reading the review to learn more about the operation, the bonus, pros and cons, chances of winning, and, of course, our final judgment.

How does the 10.001 Nights slot

10.001 Night slots have a slight minus; the RTP is under the average and has a value of 95.76%. Furthermore, the online slot machine has enjoyable gameplay and high variance. This means that the results of your spins can be quite different from each other. Gambling is and remains a game; therefore, always gamble safely and responsibly.

You bet at 10.001 Nights slot with a fixed amount per spin. The minimum is 0.10 euro and the maximum of 10.001 Nights slots is 8 euro. So you can’t bet a very high amount, but with the high variance, that’s not necessary either.

In total, there are 5 reels with 4 symbols per reel. So in total, there are 20 pay lines at the 10.001 Nights slot. You can win by getting 3 identical symbols on your screen, starting from the left side. The slot can be played on the desktop, laptop, or phone. The slot machine is beautifully displayed and elaborated down to the details. Do you like slots with excellent graphics? Then check out our reviews about Book of Kings, Jean, and the Beanstalk of Black Gold Megaways.

10.001 Nights Play: The 10.001 Nights features

Have easy gameplay, as well as fun features. If you collect the magic lights, you will unlock the boosters. The boosters can fall at random times, and multiple boosters can also be active simultaneously. You don’t have to change your bet during these 10.001 Nights features; otherwise, you’ll have to save again.

In total, 4 boosters can be activated. The Imperial Spin feature, which you can start by obtaining 6 lights, ensures that all low symbols are removed from the reels. With 7 lights below, the Random Wilds result in extra lots of wilds on your screen. With the 8 lights down, the Multi Pick feature ensures that you can choose a card for an additional multiplier on the round afterwardafterward. Finally, you also have a Mega Wild Feature, with the 9 lamps below, where 1 or more reels are entirely wild. So Red Tiger has made some excellent additions, making the base game attractive to play.

The symbols of 10.001 Nights Slot

Where most online slots have playing card numbers as symbols, 10.001 has just the pictures that appear on the cards as symbols. The clover, diamonds, hearts, and spades are worth your bet up to 50x. Following are the images. The slippers, urn, camel, and tiger are worth between 14 and 160 times your bet, depending on how often it hits your screen. The sultan can be worth something with 2 symbols. With 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols, the sultan is worth 6, 60, 120, or 800 times your stake. In addition, you should most hope that you see the wild card descending on your screen, which can be worth a nice 1.100 times your bet with 5 symbols.

10.001 Nights review: The reliability

10.001 Nights slot was created by the company Red Tiger. This company has only been on the market since 2014. Eventhough it has made a significant name for itself within the industry. By producing high-quality slots, the company has grown rapidly. In addition, they have multiple licenses and are honest and reliable. So Red Tiger ensures that all their slots can be trusted. We see this at 10.001 Nights: it is a safe and reliable online slot. Are you curious where you can gamble safely and reliably? Then check out our blog: where to gamble online?

The pros and cons of the 10.001 Nights slot

10.001 Nights: an atmospheric slot that is top thematic and good-looking. 10.001 Nights has visual aspects that are well designed in detail. As a result, the online slot game has a pretty nice playing experience and a decent entertainment value. The slight downside is that the RTP of 10.001 Nights is pretty low, below the industry average. 


  • Hugely beautifully designed slot machine
  • High multipliers and the maximum win
  • Free spins can be retrigged


  • Low RTP, below average
  • No turbo spin feature

The winning odds of 10.001 Nights slot 

A slot game you play to win, of course! You can trace your average payout to the RTP, the return to player. At 10.001 Nights slots, it’s at 95.73%, which is relatively low. However, that is also a minus of the online slot game. Would you rather have a cabinet with a higher RTP? Then check our reviews about Giant’s Fortune Megaways of Diamond Mine Megaways.

You win at the 10.001 Nights slot by getting 3 identical symbols on your screen starting from the left. The maximum multiplier of the online slot is 10.347 times your bet. Not bad at all, for a slot game with uncomplicated gameplay and reasonably high volatility.

You bet at 10.001 Nights slot with a minimum of 0.10 euro and a maximum of 8 euro. Not an extensive bet range, but ,this will not be a problem for many players. 

The 10.001 Nights

Bonus, The 10.001 Nights bonus is pretty exciting. With 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you get 8, 10, or 12 free spins, respectively. The nice extra addition of Red Tiger: you can retrieve the free spins during the free spin round: 3, 4, or 5 scatters yield 6, 7, or 8 free spins. During this free spin round, you can also get the features, and they are pretty regularly around the corner. These so-called Destiny-free spins are bound to provide a lot of fun.

10.001 nights final verdict

10.001 nights in one of the nicest slots we know. It is nicely designed, has a pleasant layout, and is quite detailed. You will be in the Arabic spheres of the thousand and one nights of fairy tales. A minor downside is that the RTP is below the industry average, and you can’t use very high amounts. But yes, with a high variance and an even higher maximum multiplier, you don’t need that at all. All in all, 10.001 Nights is a slot with an excellent entertainment value that you will undoubtedly have a lot of fun on.

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FAQ 10.001 Nights

The online slot game can be played on a laptop, desktop, or phone if you’re a bit more mobile.

The online slot machine has a variance that is medium to high. This means that the results of your spins will not be very much different from each other.

You can trigger the free spin round by spinning 3.4 or 5 scatters, activating 8, 10, or 12 free spins, respectively. You retrigger the free spins if you see such scatters descending on your screen again.

The minimum amount is 0.10 euro, and the maximum amount is 8 euro. Not very high, but for many players of the online cabinets, this will not matter.

Absolutely! Because it comes from the well-known Red Tiger, the slot machine is absolute to be trusted.

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