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Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza, the real fishing slot produced by Pragmatic Play. This slot contains no less than 10 paylines. Big Bass Bonanza has a wide bet range, from €0.10 to €250. Furthermore, this slot has an RTP of no less than 96.71%, isn’t it? The game is accessible to both experienced and inexperienced gamblers. You can enjoy yourself for hours with the bonus game and free spins. In short, a fun slot with an original theme!

  • 96.71% RTP
  • Bet Range: €0.10 to €250
  • Fishing Theme
Game developer

A Pragmatic Play Game

A great RTP

The game has a high RTP of 96.71%


The game has a medium variance

Minimum and maximum bet

From €0.10 to €250


There are three types of symbols in the game


This game includes 10 paylines

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How does Big Bass Bonanza work?

Big Bass Bonanza, this game is all about fishing. Throw out your fishing rod and win great prizes. Do you like original themes? Also check out the following slots: Rick and Morty Megaways and Monopoly Megaways. The “fishing” theme is reflected in the symbols at Big Bass Bonanza. After all, these symbols are dedicated to this fun hobby. For example, fishing cases and various types of fish are available. You can enjoy yourself for hours with this fun slot, including the cheerful soundtrack and the quiet game footage.

At Big Bass Bonanza, you can bet between €0.10 and €250. The maximum bet may vary by online casino. The wide betting range makes this slot machine accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the game has five reels and three rows. For example, there are a total of 10 paylines, on which similar symbols can fall. But which symbols make a profit? Three to five, and in one case two of the same fish, card symbols or pieces of fishing tackle make a profit. Big Bass Bonanza also has an autoplay option. What’s more, the game also includes an online information menu, where you can find rules and explanations.

There is also one symbol in the game, which pays out from a combination of two pieces. Here we are talking about the float. For example, the maximum payout of the float is no less than 2,000 times the bet per payline, or 200 times your bet per combination. The throwing rods found in this slot account for up to 1,000 times the amount you play per payline. Ace to fly and fishing cases pay out up to 500 times your bet per payline. But fish are also good for payments up to 200 times the bet per payline. Big Bass Bonanza also has a wild symbol. This symbol is the fisherman with a thick perch in his hands.

Play Big Bass Bonanza?

Are you a fanatical fisherman? Then this slot is for you! Because with Big Bass Bonanza, you cast the rod yourself. You do everything you can to catch the best fish, with the aim of achieving the highest possible profit. In fact, at Big Bass Bonanza, you can win big prizes. So you can win up to 2100 times your bet with this slot! And if that’s not enough, this slot has an impressive RTP of 96.71%. Does this slot sound like you? Then we have good news. Big Bass Bonanza has simple gameplay, making it an accessible game for every player. Want to know more about RTP? Please read our Return to Player article for more information. Do you love fishing, the underwater world and everything that comes with it? Then you will be delighted with this slot. Fish play a central role in this fun slot machine, produced by Pragmatic Play. The game has a size of 5×3 and only 10 different paylines. Are you a beginner gambler? Then we recommend that you read our information article, gambling for beginners.

The reliability of Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza was produced by Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play has several well-known games to its name. So they will also do everything they can to maintain their reputation. This allows us to assume that Big Bass Bonanza is also a reliable slot machine. So you can play Big Bass Bonanza safely and carefree.

The pros and cons of Big Bass Bonanza

Of course, a game isn’t a game if it doesn’t have a number of pros and cons. However, it is always nice to know what these advantages and disadvantages are. So you can see if the game is really something for you. Below, we’ve provided a handy overview of the pros and cons of Big Bass Bonanza.


  • A bonus game
  • Wide bet range A
  • Wild and scatter symbol
  • High chances of winning
  • Easy to understand
  • Free spins
  • Original theme


  • No jackpot
  • Medium variance

The symbols and values of Big Bass Bonanza

We’re going to talk about the symbols and values of Big Bass Bonanza. For example, there are three types of symbols in this game.

Here are the symbols:

  • Card symbols
  • Fishing
  • Other small items related to fishing
  • We start with the five card symbols, which result in lower wins. Five of the same card symbols are always worth 10 times your bet. But with the fish, the player earned double. In fact, that doesn’t matter what type of fish is in the picture. A combination of three, four or five fish on a payline always gives a winning combination.

We will continue with the various items, which are the most profitable. Together, the fishing case and the dragonfly are worth up to 50 times the bet. And the rod already gives you 100 times the bet with a maximum combination. Let’s continue with the float. As a player, you get the most for the float, 200x the bet with a full combination. And what’s more, this is the only symbol that can also be won with two symbols on a payline.

And finally, the scatter symbol. Three or more of these fish give you access to the bonus game, which is where fishing really starts. Aren’t you as excited as you’d hoped? Don’t worry, there are tons of fun other slots. Find out in our blog about: What are the best online slots/slots to play?

The Big Bass Bonanza bonus game

Yes, Big Bass Bonanza also has a fun bonus game. You can unlock the bonus game by spinning at least three scatter symbols. For example, the rule applies: with more bonus symbols, more free spins.

This is as follows:

  • 3 scatter bonus symbols: 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter bonus symbols: 15 free spins
  • 5 scatter bonus symbols: 20 free spins

The fish with the cash amounts become interesting during the free spins. When you spin fish with cash and a wild symbol in one and the same bonus spin. Then you win all the amounts of money you can find on the fish. Wow! However, always make sure you take a chance at a reliable online casino. Read more about this in our blog: how do I choose a Dutch online casino to gamble?

You can unlock the extra bonus spins up to three times. But how do you do this? This is done by taking a cash win via the wild symbols and fish. This also increases the multiplier. This is x2, the first time you get extra bonus spins. It will be x3 the second time you succeed and it can go up to x10. Unfortunately, after the third time, you will not be able to unlock any extra bonus spins. So, with the maximum bet, you can win a maximum of €210,000 per bonus game!

Big Bass Bonanza’s chances of winning

Sure, you’re playing a slot for fun, but you’re also secretly hoping for some profit. That’s why it’s always useful to know the chances of winning your chosen slot. Well, Big Bass Bonanza is the right thing to do! In fact, Big Bass Bonanza’s RTP is 96.71%. This is above average, you will certainly not hear us complaining. The game also has a bonus game and a number of interesting free spins. And these two things together increase your chances of winning. And let that be exactly what we want. The features of Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza has a number of interesting features. And honestly, this makes playing a slot a lot more fun, right?

For example, there are a total of 4 types of features, which are:

  • Free spins
  • Multipliers
  • Wilds
  • Scatter symbols

All in all, the base game of Big Bass Bonanza is not very exciting and complicated. Not that this is a bad thing, because it makes the game accessible to everyone. But in our opinion, it’s mainly about the free spins feature, which can also trigger a bonus game.

But of course, there are always a number of special symbols that you definitely want to spin. This includes Big Bass Bonanza, the wild symbol (the joker), which can be recognized by the fisherman. There are also the scatters, which you need to activate the free spins. During this fun feature, the intention is that you get to see the fisherman as often as possible. But why? This can result in fun and incredibly beautiful results!

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Cast the rod yourself!

Will you be able to win great prizes? Then this slot is definitely for you! The game has many features such as: free spins, multipliers, wilds and scatter symbols. And with these features, you can win big prizes. In fact, the RTP of this slot is 96.71%, doesn’t sound wrong right? Betting at Big Bass Bonanza starts at €0.10, up to €250, and is easy to understand for both experienced and inexperienced players. In short, plenty of reason to take a chance!

FAQ Big Bass Bonanza

The RTP of this slot machine is 96.71%.

The minimum bet for Big Bass Bonanza €0.10.

The maximum bet for Big Bass Bonanza is €250.

The game has many features such as; free spins, multipliers, wilds, and scatter symbols.

The game from Pragmatic Play.

Play Big Bass Bonanza now?