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Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways Online is a slot game in an abandoned gold mine theme. Everything is cartoony, and the elements are all present, from trolleys to dynamite rods and gems. The game Bonanza Megaways Online is quite simple since there are few buttons present, and that is why to play Bonanza Megaways, you also need little experience!

  • Great bonus round
  • The theme is interesting
  • Great multiplication opportunities
Cool Bonus Feature

G O L D: win big amounts

Big Time Gaming Classic

A truly top game by BTG

Grab Mega Big Wins

Even outside the bonus feature possible

A lot of Wilds

In the Top Reel Often Wild Symbols

Signature slot

From the music to the graphics…

12 Free spins at least

And chance for more

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Play Bonanza Megaways; what do you need to know before you start?

Before you start playing Bonanza Megaways, it’s essential to know what are the game entails:

  • Bonanza Megaways has 117,649 ways to win (!!)
  • The RTP is at 96%
  • Bonanza Megaways slots are rewarding; winning is easy
  • Bets can be from 0.20 Euro up to a maximum of 20 Euro
  • The bonus round gives access to unlimited multipliers and extra spins
  • 6 reels with a changing number of symbols per spin

We at Bonuslots have not often seen a bonus round as profitable as in this Bonanza Megaways game. That’s why it’s also a little harder to achieve: with four or more ‘G O L D’ (the letters separate from each other) symbols; you enter the bonus round with 12 free spins. The number of free spins you can win isis unlimited in the bonus round! Infinite multipliers can also be achieved, which is why the bonus round is a bit harder to reach. You may even receive up to 17 free spins by golden +5 Characters in the regular game. And in the free spin game, you also get 5 free spins when you have 3 wagons of gold in a row.

How reliable are the Bonanza Megaways Slots?

The RTP is high in Bonanza Megaways. 96% RTP and many ways to win when you play Bonanza Megaways. This game offers a high variance that allows you to win massive payouts once you reach the bonus round. Interesting, but you’ll have to go on for a while to gain the maximum profit. Aren’t you up for this yet? 

Why is Bonanza Megaways bonus round so enjoyable?

Before we at Bonuslots had reached the bonus round of this game, we weren’t really so impressed with this game yet. To earn the bonus round, you will have to continue playing. You need 4 scattered gold symbols to reach the bonus round. 4 scatters are required to win 12 free spins. On it, each additional scatter is entitled to 5 extra spins.

Playing Bonanza Megaways seemed a bit simple, but once we ended up in the bonus round: wow! What a game! The bonus round offers maximum chances to double the bet unlimited. So you’ll have to be patient enough to reach at least 1 bonus round, but when you do this, you won’t want to play a gambling game other than Bonanza Megaways. If this is not what you want, you can, of course, also look at one of our other games.

G-O-L-D for crazy payouts!

So, to get back to the free spins, Bonanza Megaways can also be the case that when you play the letters, G-O-L-D comes down. That means that you will also end up in the bonus round and are entitled to 12 free spins. If you want to know precisely why we at DutchGamblers are wildly convinced of this game through the bonus round, there are still several reviews from us on different games to find.

What are the pros and cons of Bonanza Megaways?


  • Great bonus round
  • The theme is interesting
  • Great multiplication opportunities


  • You can’t buy a bonus round, you have to win it
  • You can only bet up to 20 Euro or other currencies
  • The game is quite monotonous when you don’t reach a bonus round

What are the chances of winning when you play Bonanza Megaways?

As we mentioned before in this Bonanza Megaways review, we at Bonuslots are very impressed with this game. This is because the chances of winning are high:

  • The RTP is at 96%
  • The chances of winning in the bonus round are high and are infinitely multiplied
  • The game is easy to play
  • The bet can be set from 0.20 Euro to a maximum of 20 Euro

Therefore, you will have to continue, as mentioned before, if you want to be able to win large amounts. The bonus round is crazy, but you will have to spin the precise combination with ‘scattered’ gold to achieve it. But, once you’re in it, you’ll be wildly excited to play Bonanza Megaways just like us!

What do Bonuslots think of Bonanza Megaways slots?

As we probably showed in this Bonanza Megaways review, we are convinced that this is an insane game with one of the best bonus rounds available in online slot games. It’s an exciting game, where if you’re lucky as a player, you can win a lot of money, just like with Simply Wild Online. Test your luck and try Bonanza Megaways now!

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FAQ Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways slots are exciting because of the bonus round. The bonus round can ensure that you can double your bet and win extra spins without limitation.


The chances of winning are high, at 117,649 in total—so many opportunities to achieve success.


The RTP is 96% in this Bonanza Megaways slot.


The betting option varies from 0.20 Euro to a maximum bet of 20 Euro.


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