Times your stake: maximul multiplier

Candyways Bonzana Megaways

Candyways Bonzana Megaways Online is a slot based on one of the most popular mobile games of all time: Candy Crush Saga. The game where you have to obtain all kinds of different combinations to advance to the next level, combined with the famous Bonzana Megaways, is very similar to Candyways Bonzana Megaways Online. The return to player of the online slot machine is 96.01%, which is precisely the industry average. Candyways Bonzana Megaways has a unique element in the online slot game: only 3 reels. You bet with a fixed amount per spin which runs from 0.10 euro to 10 euro. However, you can increase this to 15 euros due to the Super Stake function. There are a total of 524 ways to win; either Megaways and the maximum multiplier has a value of 20,000 times your stake.

  • High variance: each spin is different
  • High maximum multiplier: 20,000 times your bet
  • Super Stake function
3 reels

a unique gameplay

Good return to player


Friendly theme

Candy crush is, of course, also a fun theme

Very easy to play

Candyways has a straightforward gameplay

High maximum multiplier

20,000 times your bet is not wrong

Super Stake feature

bet more against other benefits

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Candyways Bonzana Megaways play

Candyways Bonzana Megaways is supposedly a combination of 2 hugely popular games: Bonzana Megaways and Candy Crush Saga. The online slot machine is a product of

Hurricane Games, which has released the online slot machine under the well-known company

Stakelogic. The producers then added a unique jacket: the well-known Megaways concept has been placed at Candyways Bonzana Megaways. In addition, the slot machine is exceptional: there are 3 reels on which you can get winning combinations. Furthermore: is this slot machine also unique? Bonuslots has figured it out for you. Please read the blog below to learn more about how it works, the chances of winning, the bonus, and more!

How does Candyways Bonzana Megaways work?

Candyways Bonzana Megaways takes place in a somewhat idyllic world. You must claim as many monies as possible in a candy-like fantasy environment. You do this by hitting one of the 8 (minimum) to 524 (maximum) megaways. There are 2 to 8 symbols per row. You can win by obtaining identical symbols through the Megaways. 

You bet with a fixed amount per spin at Candyways Bonzana Megaways, which runs from 0.10 euro to 10 euro. However, just like more Stakelogic online slots, you have a Super Stake feature. Here you can multiply the bet by a factor of 1.5x, so your maximum bet can be 15 euros. There are several advantages: more lucrative combinations, retrieving the free spins, and an improved multiplier in the base game.

Candyways Bonzana Megaways has an RTP that, just like Zeus Slots and Viking Slots is on the industry average, namely 96.01%. The online slot machine is straightforward to play. In addition, Candyways Bonzana Megaways Online has a high variance. Although the slot looks lovely, the payouts can fluctuate considerably. Bonuslots can’t stress it often enough but always gamble safely and responsibly.

Candyways Bonzana Megaways symbols in a nutshell

You play Candyways Bonzana Megaways Online on 3 reels, which has never happened before with an online slot machine. The well-known Megaways concept is expressed in 2 to 8 symbols per reel. Of course, a slot that can have its origins in the game candy crush also includes sweet-looking symbols. The blue symbols are worth the least, 0.13 times your bet. The green, pink, hexagons, purple and red symbols are worth your bet between 0.2 and 1.33, respectively. The gold stars are the most lucrative and are worth 3.33 times your stake. Please note: there are many Megaways, so you can get all these multipliers several times.

Is the Candyways Bonzana Megaways slot reliable?

Candyways Bonzana Megaways combines two providers: Hurricane Games and Stakelogic. Hurricane Games is a young game developer who has only recently become a player, leading them to collaborate with Stakelogic. This Dutch software developer is also a relatively new player but has already made a respected name within the industry. The company is best known for its well-known name for reliability and honesty. These two aspects are absolutely reflected at Candyways Bonzana Megaways Online. In addition, Bonuslots has good experiences with online slot machines.

What are the pros and cons of Candyways Bonzana Megaways?

A lovely-looking online slot with fun free spins and high volatility. But what else does Candyways Bonzana Megaways have in store for you? Bonuslots has listed all the pros and cons for you.


  • Inspired by one of the best-known games of all time
  • An actual combination between 3 providers
  • The exciting free spin mode that you can also purchase
  • Super Stake mode
  • Straightforward gameplay


  • You can’t pay high amounts of bets

What can you win at Candyways Bonzana Megaways?

Besides the fact that an online slot must have a high entertainment value, you should, of course, also be able to win some. Candyways Bonzana Megaways has a return to player of 96.01, which is neatly at the industry average. Would you rather have a slot that both have the Megaways concept and has a higher RTP? Then try Kingmaker Megaways, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways or Royal Mint Megaways.

You will get the best result during the bonus round. You can either purchase or obtain it by spinning 3 scatters. The theoretical maximum multiplier has a value of 20,000 times your stake. So on paper, you could win 300,000 euros. But remember: you don’t always win. So always gamble safely and responsibly.

You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.10 euro to 10 euro. Due to the Super Stake function, this can be 15 euros. So there are all kinds of options to bet. Are you curious about what is behind the online casino? 

Furthermore, the online slot machine has a gamble function. This means that you can gamble after each winning combination. These results are double-sided: you lose all your money or double your profit. In total, you can repeat this five times.

How does the Candyways Bonzana Megaways bonus work?

You can activate the bonus in two ways at Candyways Bonzana Megaways. First, you spin three scatters, which look like a chocolate ball. The other way is to buy the bonus for 100 times your stake. With both options, you’ll start with 10 free spins in total. Each scatters you spin during the free spin round yields a specific multiplier with a value of between 2x and 100x. With 3 bonus multipliers, that will earn you 10x extra your bet every time. The maximum multiplier that comes with this is 20,000 times your bet.

Candyways Bonzana Megaways overall

Bonuslots thinks Candyways Bonzana Megaways is a great slot game. The RTP is fine on average, the maximum multiplier is at a decent level, and it is a very easy to play slot game. Combining the 3 providers ensures that the online slot game has a high entertainment value. Furthermore, it is a unique slot with only 3 reels, and the free spins are very exciting. In addition, the typical Super Stake feature provides something extra, so all in all, we can determine that Candyways Bonzana Megaways is an excellent slot.

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FAQ Candyways Bonzana Megaways

There are a total of 3 reels with 2 to 7 symbols each. This results in a maximum of 524 pay lines.

The RTP has a value of 96.01%, this is on the industry average and can therefore be seen as acceptable.

The central theme is sweets. The popular game Candy Crush Saga inspires Candyways Bonzana Megaways.

Unfortunately, yes. You can activate these by either spinning three scatters or purchasing the bonus immediately for 100x your stake. The maximum multiplier associated with this is 20,000 times your bet.

The bets can range between 0.10 and 10 euro. However, thanks to a Super Stake function, you can multiply this by 1.5 so that you can bet a maximum of €15-.

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