Cent minimum bet
Euro maximum bet

Crazy Slots

Crazy Slots online is a new dice game that looks like a slot machine. Playing it, on the other hand, works like a dice game. This means that while playing Crazy Slots, you can fill in four different slots with symbols yourself. Bonuslots is wildly enthusiastic, mainly because there aren’t as many dice games as exciting as Crazy Slots online.

  • High chances of winning
  • Multiple playing fields
  • Enjoy to the fullest
Chances of winning

Win up to 100x your bet


Enjoy the game to the fullest!

For every player

Easy to understand


A simple layout

Great RTP

With an RTP of 94.70%

Playing fields

Multiple playing fields for even more fun

How Does Crazy Slots Work Online?

Crazy Slots online, therefore, works like a dice game. As mentioned above, you can use your fruit pieces while playing Crazy Slots. To win, you have to play points together; you do this by lining up three different symbols online while playing Crazy Slots. This can be done horizontally or diagonally, but vertical combinations do not apply. The points you can earn in Crazy Slots online vary by icon, from 20-point fruit pieces to golden bells of up to 120 points. There are several ways to increase your points total, and this is what we at Bonuslots find it interesting. When you play Crazy Slots online, you can improve your points by getting 9 equal symbols in 1 same slot, for example. Then you get an extra 200 points. If you get 9 identical symbols in the same slot, you also get a minimum of 100 points for winning combinations, up to 5 per slot. In addition, when you get 300 points online at Crazy Slots, it means that you will already get paid 6 times your deposit. The bet when playing Crazy Slots online starts with 0.10 Euro.

In addition to these options, there are other options to increase your points total. This is by placing winning combinations in four or three slots. This causes a point total increase of 1.5 or 2 times while playing Crazy Slots. Interesting, right? That’s what we think too.

How reliable is Crazy Slots online?

The RTP (Return To Player) allows you to quickly read how reliable this game is; Crazy Slots RTP: 94.70%. In addition, the creator of Crazy Slots online, Novomatic, has designed several games that are also well appreciated among online gamblers. That may be mostly slot machines, but still. We recommend that you try out the game after reading this Crazy Slots review!

Crazy Slots online pros and cons


  • High chance of winning and RTP
  • Simple layout
  • Easy to understand


  • It looks like a fruit slot  but it isn’t
  • Difficult to reach the bonus round

The bonus game in Crazy Slots online..

While playing Crazy Slots online, you can also find a brightly colored symbol with a ‘Crazy Slots’ inscription. This symbol allows you to play the Crazy feature if you get three of them in a row. This is the bonus game. And let it be clear; this is well worth the effort! Crazy Slots online is called Crazy Slots for a reason, and this is partly evident from the winning odds from the bonus game. This bonus game from Crazy Slots online, it’s mainly about the combination you’ve formed with the Crazy Slots. Those reels, which you’ve created there before, are going to spin. This is like a real slot machine that you can find in the casino. During the Crazy Slots bonus game online, you will be paid out the points for the winning combinations! The bonus game stops when you’ve earned 1000 points, or the symbols stop as you have unlocked the bonus game. 1000 points or more means the top prize! The top prize is 100 times your stake.

The winning odds of Crazy Slots Online

The chances of winning in Crazy Slots online are grandiose, especially when you look at the bonus round that can double the bet by up to 100 times. In addition, in Crazy Slots online, you also have a high RTP. So good chances of winning, if you ask Bonuslots. We are very excited about this game and think this is you when you’ve played it.

Crazy Slots Online review by Bonuslots

We at Bonuslots think Crazy Slots online is a fun slot because of its simplicity. That’s how it’s for everyone to play. Due to its low minimum bet, you can always stay within your budget when you start gambling. Do you want to start playing Crazy Slots Online? Then don’t wait any longer and start now!

FAQ Crazy Slots

The chances of winning in Crazy slots go up to 100 times your bet in the bonus game. In addition, it is also true that you have a very high RTP in the game, of no less than 94.70 percent.

Crazy slots online is an exciting dice game with high chances of winning for experienced and inexperienced gamblers. The odds of winning are high and make this game popular among various online gamblers.

Yes, when you look at the RTP and the number of gamblers playing Crazy slots online, you can say that this game is reliable.

Crazy Slots online is a dice game to compare it against all kinds of dice games. In addition, it looks like a slot machine, but the game works like a dice game.

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