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Dr. Toonz

Dr. Toonz Online is set in a laboratory. In transparent test tubes, Dr. Toonz attempts to create new creatures. The slot has a return to player of 96.25%, just above the industry average. You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 100 euro. There are a whopping 262,144 ways to win. In addition, Dr. Toonz Online has a pretty high variance and straightforward gameplay. This is pretty special because Dr. Toonz Online has a pretty high maximum multiplier: 22.00 times your stake.

  • The precursor to Reactoonz, and equally fun!
  • The slot machine is easy to play, so for the novice and experienced gambler.
  • High variance: for the real gamblers among us
The precursor to the classic Reactoonz

both top slots

Good RTP


Pretty high maximum multiplier

22,000 times your bet

Easy gameplay

for the novice and experienced gambler

Good betting options

from 0.20 euros to 100 euros

Reliable producer

Play 'n Go is a well-known player

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Dr. Toonz play: introduction to an experimental world

Dr. Toonz Online is produced by Play ‘n Go. The company is a rock-solid player within the industry and is keen to make the best slots in the world. Dr. Toonz is the predecessor of Reactoonz Online. It’s almost a literary story about this slot machine. Dr. Toonz believes in creating new life in his famous test tubes. We can already hear you think when you know Reactoonz a little. Dr. Toonz is the creator of Reactoonz! The best doctor is busy experimenting with his flying saucer while you need to get as many winning combinations as possible. Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two about Dr. Toonz Online: the operation, the features, bonus game, symbols, and much more!

How does Dr. Toonz Online work?

So Dr. Toonz is the precursor to Reactoonz Online. Sitting on a UFO desk, the doctor tries to create a new life in test tubes. The decor is well designed: the background is graphically top, and the playing field is nicely detailed. There are a total of 6 rows with 4 symbols. You will get the best result during the free spin round, with the maximum multiplier being 22,000 times your stake.

The ways to win are incredibly high: 262,144. With this high amount, Play ‘n Go has outdone itself. The fun thing about Dr. Toonz Online: you don’t win from a certain point. You can get winning combinations throughout the playing field. You make bets with a fixed amount of 0.20 euro up to 100 euro. The RTP has a value of 96.25%. Do you want to have a slot with a higher RTP? Then try Royal Mint Megaways, Kingmaker Megaways, or Gorilla Gold Megaways.

Playing Dr. Toonz: how do the features work?

Dr. Toonz Online has several fun features. So you have the waterfall mechanism. You may know this mechanism under the name tumbling or cascading wheels. It means that the winning symbols will disappear after a winning combination, allowing you to get even more winning combinations if necessary. Getting as many winning combinations as possible is, of course, fun. Check out our blog about how to beat the casino for more information.

Dr. Toonz Online also has the Quantum Meter as a feature. In addition to sounding interesting, it can also be interesting for your cash balance. The Quantum Meter starts at 0.1 or 2 during the base game, and when the waterfall mechanism is activated, the Quantum Meter will receive a +`1. When it has the value of 3, you will receive one of 3 options. The Quantum Wilds provide 2 to 6 wild cards placed randomly. The Metamorphosis turns 5 to 8 symbols into another symbol. Finally, the Disintegration ensures the removal of one-eyed aliens and adds 2 wilds. So during the base game, there are possibilities to cash heavily.

Dr. Toonz vs. Reactoonz: which slot is better?

Dr. Toonz is the creator of Reactoonz. Dr. Toonz comes earlier in chronological order, but Reactoonz was produced earlier. There are several differences between the slots in question. For example, Reactoonz has a higher RTP and more features. On the other hand, Dr. Toonz’s simplistic layout is more attractive, and the slot machine has a significantly higher maximum multiplier, 4 to 5 times more than Reactoonz. There are also considerably more pay lines at Dr. Toonz. DutchGamblers can tell that we are fans of both slots and find it challenging to find one better than the other. So take a good look at which points you care about before you play! 

Review Dr. Toonz: How Reliable Is the Lock?

Dr. Toonz was produced by the Play ‘n Go company. This company is a grandpa in the field of making slot machines. Since 1997 it has been a rock-solid player in the industry. The company has been nominated for multiple awards and has won several. The central business management concerns quality over quantity, which Dr. Toonz reflects. DutchGamblers can determine that Dr. Toonz is a reliable lock. Are you curious what, after reliability, makes an online slot a good lock? Check out our blog about it quickly!

Dr. Toonz slot: what are the pros and cons?

Dr. Toonz Online is a unique slot machine. With a simplistic format and a detailed background, it is an enticing slot game. There are quite a few pay lines, and the maximum multiplier is not wrong either.


  • Very easy to play for the novice and experienced gambler
  • Gamblers who are fans of cascading wheels will be delighted with Dr. Toonz
  • Large stake range: 0.20 euro to 100 euro
  • High maximum multiplier: 22,000 times your bet
  • Easy gameplay


  • There is no buy a bonus option
  • High variance, so you can wait a little while until good prizes fall
  • The bonus round is not very exciting

Dr. Toonz’s play: What are the chances of winning?

Dr. Toonz is a game that is very easy to play. There are no tricky features and hard-to-understand bells and whistles. The RTP rate is 96.05%, which is exactly at the average. Zeus Slots, Wolf Gold Online, and Cabin Crashers have a similar RTP.

You make bets at Dr. Toonz with a fixed amount per spin, ranging from 0.20 euro to 100 euro. You’ll get the best results, just like in almost any slot machine, in the bonus round. You can receive a maximum multiplier of 22,000 times your stake. But beware: Dr. Toonz is a high-variance slot machine. This may cause your results to be disappointing in the short term, so your balance can quickly run out. DutchGamblers recommends gambling safely and responsibly at all times!

Dr. Toonz Online: How Does the Bonus Game Work?

The bonus at Dr. Toonz is triggered by spinning 3 or more scatters. 3 scatters result in 10 free spins, which is proportional to 25 free spins on 6 scatters. The Quantummeter starts at a value of 1 or 2 for each spin, and you have the x2 pay way symbols, which can appear randomly above the reels. This allows you to receive a doubling. All in all, the free spin round can be very lucrative, but it’s not super exciting.

Why play Dr. Toonz?

We can determine that all in all, Dr. Toonz is just an enjoyable slot to play. The slot machine is graphically well designed, attention has been paid to the details, and there is a lovely tune. The simplistic format is high-profile, and the maximum multiplier is reasonable. The only downside is that the bonus round isn’t very exciting, but you can grab some big prizes with it. In short, Dr. Toonz is a great slot that undoubtedly involves a pleasant playing experience.

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FAQ Dr. Toonz

The RTP has a value of 96.05%. Given that the average for a slot machine is 96%, this is a great value.

It is a slot that is suitable for novice and experienced gamblers. There are no bells and whistles attached, and the gameplay is straightforward.

There are 6 reels with 4 symbols per reel. You can win by obtaining a combination of a total of 262,144 pay lines.

In addition to the fact that the game is straightforward to play, there is also a suitable amount for everyone to deposit. You make bets from 0.20 euro up to 100 euro.

During the free spin round, you will get the best results. The maximum multiplier is 22,000 times your stake.

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