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Easter Island

The developers of Yggdrasil have another excellent slot machine on offer for us, namely Easter Island. This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Giants lived here, according to the legends, The Moai. These are the giant stone heads that rise above this remote Pacific island. The story behind these giant statues is still a mystery today. This is, of course, an extremely suitable topic to develop a video slot around it.

  • Very high-quality graphics
  • Nice maximum win of €412,000
  • A fun tropical and mysterious theme


Maximum win


1,880 X

Maximum payout per spin

Wager range

Per round, you can wager between €0.10 and €200

Extra features

There are fun additional bonus features

Ways to Win

There are up to 103 pay lines

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Swing, dancing, laughing and bounce along with the Moai.

In reality, where the Moai haven’t gotten out of place for hundreds of years, they move to Easter Island all too like. These stone statues can be seen left and right next to the playing field. They move along with the tension, pull the crazy pelvis, and spit out all kinds of things that can help you achieve a good game. In addition, this online slot game has several great bonus features, which are you can read in this review.

How does Easter Island work?

Easter Island has a play mode that the more experienced players recognize. With this online slot, you play on a playing field that is 5 reels wide and is 3 rows thick in the beginning. These rows will increase in number when you get a re-spin. When you spin a winning round, you get this re-spin.

With this re-spin, the Moai gobble up a lot of symbols from the screen, and a wick other symbols spit back. When you spin a winning combination with the playing card symbols or the symbols with the somewhat strange animals, all other playing cards or animal symbols are replaced by the winning symbol. The playing card symbols are the low-paying symbols. The animals are the highest paying. For example, if you get a red animal 5 times on one of the pay lines, this will pay out 500 times your bet. The maximum payout you can get from a single reel is 1,880 times your stake.

The winning combinations are from left to right. Unfortunately, this means that you will only be paid out when a series starts on the 1st reel. Therefore, you have to make sure that the ranges are as long as possible to win the best possible prices.

How reliable is Easter Island?

According to us, Easter Island is a slot machine that is very reliable from Bonuslots. Yggdrasil is an online slot developer that has been involved in the online gambling industry for a long time. They have already proven a lot in this market and have been one of the big names in the development of online slot games for a long time. Yggdrasil has an extensive collection of fun online slot games, including classics and new success stories. As the competition in the market, Yggdrasil is still working hard to supplement its portfolio with fun games and thus defend its place in the market.

This online slot machine uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). By the way, all the other online slot games that can be found on our website also do this. This generator creates randomness in the game, which means that the game’s creators have not preconceived everything that happens in the game. This tool is also used in table games and scratch card games.

What are the pros and cons of Easter Island?


  • You can win a nice maximum prize of €412,000 at Easter Island.
  • The theme is nicely worked out. You know how to teleport the game to the tropical Easter Island.
  • The game can be played on different devices. Besides the standard PC, this online slot can be played on your phone or tablet when connected to the internet.
  • The game is not difficult to play and suitable for both novice and experienced players.
  • The extra features ensure great prices in this online video slot.


  • The base game makes little for the pleasant prices. With this lock, you must mainly have the extra features.
  • The maximum win of €412,000 is a hard limit. Of course, it is a nice amount, but it is annoying that it cannot be played past.
  • The soundtrack is quite entertaining, but the sounds that the Moai make will irritate after a while.

What are the chances of winning at Easter Island?

As you may have read before in this review, Easter Island’s Profit Return (RTP) rate is 96.1%. On average, this percentage is pretty good compared to other slots offered (online). 

In addition to the RTP, you have to deal with a medium variance at Easter Island. The variance is also known as volatility. The volatility of an (online) gambling game is the degree of spread of a set of values. In other words, the extent to which the values can differ from each other. The higher the variance is in a gambling game, the more the mutual values will vary, and the more it will be off the average. At Easter Island, you have a chance to win pretty lovely prizes. However, the variance is not mega high, so you can assume that the results will be relatively close to the average.

We at Bonuslots would therefore like to advise all players of online gambling games to take responsible gambling into account at all times while playing this. Have you become interested in playing online slots, or would you like to learn more about them? Then, take a look at our blog page. On this informative page, you can find helpful tips about all kinds of chance and slot games. In addition, updates are regularly posted on different topics related to (online) gambling. So keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

How do the extra features work at Easter Island?

As you have already read, a re-spin feature has been incorporated into this game. You get this feature when you know how to get a winning combination. When you have a winning combi, symbols on the playing field are replaced by other symbols. For example, when you have had a winning combination with playing card symbols, symbols will be changed to playing card symbols. When you have had a winning combination with animal symbols, the same thing happens, but with animal symbols. In addition to this re-spin feature, other fun features have been implemented within this online slot machine.

The expanding reels make the game feel very dynamic. These expanding reels go along with the re-spin feature. If you look closely at the playing field, you will be a sign above the 4th and 5th reels. This is a 2 with an up arrow. These signs are here to indicate how many extra rows you get. For example, if you have a winning combination of 4 symbols to the 4th reel, you will get 2 additional rows with the re-spin feature. Suppose you manage to get a winning combination with 5 symbols in a row; you get another 2 extra rows added, bringing the total number of rows on the re-spin to 7! Of course, this entails a greater possibility of prizes for this re-spin round.

Wild symbols may fall on the playing field as a third extra feature. These wilds are expanding, meaning they can bring nice prices and therefore a lot of joy. These wilds can end up on the 2nd and 4th reels. These wilds can replace all symbols in a spin, so they work like a joker. Then they will collapse on the playing field and stand on the re-spin. This can lead to several very nice winning combinations. Therefore, this feature is mainly responsible for the tremendous big profits in this online slot machine.

Are you curious about Easter Island?

Easter Island is a fun online slot with very entertaining extra features. The game is suitable for both experienced players and novice video slots players. It must be said that this is not the most standard online video slot.

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Would you like to see an example of Easter Island?

To give an example of how this game is played, we have a handy link for you here. This link is for a video that is intended as an example of how the game can go. The winnings you see will not always be won. However, it becomes clear to you what the game course of Easter Island is like.

FAQ Easter Island

The RTP, also known as the profit benefit rate, is 96.1% at Easter Island. This is an excellent percentage compared to other online slots.

The betting range used at Easter Island is quite broad. You can bet between €0.10 and €200 per round. You can play exactly the way you want by setting the coin value.

In the Easter Island base game, you can win in 27 different ways. When you spin a winning combination, the re-spin is triggered. This ensures that you can spin again after the win. In addition, the playing field can also be increased. When you have played a winning combination of 4 symbols, you get 2 rows at the top of the base playing field. When you spin a winning combination of 5 symbols, you get 4 rows at the top of the playing field. This ensures that you have 103 different ways to grab profits.

As a maximum price, you can win €412,000.

The answer is yes and no. You will win a re-spin after each winning combination, which is in a way a free bonus spin. But there is no free bonus spins round, as we know many other online slots.

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