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Gemix is an interesting online slot machine developed by Play’n Go. The game has a nice RTP of 96.75% and low variance. Gemix slot has a wide bet range. You can bet from € 0.50 and this goes up to € 100. You try to make winning combinations by getting 5 of the same symbols together. The playing field has dimensions of 7×7. This way you can win up to 6,025 times your bet! You will encounter special wilds, there are 3 of them in total! Read our in-depth Gemix review to learn more.

  • RTP: 96.75%
  • Variance: low
  • Playing field: 7×7

The slot is developed by Play’n Go


The game has a fine RTP of 96.75%

The variance

The game has a low variance

Bet range

Which runs from €0,50 to €100

Highest maximum win

Win up to 6,025 times your bet


The slot has a total of 11 symbols

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How does Gemix work?

To make it easier for you to play the Gemix slot, we at Bonuslots will give you an easy slot review. Are you an advanced gambler and would you like some more information about online gambling first? No problem, read our information article: responsible gaming.

Do you want to win with Gemix? Then you need to get at least 5 identical symbols together. The Gemix slot works a bit different than most slots, because it has no reels or rows! To compare it a bit, you could look at our review of Sweet Bonanza. To start playing Gemix, you obviously have to determine your bet. Gemix has a wide range of bets. You can make it as crazy as you want. Bets can be made from € 0.50 and this runs up to a maximum of € 100. 

Gemix has a playing field of 7×7. And you can win back 6.025 times your bet. That doesn’t sound wrong, does it? This online slot machine also has an RTP of 96.75!

Play Gemix?

Weave your way through the 3 worlds. Play’n Go has done a good job if you ask us. The game is easy to understand and therefore accessible to any type of player. This is partly due to the wide range of deployments. Bets can be made from €0.50 to a maximum of €100. Gemix slot demo has a nice RTP of 96.75% and low variance. You try to form as many winning combinations as possible.

We are enthusiastic and would like to take you further in our review. We are happy to ensure that you start your favorite slot machine well prepared. That is why we cover topics such as: the game explanation, the reliability, the chances of winning and much more. This way you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Would you rather play a high paying slot? Then read our blog: what are high paying slots 2023?

The reliability of Gemix

We’re glad to know that you are researching the reliability of Gemix. Because of that, you will not be faced with unexpected problems and you know exactly what awaits you. We have studied the reliability of Gemix and have come to this conclusion.

Gemix is a reliable online slot. The game was developed by Play’n Go. In total, Play’n Go has already released more than 50 unique games in no less than 30 different languages! They are reliable and well-known game developers. And that is why they do everything they can to keep their good status. So you can take a gamble with Gemix without any worries! Want to prevent making a mistake during online gambling? Then we recommend our information article: Top 5 biggest online gambling mistakes.

The pros and cons of Gemix

A game is not a game if there are not a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Gemix also has some pros and cons. Curious which ones these are? Then take a look at the overview below.


  • Excellent RTP
  • High maximum profit
  • Wild symbol
  • Reliable
  • Wide range of deployments
  • Varied graphics


  • No jackpot
  • Few high wins

The chances of winning Gemix

Everyone likes nice profits, right? We definitely love it! That is why we have worked this out for you down to the last detail. Gemix has great chances of winning. The game has a fine RTP of 96.75%. You can win back up to 6,025 times your bet! During the game, you will be able to get many winnings, but this happens especially during the interesting features. In short, the chances of winning this online slot machine are good.

The symbols and values of Gemix

What about the symbols of Gemix? We are going to talk about that in detail in the Gemix slot review. This overview allows you to quickly and easily see whether you have a nice profit. We have figured this out for you and are happy to share this knowledge!

Gemix has a total of 11 symbols. 8 out of 11 symbols have a paid function. But what is the highest paying symbol? This is the gold Star. The lowest paying symbol is the dark blue Sapphire. The other symbols that do not have a paid function are wilds. These wilds look different per world! 3 worlds equals 3 different wilds and they even have extra features per world! The 3 wilds consist of a Lantern, a Lollipop or a Proverbs Book. In every world the wild has a nice feature. In world 1, the wild is a lantern, world 2 the lollipop and world 3 the spell book! In world 2, the wilds will be placed in a chain-like way. A line of how they are places will become visible. At world 3, the wilds are sticky-wilds for as long as winning combinations will fall! To make it a bit easier for the other symbols, there is a photo of the Paytable.

The features of Gemix

Good news, because Gemix online slot is in possession of some nice features. Curious which ones these are? Then read on. 

Wild symbol: Gemix has multiple wild symbols. Through the wild symbols, you can form more winning combinations. This symbol can replace all paying symbols on the playing field. The different wilds are a Lantern, a Lollipop and a Spell Book! But why does this slot have 3 kinds of wilds?

This slot has multiple worlds that you play through, which is why it has more than one wild! Because what would we be doing in the Princess world with a lantern as a wild? Or with a lollipop in the wizard’s world?

World Bonus: Because we will see different worlds in this slot, we also have a world bonus. The world bonus is 10% of all winnings you make extra in the 3 levels per world! The longer it takes you to complete the 3 patterns per world, the more world bonus! Are you curious about the biggest gambling companies in Europe? Then read our blog: Top 5 biggest gambling companies In Europe.

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Weave your way through the 3 worlds

Do you like a slot machine with varied graphics? Then Gemix is perfect for you! This online slot machine is accessible to any type of player. The RTP is 96.75%, which is fine! The variance is low and you have the chance to win 6,025 times your bet! And how about the 3 wild symbols? And with the world bonus you can increase winnings quickly. In short, we can definitely recommend Gemix! Don’t wait any longer and start playing…

FAQ Gemix

Gemix has an RTP of 96.75%.

The minimum bet of Gemix is €0,50.

The maximum bet of Gemix is €100.

The maximum profit of Gemx is 6,025x your bet.

Gemix comes from the provider Play’n Go.

Play Gemix now?