Cent Minimum bet.
Euro maximum bet.

Gonzo’s Quest

It’s perfectly logical and understandable that Gonzo’s Quest Online is one of the most played slots ever. The crazy themed game, combined with the game plan, the Avalanche feature and the climbing multipliers, makes Gonzo’s Quest Online incredibly exciting and fun. With every Avalanche, you are eagerly awaiting. Not only is it exciting to see what you win, but also to see which multiplier you will play the next Avalanche with! If you’re lucky, you’ll find Eldorado and you’ll be handsomely rewarded, just like a real Spanish conquistador should. With Gonzo’s Quest Online, NetEnt has found the perfect mix of entertainment, excitement and the opportunity to win lots, lots of dineros.

  • There can be huge prizes.
  • Because of the bold graphics, you take on the role of Señor Pizzaro.
  • For those who love high variance slots, a real must-play.
Good Return to Player:

96% RTP!

High Variation:

every spin is different!

Big maximum profit:

win up to 37,500 times your stake

Good odds of winning at base game and bonus game:

it doubles your chances of winning!

Discover your inner conquistador:

cool theme!

Lots of well-crafted graphics:

imagine your way into the South American jungle

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Gonzo’s Quest Online: the search for the promising and paradisiacal Eldorado

Even though Gonzo’s Quest Online was released back in 2011, it’s one of the most popular online slots out there! NetEnt has put itself well on the market with Gonzo’s Quest Online release: who would have thought Gonzo’s Quest Online would be NetEnt’s most successful slot game? Quite honestly, we already had a suspicion.

In Gonzo’s Quest Online, you get into the skin of the Spanish conquistador Gonzo Pizarro and go looking for Eldorado: a delicious place, where the cervezas flow richly and dineros no problemas shapes. Señor Pizzaro’s quest takes place in the South American jungle, where he hunts hidden treasures in remote Indian cities. Gonzo’s Quest has all the features that make a slot game fun: it’s exciting, and you can win tremendous amounts in both the base game and the bonus game.

As you know about us, we at Bonuslots are not the most strict. We have taken a close look at this all-time fave to answer your pressing questions in this Gonzo’s Quest Online review: how does Gonzo’s Quest Online, how to play you the bonus game, what are your chances of winning, and how do you increase them? Finally, you can read our final verdict in the Final Recital. So what are you waiting for?

How does Gonzo’s Quest Online work?

At Gonzo’s Quest Online, you can imagine your way into the beautiful world of the South American wilderness by looking for hidden treasures like a real conqueror. At the Gonzo’s Quest slot, there are no less than 20 pay lines! You then decide how many coins, or monedas, your bet per pay line (level), and how much such a Moneda is worth. The maximum bet is 50 euro. We’ve done the math work for you, so that’s a maximum of 5 coins of 50 cents each per pay line. Of course, you can also play with less: you can bring your true conquistador upwards from 20 cents per game.

There are seven different symbols, in other words: simbolos. These simbolos are colorful stones with authentic images made by Indians on them. The stone with the question mark on it is the Wild symbol. The best-paying brick yields 2,500 credits per bet level. Suppose you play at level 5, so this means 12,500 coins. With the maximum bet of 50 cents per coin, that means a price of 6,250 euros. Que bonito!

Honesty requires us to say that the payouts per combination are generally not terrific. Gonzo’s Quest Online won’t become genuinely profitable until you take advantage of the Avalanche feature: every time you win a game, the bricks that created the winnings explode. The rest of the stones then fall to fill the open spaces with new rocks such as an avalanche, hence the name: Avalanche. Each avalanche means an increasing multiplier. In other words: do you score a winning combination again after the avalanche? Then you get your winnings paid out twice. Will it follow another winning combination? Then you can triple your profit. This multiplier has a maximum of cinco (that is a maximum of times five). What does this mean? So Gonzo’s Quest Online can pay out a fine in the base game without the bonus game being played!

How reliable is playing Gonzo’s Quest Online?

Gonzo’s Quest Online is one of the most played slots in the online casino country. With this slot, NetEnt has ensured that they received a first platinum slot release. NetEnt, as a major slot machine publisher, is known as a very reliable and good provider. So Gonzo’s Quest Online was created by a big player in the casino country, so you can quietly assume that Gonzo’s Quest Online is a reliable slot game.

We at Bonuslots have good experiences playing this slot! Gonzo’s Quest Online allows you to grab big wins during the base game and the bonus round. The slot machine is suitable for experienced and novice gamblers, as it is easy to play. Want to try a different slot besides Gonzo’s Quest Online? Then take a look at our page with other slot reviews.

What are the pros and cons of Gonzo’s Quest Online?


  • Falling symbols provide excitement and an element of surprise: a low payout can become a mega win!
  • The bonus round increases adrenaline: will the 15-time multiplier fall or not?
  • First slot with an Avalanche feature
  • The theme is well developed: sound and graphics are picco bello in order
  • A classic: often copied, never improved
  • NetEnt’s first platinum slot release: one of the most successful slots in online casino world
  • Possibility to make huge wins: up to 37,500 times your stake



  • Difficult to get big multipliers

What are your chances of winning at Gonzo’s Quest Online?

The Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot machine has a whopping 20 pay lines. So the chances of winning at Gonzo’s Quest Online are pretty high for a not too challenging game to play. Furthermore, Gonzo’s Quest Online has an RTP of 96%, which is relatively standard for online slots: for example, Bonanza Megaways Online, Pirate Kingdom Megaways Online, and Zeus Slots Online, an equivalent RTP.

A 96% RTP is relatively standard, so this attribute doesn’t necessarily make Gonzo’s Quest Online distinctive from other slot games. What makes Gonzo’s Quest Online more attractive than many other slots is the maximum profit to be achieved. Not only in the bonus game but even in the base game, there is a lot to cash: with each spin of the base game, you can win up to 2,500 times your stake per spin, where you can win up to 37,500 times your stake per spin in the bonus game. Say what?

Of course, be aware that you can also lose your bet quickly, given the volatility and higher variation of the slot machine. If you are a fan of high variance slots, try Book of Dead Online or Legacy of Dead Online once! However, you always need a bit of luck to grab big profits for all slots: responsible gambling remains essential, of course. Rome wasn’t built in 1 day either!

Gonzo’s Quest Online bonus game: Gonzo’s Quest Online free falls

Features seven different simbolos: colorful stones with authentic images created by Indians. The shining stone with a shield drawn on it is the bonus symbol: you must have it. If three of these bonus stones fall, you’ll unlock a Free Falls, of which you get 10. These Free Falls are the same as the spins in the base game, nada más y nada menos. But, of course, there is an advantage to these spins: you play with a higher multiplier. You start with a multiplier of 3: all wins you get will be tripled anyway! As you are used to from us, we do the math: five blue stones in the base game yielded a maximum of 6,250 euros per pay line in the base game; in the bonus game, this can amount to a maximum of 31,250 euros!

The Avalanche feature is also around the corner in Gonzo’s Quest Online bonus game. It will only really fill bags when you achieve several Avalanches one after the other. The multiplier increases with each Avalanche: the second Avalanche has a multiplier of times 6; with the third Avalanche, you get a multiplier of times 9. If you haven’t passed the economic zone of death, you will be after the fourth Avalanche: you play with a multiplier here. That means that during these free falls, you can grab a maximum of 93,750 euros per pay line. Yes, yes, yesssss! Can’t handle the tension anymore? 

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Slot weighting: Does Señor Pizzaro earn Eldorado according to Bonuslots?

Gonzo’s Quest Online is a regular feature in the lists of highest payouts, with winnings of more than 1,000 times the stake not unique. Bonuslots certainly understand why online gamblers embrace this game en masse. Especially for those who love high-variety slots, Gonzo’s Quest Online is a real must-play. We can’t ignore it: Gonzo’s Quest Online ranks high in Bonuslots and succeeds with flying colors: Señor Pizzaro deserves Eldorado! NetEnt, muchas gracias for this fat slot: Bonuslots is convinced!

FAQ Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest slot RTP is 96%, which is average. However, it comes with a hit frequency of 41.1%, which means you won’t have to wait long for a winning combination.

The maximum you can win is 37,500 times your stake per spin. This can happen in the free spins due to the potential 15 times multiplier. So with each base game spin, you can win up to 2,500 times a spin.

The Avalanche feature removes winning symbols and replaces them with new ones. With each avalanche, the multiplier increases. In the free spins, it can go up to 15 times.

With the Avalanche feature, winning symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols. With each avalanche, the multiplier increases. In the free spins, it can go up to 15 times.

Yes! Gonzo’s Quest Online can be played on any device you want, including smartphones and tablets. While it looks best on desktop devices (e.g., laptops /pcs), graphics, animations, and gameplay are not affected when playing on smaller screens.

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