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Gorilla Kingdom

When you’re a nature lover, Gorilla Kingdom Online is a game for you. NetEnt has developed a beautiful lock with all kinds of wild animals. You have to make sure you get as many combinations as possible to cash in a Tarzan-like vibe. Gorilla Kingdom Online is a game with a commitment for everyone, literally everyone. With a minimum bet of 0.10 euro and a maximum bet of 350 euros, there are opportunities for the big and small player. You will see your bet multiply to the maximum during the free spin bonus, which can multiply your bet by up to 4096 times your stake. Gorilla Kingdom Online is an exciting slot game with an RTP of 96.03% and high volatility.

  • Relatively high variance: also for the gambling enthusiasts
  • Fun free-spin round
  • Straightforward gameplay: also for the beginners
Vast range of wagering

from 0.10 cents to a whopping 350 euros

Good RTP


Free spins

for an even more fun gameplay

Lovely details

a real eye-catcher

A reliable slot

NetEnt is a well-known player

Quick game

for if you want to play a lot of spins in a short time

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Gorilla Kingdom Play

Gorilla Kingdom Online is a slot from NetEnt. Not inadvertently, this slot is very similar to Pink Elephants from the notorious company Thunderkick. However, this should not spoil the fun while playing Gorilla Kingdom Online. With excellent visual effects, you can imagine yourself in a wilderness: it’s up to you to cash as much as possible. You’re active deep in the jungle, where gorillas, jaguars, and all kinds of other animals await you. Not to eat you, but to be able to get you money. With drums, jungle-like sounds, and sounds of different animals, you play on a pleasant online slot.

Anyway, Bonuslots has picked out all kinds of things for you. What is the gameplay? What are the pros and cons while playing Gorilla Kingdom, is there a bonus round, and what are the chances of winning? You can read it all in the article below.

How does Gorilla Kingdom work?

You’re in the jungle. You can hear all kinds of sounds from different angles. Rustling leaves add an extra atmosphere. You will experience this while playing Gorilla Kingdom Online. The transparent decor enhances the atmosphere, and when you get a profitable combination, the symbols will disappear, and the beautiful format will be more visible. NetEnt is known for paying close attention to the audio and visual effects. That’s a good thing to see at Gorilla Kingdom Online. You must end up in the free spin bonus using the scatter symbols, where you can collect your maximum win.

With 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 pay lines, there are plenty of opportunities to generate a big loot when you play Gorilla Kingdom Online. However, the RTP is 96.03%, precisely the industry average. Do you like slots with higher RTP more? Then try Pirate Kingdom Megaways Online, Royal Mint Megaways Online, or Kingmaker Megaways Online.

Striking: Gorilla Kindom starts with a bet of 0.20 cents. And with an insanely high maximum bet, 350 euros, and medium-high volatility, there are chances to win vast amounts of money. This is not often reflected in such slots. Are you a little tight in cash and still want to play? At Legacy of Dead Online, you can play from 0.01 euro cents.

Gorilla Kingdom slot manual: what do the symbols mean?

Gorilla Kingdom Online uses the familiar characters that also appear in a deck. For example, the 9 through Ace symbols account for your bet between 1 and 1.5 times. Furthermore, it is remarkable that there is no Wildcard at Gorilla Kingdom; you would at least expect that at a lock whose decor is the wilderness.

You automatically think of a giant, scary powerhouse drumming on his chest when you think of a gorilla. So get yourself ready because this muscle bundle is good for 4 times your commitment. Furthermore, there are other animal symbols that you might encounter in the jungle: the toucan, jaguar, deer, and a scaly, which are worth your bet times 4 maximum.

Reliability: A review of Gorilla Kingdom

NetEnt is responsible for the production of Gorilla Kingdom Online and, of course, many slots. Although the company used to be original in coming up with original audio slots, it has been dropping a stitch lately. In terms of production, it is still mustache. The Gorilla Kingdom Online slot is not authentic, but the slot machine is visually top-notch. The NetEnt slots are not surprising, but that has nothing to do with it being a reliable slot. Bonuslots has good experiences playing Gorilla Kingdom Online.

What are the pros and cons of Gorilla Kingdom?

The Gorilla Kingdom slot is a slot where you will imagine yourself in a jungle. Animal sounds and symbols will put you in a tropical mood. The beautiful plants are detailed at a high level, and the other layout looks neat. The graphics are nice, but there are some downsides to playing Gorilla Kingdom Online.


  • Nice graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Fun savings mechanism in the bonus
  • Huge betting range


  • No original theme: it matches pretty much with Pink Elephant
  • No jackpot, which often makes a slot attractive anyway
  • There no wildcards are present

What are your Gorilla Kingdom winning odds?

Of course, you don’t just play Gorilla Kingdom Online for the beautiful graphics. You hope to have a pocket penny left on it too. Gorilla Kingdom Online operates an RTP of 96.03%. This is on the average of all slots, which means you can have a great chance of winning. But, of course, you don’t consistently achieve profit, and it is essential to know the risks of online gambling.

It gets fun with the free-spin round. From 3 scatter symbols, you’ll receive these exciting free spins. During this round, you can fill the totem on the right side, resulting in even more free spins! So with a maximum multiplier of 2857, you’ll be right here. Of course, such a bonus round is always fun; many casinos try to lure you in this way.

The minimum deposit is 0.20 cents, and the maximum amount is 350 euro. Therefore, with this enormous scope, there is an inlay suitable for every gambler. You can win huge prizes with the full deposit amount with a medium variance. Of course, you must be fortunate about this, but we like the fact that it can be!

Gorilla Kingdom Bonus Game: Also a jackpot without an actual jackpot?

Of course, each slot gets more fun when the bonus is triggered. That is also the case with Gorilla Kingdom Online. You can win prizes that are thicker than the muscles of an average gorilla. The bonus is triggered when you drop 3 scatter symbols on your screen, shaped like a blue diamond. 3, 4, and 5 diamonds account for 10, 15, and 20 free spins, respectively, which is a pretty high number. During this free spin round, you will receive 3 extra symbols with 2 extra scatters, so plenty of cash options.

A nice feature of Gorilla Kingdom Online’s free spin bonus is the totem that can be filled. When the masked gorilla takes off its mask, it will float to the totem where 4 animals stand up. The 4 famous animals are on the right side of the game; to complete one animal, you need 6 gorilla symbols. When completing one animal, it turns into a gorilla, accompanied by even more spins. More likely to get an actual payout that includes the size of a gorilla!

Gorilla Kingdom review: a miracle of a debacle?

Gorilla Kingdom Online weighed all the pros and cons, what think of it. For starters, the gameplay is enjoyable: the layout is neatly taken care of, and the game is straightforward to play. The game is a winner in that area through musical effects, rustling leaves, sounds of the jungle and gorillas, and visual highlights such as elaborately detailed leaves and trees. Still, there are some drawbacks to it. NetEnt has lost it in terms of originality and does not deliver an innovative game. So it doesn’t have a wow factor. Anyway, it’s a solid slot to play where you can grab big prizes. Playing the slot game provides an overall pleasant experience, which Bonuslots recommends!

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FAQ Gorilla Kingdom

No, unfortunately not. The bonus is that there is a lot of fun to play. This way, you can save a totem full to earn even more money.

Not quite. It has medium volatility. That means your payouts can fluctuate. To see what’s most comfortable for you.

With an RTP of 96.03%, you’re on the average of the modern slot machine.

Sure! The slot is easy to play, so this slot machine is also ideal for novice gamblers.

Yes, you can receive free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols (diamonds). These are between 10 and 20 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols.

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