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Hell’s Kitchen

At Hell’s Kitchen online slot, you look into the kitchen of the television program of the same name. On arrival, you will be welcomed by Chef Gordon Ramsay, who will personally throw some plates and knives towards your screen. This online slot was developed by the company NetEnt, which has saved costs even more effort to provide you with a unique experience. The minimum bet is €0.20, and the maximum bet is €100. In addition, fun bonus features are included in the slot, where the prizes can be generously served to you. With an RTP of 96.07% and a maximum return of 1000x your stake, this isn’t the most profitable slot, but no less entertaining for that reason. If you are looking for an accessible and comic video slot, then Hell’s Kitchen online slot is definitely for you!

  • Comic and original theme
  • Profitable bonus features
  • Accessible for novice players
For small and large players

Minimum bet of 20 cents and a maximum bet of 100 euros

Reliable video slot

NetEnt quality as we know it

Feel like you're really in the kitchen

Original theme

Fun and accessible

Fun for both novice and experienced players

Low to medium variance

Few unwanted surprises

Voice over by Gordon Ramsay

Where is the lamb sauce!

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Hell’s Kitchen slot: where is the lamb sauce!

Hell’s Kitchen online slot was introduced by the company NetEnt. This casino game developer has marketed over 240 video slots, including well-known names such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starbust, and Viking slots. In addition, the NetEnt design team regularly adds a lot of interactivity, sound effects, and other features to their games—the result: a fun, exciting, and sometimes even comic experience for you as a player.

Significantly of the latter, Hell’s Kitchen online slot is a good example. Anyone familiar with the television program of the same name can almost dream of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s iconic statements. When playing this slot, you’ll be in the kitchen with Gordon, where he’ll tell you more than once how a real chef works. In this Hell’s Kitchen review, we’ll let you know more about this online slot from NetEnt and discuss, among other things, how to play Hell’s Kitchen, what the winning options are and what bonus features you’ll encounter when you take the gamble.

How does Hell’s Kitchen work?

The goal is to keep your cool in the messy kitchen, so you can then run off at an excellent price. The game is made up of five reels, each with three rows in which different symbols can be seen. The regular symbols consist of A, K, J, and Q. In addition, various dishes of master chef Ramsay are also represented in the game. For example, the Beef Wellington and Spicy Hamburger are two of the four alternative icons. These symbols are less common and therefore yield higher prices. Hell’s Kitchen online slot has a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum bet of €100 per spin.

With each spin, random order of symbols is created. Does the player play 3 or more similar symbols in consecutive reels? Then the collection is blown! Here, 3 symbols give the least and a set of 5 symbols the most money. With an RTP of 96.07%, playing Hell’s Kitchen isn’t an extremely profitable activity. The side note, however, is that the video slot has a

medium to low variance, which means that the player is not too much at risk with his or her gamble but cannot win mega amounts either

Ramsay goes Wild!

In addition to the previously discussed symbols, Hells Kitchen Gordon Ramsay also has so-called ‘wild symbols.’ These wilds have a joker function and count, except for the scatter symbols (more on this later), as a replacement for all icons on the game board. For example, do you play a series of 2 Beef Wellingtons and 1 wild symbol? Then this counts as a series of 3 Beef Wellingtons, and your balance will get a nice capital injection. Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the game board with every spin, but they don’t show their value until Gordon is tired of the kitchen’s tuning for a while. This creates a comical and profitable situation called Gordon’s wilds. After a random turn, various utensils are fired on the game board in this additional feature. All symbols that are hit automatically turn into wild symbols, giving you more chances to earn sequences and thus win more money. First, of course, dodging the knives!

Teamwork makes the dream work

In the Hell’s Kitchen program, two teams compete against each other. Hell’s Kitchen online slot has given its spin on this with the input of a second bonus feature: the Team Challenge Free Spins. Although the outcome of the feature can have a calming effect on your financial balance, this bonus is unlocked through a hefty scolding. Before playing the feature, you must first spin 3 or 4 scatter symbols in one turn. Where scatter symbols are synonymous with Gordon Ramsay’s head, which is completely surrounded by ominous flames.

Mischief, however, is the last thing you’ll encounter with this feature, where the player must be the first to choose team blue or red. Both teams spin 10 free spins on the same game board as the main game. The main difference is that both teams can add multipliers (x2 and x3) and wild symbols to their outcomes and returns. Both teams earn sums of money on profitable sequences, and you as a player will receive the total amount from both teams. So, a textbook example of a neutral attitude. However, for which team the player has chosen determines whether the player can play the third and last bonus game: Gordon’s Bonus feature. If the player decides team red and earns the most money in the team challenge, the player can play the third feature. Did the player choose the losing team? Then he will miss out on extra profits, and the player returns to the main game.

Playing Hell’s Kitchen Bonus

Once you’ve chosen the winning team in the Team Challenge, you’ll unlock Gordon’s bonus feature. This third and final bonus of Hell’s Kitchen online slot has a pick-a-prize setup, where the player can select 15 planes with hidden content. The planes can consist of sums of money, multipliers, and so-called Bad Dishes. The amounts of money speak for themselves, the multipliers multiply the amounts of money by a certain number, and the Bad Dishes are mistakes for the player. When you select 3 Bad Dishes as a player, Gordon will not fail to send you back to the main game with a big scold. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid the Bad Dishes and serve yourself a generous amount of money!

How reliable is Hell’s Kitchen slot?

Over time, NetEnt has developed into one of the market leaders in the digital casino gaming industry. The company usually supplies high-quality games to a large package of online casino providers. In addition, the company has developed a review system to guide players as best as possible through the broad and sometimes somewhat confusing world of online slot games. Furthermore, the company puts a lot of time and effort into the entertainment aspect of their games, which were fun for the player, and profits for the company go hand in hand. All in all, there is a little smear on the name and games of this highly regarded company.

In contrast, words say less than actions. That is why the company has all its games (and the associated random number generators) tested by independent, certified companies. After the test, all games receive a certificate partly aimed at protecting the player and to what extent the slots meet the market standards. With NetEnt’s name and professional working method as collateral, it can be stated with certainty that Hell’s Kitchen online slot is a reliable gambling game.

What are the pros and cons of the Hell’s Kitchen online slot?

Playing Hell’s Kitchen has its pros and cons. For example, the lock’s sound effects and special features give an original twist to the well-known television program Hell’s Kitchen. On the other hand, the RTP of the game is fairly low. Therefore, players looking for large win amounts may prefer a different video slot. However, the fact remains that Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsay is a gambling game. As everyone knows, this can result in a profit and a loss. Responsible gambling is therefore recommended. Always play consciously and take your loss when it occurs.


  • Original layout and gaming experience
  • Characteristic sound and game effects
  • Easy to understand
  • Accessible and low risk for the novice player
  • Gordon Ramsay’s personal touch
  • Original and lucrative bonus features


  • Relatively low maximum yield of 1000x your stake
  • Not profitable enough for experienced players

What are my chances of winning when I’m in the kitchen?

Before you confidently enter Gordon’s kitchen, you first want to know what it can bring you. The standard RTP of video slots is 96%. In general, the rule applies: the higher above 96% the RTP percentage of the lock is, the more profitable it can be. With an RTP of 96.07%, Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsay is not a very lucrative video slot. On the other hand, the game also has a low to medium variance, which means that the prizes do not contain significant outliers. The side note, in this case, is that in case of an accident, the player does not have to lose all his money in one fell swoop.

The profit or loss amount depends primarily on the risk you dare to take as a player. Hell’s Kitchen online slot has a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum of €100 per spin. Do you play for €100 every turn? Then there is a good chance that the prizes and losses are greater than with a lower stake. In total, there are 20 pay lines, and the maximum yield is 1000x your stake. While this sounds like a lot, it’s a relatively low maximum yield compared to many other video slots. However, the frequency of situations and combinations in which the player can win money is very high. This not only ensures a more active gaming experience but is possibly also an excellent addition to the wallet.

Aside from the main game of Gordon Ramsay’s online slot, the game’s bonus features are also potentially lucrative and easy-to-understand additions. For example, the random Gordon’s Wild feature can yield between 5 and 7 wild symbols, which significantly increases the player’s chance to play a winning combination. In addition, when spinning 3 or more scatter symbols, the player unlocks the Team Challenge Free Spins feature, where multipliers and Wild symbols can significantly increase winnings.

Hell’s Kitchen review: does this kitchen have a taste?

At Bonuslots, we believe that Hell’s Kitchen online slot lives up to the good name of its producer. It is immediately noticeable that time and attention have been paid to the development as a player. Fair is fair: for the experienced or big stake players, this game may not be entirely lucrative enough. Finally, the game is easy to understand and contains a pleasant level of interaction. This makes it a slot for all players, but especially for those who are just coming to see in the world of online video slots.

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FAQ Hell’s Kitchen

The RTP of this slot is 96.07%, which is just above the 96% average.


The maximum win is 1000x your stake

The bonus feature of Hell’s Kitchen, the Team Challenge, gives the player 10 free spins on two gaming screens. The rewards of these free spins can be multiplied by multipliers.

Yes! Hell’s kitchen features three bonus features: Gordon’s Wilds, the Team Challenge and Gordon’s Bonus Game.

Although every video slot takes some getting used to, people have mastered the rules at Hell’s Kitchen pretty quickly. This makes it a fun slot for both novice and experienced players!

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