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Medallion Megaways

Magical, Eastern and challenging are the distinctive points of this Medallion Megaways slot. Betting options offer great variance and the extra features are surprising and interesting.

  • Original and interesting theme
  • Many features that make the game fun and surprising
  • Great chances of winning
Stacked symbols:

cool features

Expanding wilds:

win more money

Normal game multipliers:

win extra even outside the bonus game

Premium symbols:

between 6 and 15 x bet

Extra features:

the silver and gold coins

Free spins game:

instant 10 Free Spins

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Medallion Megaways online; try this magical new video slot now!

This game, Medallion Megaways, is definitely worth a review. This slot has a magical Middle Eastern touch. When you play the Medallion Megaways online slot, you imagine yourself in the world of fortune tellers and gems. We at Bonuslots believe that Medallion Megaways online is a more than worthy successor to one of the previous slots made; Flower Fortunes by Megaways.

How does playing Medallion Megaways work?

Medallion Megaways slots works like this; there are 6 reels with 6 different symbols. That means you end up with 46656 reels. All winning combinations that are played in these Medallion Megaways slots will disappear automatically, making way for new symbols, which can lead to chain reactions. Each winning combination adds +1 to the multiplier when you play Medallion Megaways. The important factors in this game are as follows:

  • There are 46,656 winning combinations
  • RTP: 96.23%
  • You can bet from €0.10 to a maximum of €80
  • You can win 12,000 times your bet in Medallion Megaways slots (!!)

The symbols in this Medallion Megaways slot work like this; it doesn’t really matter which symbols you spin a winning combination with, because they all stack up automatically. Even with the lower symbols, you can make a mega profit in a perfect scenario. When you play this Medallion Megaways slot, you can win up to 30 times your bet with the black tiles with a golden snake on them, if you spin 6 of the same ones. All other symbols pay out between 6 and 15 times the bet when you spin six of the same.

How reliable are Medallion Megaways slots?

Medallion Megaways slots is a great slot game for beginning but also experienced gamblers. Although the number of ways to play this game is lower than most Megaways slots, the multiplier is more rewarding than in other slots. The RTP is the same as in Bonanza Megaways, and most games. This game is very reliable, and for the experienced gambler, there is a lot to make when you play Medallion Megaways slots.

The pros and cons of Medallion Megaways online:



  • Original and interesting theme
  • Many features that make the game fun and surprising
  • Great chances of winning


  • It takes a while to understand the game
  • You can’t buy a bonus

How does the game work

This game, Medallion Megaways, is played on 6 reels. A maximum of 6 symbols can be “stacked” here. This brings the maximum number of Megaways to 46,656. The nice thing is: win combinations disappear and make way for new combinations, which means that the game can result in a kind of chain reaction. Also: after each winning combination, the multiplier increases by +1. This multiplier has no limit, but it can be reset.

You can usually play this game for as little as 0.10 cents. Are you a high roller? Then it is possible to bet 80.00 euro per spin. Win up to 12,000 times your deposit and count on an RTP of 96.23%.

What is Bonuslots’ opinion about Medallion Megaways slots?

It’s a bit of a complicated game when you first look at it, but once you’re in it, it’s super interesting and the multipliers are definitely a plus in this game. The chances of winning when playing Medallion Megaways are somewhat fewer than in most Megaways slots, but the multipliers are more interesting than in other Megaways slots. The extra features are very nice, and certainly original, in this game, which makes it a challenge for any gambler to play this Medallion Megaways. In addition, there are of course many other games that are definitely worth trying. Take a look at the other reviews written by us at DutchGamblers!

A review of the Medallion Megaways bonus game

Getting into the bonus round while playing Medallion Megaways seems pretty simple. There are two different types of coins that can appear; gold and silver. The gold coins have three different options:

  • They trigger the free spins bonus
  • All “WILD” symbols are folded out and given an “Expanding WILD”, which means you win a multiplier just like if you spin 6 of the same ones.
  • You can win a “respin” where a number of symbols are removed from the game (“void-respin”).

Things work differently with the silver coins; if you win them, you get an active feature. Unfortunately, this feature is just a little less interesting when the free spins feature is active, because it is of course much more fun to win. When you win the free spins feature, you get 10 free spins. Purchasing a bonus feature is not possible in Medallion Megaways slots.

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Want to play Medallions Megaways?

Medallion Megaways is an incredibly fun and challenging slot, with various features. Playing Medallion Megaways online is challenging and can be done with a low amount. Play the game and hope for a nice return!

FAQ Medallion Megaways

We at Bonuslots believe that every gambler can play this game and that it is challenging for beginning, but also experienced gamblers. Make sure you have a good idea of what the game includes and the features that the game has so you can get the most out of the bet.

The most interesting feature is the gold coin, where you have various winning options for the bonus round.

You can bet 0.10 Euro up to 80 Euro, with the multiplier doubling a maximum of 12,000 times the bet.

The game is magically themed, with gems and even feels like you’re in a fortune teller tent in the Middle East. Magical, mysterious and challenging are the hallmarks of this Medallion Megaways slot.

With the 96.23% RTP (Return to Player) and the chance to win up to 12,000 times your deposit, you have a great chance of winning!

Play Medallion Megaways now?