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Cent minimum bet
Euro maximum bet

Money Train 2

Money Train 2 is a fantastically designed game with high volatility and extremely high winning potential, a good sequel to the earlier Money Train. However, you don’t have to do it for the base game. The real fun, and the real money, is in the bonus game: the option to earn 50,000 times your bet makes Money Train 2 Online a real must-play! Count out your win…

  • Cool new features: improved graphics for the same raw theme!
  • High variance: every spin is different!
  • High RTP and chances of winning!
Updated features:

improved graphics for the same theme!

Free spins:

more and more profit...

Huge chances of winning:

up to 50,000 times the bet!

High variance:

each spin will be different

Low stakes:

starting at 0.10 cent bet

High Return to Player:

96,4% RTP!

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Money Train 2 Online, the sequel to the extraordinarily successful Money Train slot: lots of action and bandits!

Money Train 2 Online by Relax Gaming: A new sequel to Money Train. The first Money Train slot was a huge hit on the gaming market and Relax Gaming is back and they’re better, the long-awaited successor has finally been released. Relax Gaming builds on everything that made the earlier part so cool. The new Money Train 2 Online slot not only looks the same, but the bonus format is also identical to the original game. Some facets of the online game have been updated, which will more than satisfy fans of the original game. The slot is easy to access, making it definitely worthwhile for both novice and experienced gamblers! We at Bonuslots have investigated this new update and would love to tell you more about it in this Money Train 2 Online review.

How Does Money Train 2 Online Work?

At Bonuslots, we don’t like to ignore it, so we’ll get straight to the point: Money Train 2 is all about the bonus feature. The base game was deliberately kept boring to guide you straight to the Buy a Bonus feature. This trick is often used by Relax Gaming and, given the popularity of their slots, gamers apparently don’t find this a problem.

Anyway, to get to the Buy a Bonus feature and fill your pockets, you’ll have to play the base game first. Money Slots 2 Online has 40 paylines, with the bet ranging from 0.10 to 20 euro per spin. If you land 3 or more matching symbols on one of the game’s paylines, you can win. You’d prefer to land on the Necromancer symbol: this results in a payout of 20 times your bet. In total, you can win 50,000 times your total bet, but that is only possible during the bonus round. This brings the theoretical payout percentage to a nice 96.40%!

How reliable is Money Train 2 Online at your online casino?

Just like the first Money Train, you can also be confident that Money Train 2 Online is highly reliable. We at DutchGamblers have had good experiences playing this slot, and it’s fun too! You can certainly win big prizes at Money Train, but they are difficult to achieve.

Advantages and disadvantages of Money Train 2 Online:


  • Grand prize: 50,000 times your bet
  • Huge win potential in fun bonus
  • Respins feature available
  • Great graphics for updating to a classic slot


  • Free spin can be complicated
  • The slot was played very quickly

The chances of winning at Money Train 2

Fair is fair, in the end, we all play to win. The chances of winning at Money Train are particularly high if you continue to the bonus round. The RTP ranges between 96.4% to 98%, which is even higher than the more complex Narcos and Bonanza Megaways games. So there is also a good profit for the beginning gambler, as the slot is easy to play!

The Money Train 2 Online bonus round

Like we said, the base game of Money Train 2 isn’t a big deal. But don’t worry, we at Bonuslots are very impressed with the Money Train 2 bonus round: the Money Cart Bonus. Of course, we have found out how it works for you. All nice and nice, but how does that famous bonus round work? It’s up to you to rob the train for everything in it. To do this, however, you must activate the bonus. You activate the respins bonus by spinning 2 or more scattered bonus symbols during the base game. Unfortunately, if you only play 2, you’ll still get a free respin, with extra multipliers. An easier and much faster alternative is to buy the bonus round. This costs you up to 100 times the total bet. For example, if you play with 50 cents per spin, you can therefore deposit 50 euro. If this bonus is active, you will start with 3 free spins. Each time you land on a symbol, the free spins counter is reset, bringing you back to 3. It is important to win as many new prizes as possible, as the bonus round ends as soon as the counter reaches 0.

The meaning of all symbols in Money Train 2 Online

Each symbol that lands on the reels has a special function. Bonuslots is happy to provide an overview of this.

  • Bonus: a prize between 1 and 10 times.
  • Golden Bonus: a prize between 20 times and 200 times.
  • Payer: Adds a multiplier to all current symbols on the reels.
  • Collector: Reveals its own value and then collects the values of all other symbols to update his total.
  • collector: adds a multiplier to all other symbols and adds the total of all other symbols to its own total.
  • Sniper: Doubles the value of up to 8 bonus symbols.
  • Reset Plus: increases the starting number of free spins by 1.
  • Persistent Player: adds a multiplier to all symbols with each spin.
  • Persistent Sniper: Doubles the value of up to 8 symbols from each upcoming spin.
  • Persistent Collector: collects all of the symbol’s multipliers and adds them to its own total with each subsequent spin.

As you can see, with all the symbols in the free spins bonus, it is very understandable that there is a top prize of 50,000 times your bet. The really big paying symbols are quite difficult to activate. You should be lucky to land on them, but, if you do, you can definitely expect an impressive amount of money. Bam bam, money in the bank

Theme and graphics

It’s always a bit to be seen when there’s a sequel to a great hit: players loved the first one for many reasons, so how much do you change to make Money Train 2 Online just as big a hit?

Relax Gaming hasn’t changed the slot’s theme much, although Money Train 2 has a more modern look than the first game. Everywhere you look, you can still find respins, boosters, machine guns, bandits and a moving train full of gold. The update gives this Money Train a rough and wilder look. If that’s not enough reason to play this slot, we’ve found another good update to convince you: the variances and maximum wins have been increased! If you manage to get a big payout, get ready for a Big Win animation, complete with flying bullets, bandits and fire! If it’s up to us, this is definitely a big improvement over the first Money Train slot, giving you an immersive gaming experience.

Money Train vs Money Train 2 Online

Money Train has been a firm favorite among online slot players since its release in 2019. The game became particularly popular for its impressive graphics, generous grand prize and fun bonus features, but Money Train 2 Online takes things even further.

Money Train 2 RTP Vs Money Train

Money Train 2 has a slightly higher RTP of 96.4%, compared to the original game’s 96.2%. When you use the bonus purchase, the payout rates for both games increase to 98%.

Money Train 2 Max Profit Vs Money Train

When the original Money Train slot was released, you’d think it couldn’t get much better than a 20,000x top prize. In the sequel, however, Relax Gaming raised the bar by offering a hugely impressive 50,000x maximum profit. It’s not often that an online slot machine offers such a high payout, so players can actually look forward to impressive winning potential.

Money Train Bonuses Vs Money Train 2 Features

What really sets Money Train 2 apart from its predecessor are the bonus games. First of all, there’s a respin bonus that wasn’t there in the original game. This is triggered with just 2 bonus symbols, so you’ll see it quite often. It’s a good consolation while you’re hoping to secure the Money Cart bonus. Then, of course, there is the most important bonus round. In the original slot, there were three special modification symbols during the re-spin bonus, and Money Train 2 adds many more features to the Money Cart game.

There are 11 different types of symbols that players can land during the respin. There are Collectors, Payers, and Snipers and then persistent versions that apply each of their effects to future spins. This makes the bonus round a lot more profitable!

Money Train Online 2 review

The first Money Train was already a huge hit, but the sequel blows it away. We are especially fans of the free spins bonus. The mere fact that there are so many possible ways to earn bonus wins bodes well. To be honest: we also have to admit that the first Money Train looked dated. We therefore think the new look of Money Train 2 is a huge improvement! The game has cool graphics and a rough theme. All in all: there are more boosters, you can win more and graphically, it all looks great. At least if you like bandits, fire and flying bullets;).

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Bonuslots is convinced!

Money Train 2 Online is back and they’re better! Yes, yes, we are certainly convinced of this cool lock, hence the extensive review. It is an exciting new slot from Relax Gaming, where the chances of winning have more than doubled. We definitely recommend that you try this slot. Are you taking a chance?

FAQ Money Train 2

Money Train 2’s RTP ranges from 96.4% to 98%.

The biggest payout you can get in Money Train 2 is worth 50,000x.

Money Train 2 is a slot with a very high volatility. Within a few minutes, you can win prizes.

Yes, there is a free spins bonus that is triggered by three bonus symbols. It starts with 3 spins and resets to 3 each time an additional symbol lands on the reels.

Money Train 2 is definitely the nicer slot of the two games, and it simply pays a lot more. The top prize is higher and a lot more happens in the free spins. The sequel is definitely an upgrade.

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