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Monopoly Megaways

Have you always been interested in board games, and is monopoly your all-time favorite? Then look no further! Monopoly megaways online is based on the old board game monopoly. The game has 6 reels with between 2 and 7 symbols per spin. There are up to 117,649 different ways to win and the RTP is 96%! Are you not interested anyway? At Bonuslots, we have many other exciting slots.

  • All known elements of the board game monopoly are reflected in this game
  • It is easily playable
  • The longer you play the game, the greater the potential of free spins gets

The slot is easy to play

A familiar theme:

Familiar elements are reflected in this game


Tt is a reliable game

Different ways to win:

117.649 ways to win

A nice RTP:

A high RTP of up to 96%


The game contains 6 reels

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Playing Monopoly Megaways

Are you also curious how monopoly megaways works online? Then read on quickly; in this monopoly megaways review, we’ll tell you all about how it works, how reliable the game is, the pros and cons of this game, the chances of winning that come with this game, and of course, how the bonus game of this game works. Monopoly megaways is a cross between the old board game monopoly and megaways slots, perfect if you like exciting slot games! We at Bonuslots are excited about this game, and have written this monopoly megaways review. Learn more about our other online casino games!

How does monopoly megaways work online?

The basic game of monopoly megaways is very standard. The monopoly megaways video slot has cascading reels. So when a combination is made, the symbols that are part of this combination disappear and make room for other symbols that can land again. This leads to more varieties and it continues until new combinations can no longer be formed. That is why multiplied profits are also possible in this way during 1 turn.

As you see above in the image, you can see a remarkable feature under the reels. This is what we call the reel adventure. You’ll see the famous streets, facilities, and stations.

See below what the intention is for this:

  • When you get to one of the facilities or stations, they become yours and are active in the bonus game.
  • If you land on chance, you will be automatically sent to any street and between 1 and 4 houses will be placed on the street. It may also happen that you will receive free spins, or that your next turn will play with the maximum number of megaways.
  • When you get to “Go” or “Start,” you will play your next turn with the maximum number of megaways.
  • When you get to the “community chest,” you will be randomly sent to a street, and 1 to 4 houses will be added.
  • After successive gains, houses will also be added if you hit a street.

There are also several symbols in the game, the simple: ace up to 9 on the reels. But in addition, in monopoly megaway online, there are the well-known pawns of monopoly that yield more, and the capital M is worth the most and can payout up to 50 times the stake. There are also a lot of free spins in this game.

For example, you get these if you have:

  • 5 houses on 1 street
  • If you end up on “Chance.”
  • Per train station, you get 3 extra free spins
  • Multipliers will also be added for facilities
  • When you arrive at a train station, you get 4 additional spins

Reliability of monopoly megaways

Monopoly megaways online seems more than reliable to us. It’s easy to choose what you want to bet and when. The variable in stake is excellent, and the chances of winning are also high. The 96.5% RTP proves once again that it is a very lucrative game.

Pros and cons of Monopoly Megaways Online


  • It’s a fairly complex slot, so fun for players who do this more often.
  • The online slot is volatile, so there is enough tension.
  • If you play with free spins, the game can be exhilarating.
  • You can get a prize of x1,000 your stake
  • It’s a lovely elaboration of the board game


  • You have to have a lot of money to play this game.
  • If it’s a bit disappointing, it can take a long time to get your hands on free spins
  • It doesn’t make sense to play this game if you’re short on time.
  • The game is quite complicated. So for novice players might be difficult in the beginning.

What are the chances of winning in this game?

As we have said before, the benefit rate for this game is 96%. This is very high for a slot machine, and therefore, the chance of winning is very high. The maximum win you can get is 14,700 x your total bet, so if you bet 1 euro, you can already win 14,700 euros. Unfortunately, we have not seen this happen very often on the internet, but we do see regular amounts of 1 or 2,000 euros passing by with this game. Therefore, we at Bonuslots always advise players to take account of responsible gambling. Want to read more about how online gambling works exactly and updates with helpful tips? Read more on our blog page!

The bonus game in monopoly megaways online

The bonus game is exciting. You start with at least 8 free spins, but by collecting stations, etc., among other things, the free spins accumulate. And every time Mr. Monopoly gets on your street with houses, the multiplier starts doing its job and continues to go through it. We arrived at no less than 15x the multipliers and have seen much higher ones on the internet. So each prize is multiplied considerably, and you can suddenly win a lot of money when you play this game.

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FAQ Monopoly Megaways

The RTP of Monopoly megaways online is 96%, and with the betting option, there is a high chance of getting a lot of profits in this game.

With this game, there are 117,649 ways to win. In addition, the bonus round is exciting because you can win a lot of bonus spins here to double your bet every time.

The theme of this game is based on the time-honored board game Monopoly. You buy streets and houses to earn the most money and bankrupt all other players.

If you are a novice player, this game may be a little harder to understand at the beginning. But we think that if you read in and watch videos of other players, you can get the hang of it very quickly as a novice player.

You start with a minimum of 8 spins. By collecting stations, etc., these free spins increase. Every time Mr. Monopoly comes to your street with houses, the multiplier will do its job and keep going. So every price is multiplied considerably.

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