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Ramses’ Revenge

Relax Gaming is back again with a delicious online video slot. This producer managed to develop fantastic slots, now called Ramses’ Revenge, time and time again. Partly because of this title, this online video slot studio has become one of the big names in the online gambling industry.

  • Fun and exciting free spins feature
  • A historical theme with mythological touches
  • A very high variance for an extra exciting game

The RTP (Win Payout Percentage) is 96.15%

Maximum Win:

Win back up to 50,000 times your stake

Very high variance:

Each spin is different

Wager range:

Bet per round between €0.10 and €20

Free Spins:

There are Free Spins with Multipliers

Ways to Win:

There are 4,096 different ways to win

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Find your way around the tomb of Ramses

In many games, the adventurer is the hero at the end of the game. In Ramses’ Revenge, unfortunately, things end a little less well with these heroic people, and the intention is that the zombies eat them up. However, this slot has a charming free spin round, where you can win lovely prizes.

How does Ramses’ Revenge work?

Ramses’ Revenge has a reasonably familiar play called the win all ways. This is how you can win in 4,096 different ways. When you have a winning combination, it will light up on the screen, making it a good game for novice players to follow and know what to look for. You can bet between €0.10 and €20 per round. This is a reasonably limited betting range, particularly with a low maximum. This limited betting range has to do with the very high variance and maximum profit achieved with this online slot machine.

Ramses’ Revenge has a playing field with 6 reels and 4 rows. In the base game, the intention is to combine with matching symbols. They do not have to be in a row or border each other as with games that revolve around cluster formation.

With this online slot, you have just like many other high and low-paying symbols. The high symbols are the Egyptian gods Anubis, Sobek, Horus, and the Pharaoh Ramses. If you have 6 of these high-paying symbols appear on the playing field, this will pay out between 1.5 times and 4 times your bet for that round. The low-paying symbols are the card symbols that look like Egyptian characters. We also understand that these are not the numbers that will pay you the gigantic profits. We will go into this in a way.

How reliable is Ramses’ Revenge?

According to us, Ramses’ Revenge is a very reliable game from Bonuslots. Relax Gaming is a good software developer for online gambling games who has now positioned itself firmly in the online gambling market. They have achieved this by releasing beautiful titles online that have brought a lot of entertainment. Relax Gaming, like the competition, is also hard at work expanding their portfolio with solid names.

Like all other online slot games, this online slot machine uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator creates randomness in the game, which means that everything that happens in the game randomly takes place and is therefore not preconceived or programmed. This tool is also used in table games and scratch card games.

What are the pros and cons of Ramses’ Revenge?


  • Free spin
  • Nice looking theme
  • Playeble on mutliple devices
  • Multipliers


  • High variance
  • Base game isnt the most fun

What are the chances of winning at Ramses’ Revenge?

As you read earlier in this review, Ramses’ Revenge’s Profit (RTP) percentage is 96,15%. On average, this percentage is acceptable compared to other online slots offered. The RTP is always indicated in the form of a percentage. This is done because this percentage represents the average that can theoretically be recovered from an (online) gambling game. Therefore, the higher the percentage, the more attractive this game could be for a player.

In addition to the RTP, you have to deal with a very high variance at Ramses’ Revenge. The variance, also known as volatility, is the spread of a range of values. In other words, the extent to which the values can differ from each other. The higher the variance is in an (online) slot game, the more the mutual values will vary, and the more it will be off the average. So at Ramses’ Revenge, you have a chance to win nice prizes, but you also have to be prepared for the fact that you can lose money.

We at Bonuslots would like to advise the players of online gambling games to take responsible gambling into account at all times. Have you become interested in playing online slots, or perhaps would you like to learn more about how they are put together? Then read our blog page. On this informative page, you can find helpful tips about all kinds of games and slots. Updates are regularly posted. So keep an eye on this page to stay up to date!

How does the free spins bonus work at Ramses’ Revenge?

The free spins bonus at Ramses’ Revenge is very entertaining. Like in the base game, you play a win all ways game here. You activate the game by spinning two or more adventurers who act as scattered symbols in this game. When two or more of these symbols are on the playing field, they will be eaten by zombies, who are supposed to represent Ramses zombie. These two symbols are merged and form a multiplier when this is done. And you get a minimum of 6 free spins.

When the free spins start, you spin new must scatter. This will allow you to receive more free spins. In addition, the multipliers already visible on the playing field will move towards these scatters, so the value +1 will go. If more new scatters fall on the playing field than wild symbols, an extra wild will be added. You can squeeze your hands when this happens because it can provide attractive additional prices.

As you know, the multipliers are moving too. So the position on the playing field is also significant to fall into the excellent prizes. When these multipliers are on the same reel in a corner, you don’t have a lot of use, even though the value is still so high.

With this online slot, it is possible to buy the immediately 6 free spins. You do this by paying 80 times your total bet. This is a reasonably high price, but great prizes can be won at this feature.

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Are you curious about Ramses’ Revenge?

Ramses’ Revenge is a fun online slot game with an exciting free spins bonus round. This game is suitable for both the more experienced and novice players. If you are curious about Ramses’ Revenge, click here and try it out!

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FAQ Ramses’ Revenge

The RTP, also known as a profit benefit rate of Ramses’ Revenge, is 96.15%. This is an excellent average.

The betting range is not very wide at Ramses’ Revenge. The minimum bet per round is €0.10, and the maximum is €20.

Ramses’ Revenge is an all ways win game, where you can win prizes in no less than 4,096 different ways.

At Ramses’ Revenge, it is possible to win back up to 50,000 times your stake. Of course, this does not occur in every pot, but it can certainly happen.

Ramses’ Revenge is playable on the standard desktop. In addition, it is possible to play the game on both Android and Apple mobile phones and tablets of these. Of course, an internet connection must be available.

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