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Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 Online is a successor to one of the most played online slots of recent years: Reactoonz. It is a fairly difficult online slot to understand, but very rewarding once you get the hang of it. Reactoonz 2 Online has a return to player of 96.20%, slightly above the industry average. You make bets with the online slot machine with a fixed amount per spin, which ranges from 0.20 euros to 100 euros: there is therefore a suitable amount for everyone to bet. The slot machine, with all the crazy symbols and the beautiful and fun format, unfortunately does not have a jackpot. Maarrr: you can win big on the playing field of 7×7. The maximum you can win is a multiplier of 5,083 times your stake. Reactoonz 2 Online also has a high variance: your payouts of your spins can therefore differ to a reasonable extent.

  • Cluster wins
  • Fun gameplay
  • Reliable slot

Play ‘n Go

A fine RTP

96% RTP

The variance

This slot has a high/low variance

Funny art-style

With funny symbols

Reliable slot

Reactoonz 2 is reliable

High multiplier

This slot has a high multiplier

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Reactoonz 2: Introduction

Well, what do you do if your slot machine is one of the most played slots in recent years? Correct! Create a successor! It is therefore not surprising that Play ‘n Go uses this slot as their cash-cow. But we’re not complaining, as it is a wonderful slot. Cool Wilds, a weird bonus system and funny symbols result in great gameplay. Moreover, you can also win a lot of money at Reactoonz 2 Online. Are you curious whether the rest of the slot machine is also something for you? Keep reading the review to learn more about how it works, pros and cons, odds of winning, bonus round, and of course we don’t forget to share our final verdict. So keep reading!

Reactoonz 2: How it works

Reactoonz 2 Online… what a special slot this is. It is the successor to the well-known Reactoonz Online. The online slot machine does not have a normal 5×3 playing field, like the original one. No, Reactoonz 2 has a 7×7 playing field with the ability to cash-out by making clusters. If you have a cluster of 5 identical symbols, you win a prize.

The minimum to bet on Reactoonz 2 Online is 0.20 euros per spin, with a maximum of 100 euros. The variance of the online slot machine is quite high, which means that the outcomes of your spins can differ from each other. So you can win quite a few spins in a row, or lose your bet. Our advice: always gamble safely and responsibly.

After a winning combination at Reactoonz 2 Online, all your winning symbols will disappear and space will be created for new winning symbols. The cascading wheels mechanism. Moreover, you have to fill two meters with the online slot machine, and there are quite a few people. It may sound vague, but once you’ve played a few rounds, everything immediately becomes clearer.

The symbols and their meanings of Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 Online has normal wilds, as you are used to they serve as inset and sleeping wilds. If you make a winning combination through a cluster, these dormant wilds will become active. After every spin, a low symbol will be replaced for a special symbol and a wild will remain after a win. So you can grab a lot of wins with this feature.

Furthermore, Reactoonz 2 Online also has two tubes that you have to fill. You fill the top tube by making winning combinations with a special symbol. If you have a full tube, 11 symbols, you get between 1 and 3 wilds. You fill the bottom tube by making winning combinations with a wild.

  • Level 1 results in 4 wilds.
  • Level 2 will give you a 2×2 wild.
  • Level 3 will give you a 3×3 wild (sounds not exciting but you can get big with it).
  • Level 4 is a 3×3 wild, but with a multiplier of x2. So enjoy!

The Wild Pair explosion can result in fun things. If you have two wilds on your screen, but no winning combination, you activate them. It will then explode, and the Quantum Meter will be filled. If the wills are above or next to each other, the entire screen will be cleared and you will receive an extra lot of symbols in your Quantum meter. You won’t hear us complain!

The Reactoonz symbols that have one eye are the low value symbols. You don’t win particularly high amounts with it. But with the tumbling wheels mechanism, your cash balance can increase considerably. The Reactoonz that have two eyes are the premium symbols, and can be worth up to 500 times your stake. The purple one is worth the most and therefore 500 times your bet, the other Reactoonz premium symbols 60 to 200 times your bet. With the high variance, it can therefore sometimes turn out erratic. 

How reliable is Reactoonz 2? 

Reactoonz 2 is a product of the Swedish company Play ‘n Go. The online producer has been in the game industry for quite a long time, and has already built up quite a reputation and a large fan base within the casino world. In addition, the company almost always delivers high-quality slots. With several awards and certificates in the pocket, this is a reliable provider. Moreover, Reactoonz 2 Online is also reliable: we have good experiences with it.

The pros and cons of Reactoonz 2

Each slot machine has advantages and disadvantages. If we look objectively at Reactoonz 2 Online, we can conclude that it is just a very cool slot machine. The only downside is the difficulty. But once you get the hang of it, you will only have fun.


  • Fun gameplay, for young and old
  • Many features that make the base game attractive
  • High RTP and great maximum multiplier
  • Cascading wheels


  • It can be hard to understand at first.

What are Reactoonz 2’ winning odds?

Reactoonz 2 Online has an excellent return to player. At 96.20%, it’s above the industry average, which is fine if you ask us. It is unfortunately a bit lower than the predecessor, but you will not hear us complain.

The maximum multiplier of Reactoonz 2 Online is 5,083 times your stake, which is quite high. You can get these with one of the many wilds. But beware: if you bet a high amount and grab such a multiplier, there is a chance that you will have to pay gambling tax. Make sure to read the Terms of Service closely, to see if your country has these gambling taxes!

You win if you get a cluster on the 7×7 playing field. The minimum bet of Reactoonz 2 Online is 0.20 euros and the maximum is 100 euros. You can simply gain a few big wins in a row at Reactoonz 2 Online, because the variance is quite high.

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Reactoonz 2: top or flop?

We are fans of Reactoonz 2 Online! At the start, you’ll have to get used to the online slot machine. But if you are used to it, you will immediately become a fan. Because of the two tubes that need to be filled, you have an excuse to do a few more spins. Moreover, the RTP is okay, enough betting options and the maximum win is not bad either. Reactoonz 2 Online is an excellent successor, we are pleased. Altogether, the online slot has a great entertainment value, we give it 5 stars!

FAQ Reactoonz 2

It’s different from what you’re used to. You win at this online slot by getting a cluster of at least 5 identical symbols.

The minimum to bet on the online slot machine is 0.20 euros, and the maximum is 100 euros.

With a return to player of 96.20%, Reactoonz 2 Online is above the industry average. So fine.

It does! The variance is high, which means that the outcomes of your spins can differ quite a bit.

The theme is fantasy/science fiction. You can tell by the striking background, the crazy symbols and the nice music.

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