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Rome – The Conquerors

Rome – The Conquerors Online is a slot that goes back 2500 years. The Peter and Sons company has produced an online slot that focuses on classical antiquity cartoonish. Rome – The Conquerors Online has an RTP of 96.10%, neatly on average. Rome – The Conquerors Online has a wide betting range; you bet with a minimum of 0.25 euros per spin and a maximum of 125 euros. Furthermore, the slot machine has a medium variance, so your results will not fluctuate to a very high degree. Rome – The Conquerors Online has a relatively high maximum multiplier, 8,000 times your stake. In addition, the online slot has a lot of pay lines, namely 1024 pieces.

  • Medium variance: you know where you stand
  • Boel pay lines: more than 1000 pieces
  • Classic theme: always interesting those Romans
Fine RTP:

Just above average

Lots of betting options:

For every player

Excellent graphics:

Cartoonesk displayed

A good producer:

Peter and Sons is innovative

Cool features:

For a more fun gameplay

Atmospheric slot machine:

With fun audio

Rome – The Conquerors Play: introduction

Long ago, a people ruled all over Europe. With brute force and many intelligence learning strategies, the Romans ensured that their rule from southern Italy ran to the rhine in our Netherlands. The Romans are often chosen as a central topic for online slots because one is interested in it, and rightly so if you ask us!

The fun part is the Peter and Sons company manages to amaze their fans time and time again by displaying serious events/eras in a fun, cartoonish format. With fantastic graphics, fun symbols, some fun features, and entertaining audio, Rome – The Conquerors Online is an atmospheric slot game. Curious if the rest of the slot machine is also what for you? Then keep reading this review to learn more about the operation, reliability, pros and cons, chances of winning, the bonus game, and of course, we’ll end with our specialist final judgment.

How does the Rome – The Conquerors Online Slot work?

Rome – The Conquerors Online has a top theme if you ask us. And not only thematic, the slot machine is good; it is also well displayed. Do you like slots with such a theme? Then check out our reviews about Nero’s Fortune Online and Roman Legion.

Rome – The Conquerors Online has an excellent RTP, 96.10%, which is slightly above the industry average. You bet with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 125 euros: there is, therefore, a suitable amount for each player to bet. The chance to grab the maximum multiplier is highest during the free spin round and is a value of 8,000 times your stake.

You play Rome – The Conquerors Online on a 5-reel playing field, with 2 to 4 symbols per reel. If you see at least 3 identical symbols appear on your screen; you win starting from the left side. What’s more, you know where you stand while playing Rome – The Conquerors Online because the slot machine has a medium variance, so your payouts won’t fluctuate to a very high degree.

The symbols in a nutshell

Rome – The Conquerors Online has funny and well-designed symbols. The low-paid symbols are the 10 through ace on a regular playing cards. Of course, they’re not worth a lot, but hey, whoever doesn’t honor the little one isn’t repels the big. Then the pictures: the man with bun and the barbarian is worth a maximum of x10 your bet. The soldier x15 and the bearded man are worth your stake x20. Caesar is worth the most of the entire slot and will get you x35 your bet at 5 pieces. Furthermore, the signum symbol is the wild.

Rome — The Conquerors Online Chances of Winning

By looking at the RTP, the theoretical payout percentage, you can see your average chance of winning. For example, Rome – The Conquerors Online is 96.10%, which is just a bit above the industry average. Would you rather have a slot machine with a higher RTP? Then try Shamrock Holmes Megaways, Forgotten Island Megaways, or White Rabbit Megaways.

You bet at Rome – The Conquerors Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to a maximum of 125 euros. A relatively high maximum amount, given that you can win 8,000 times your stake. You play Rome – The Conquerors Online on a playing field of 5 by 4, and the online slot has a whopping 1024 pay lines.

Rome – The Conquerors Online has a medium variance. This means that your payouts will not be very different from each other. However, it is wise to always stay safe and gamble responsibly.

The Reliability of Rome – The Conquerors Online

Rome – The Conquerors Online is a product of Peter and Sons, which you may know from the lock: Sheriff Colt Online. This company wants to differentiate itself from the competition by distinguishing itself in the visual field. By producing slots with cartoonish appearance, Peter and Sons ensure that each slot gets a certain stamp and can be traced back directly to the company. In addition to the good graphic presentation, the lock also has a good guarantee of reliability. Rome – The Conquerors Online is reliable, and Bonuslots has had good experiences with the online slot machine.

The Pros and Cons of Rome — The Conquerors Online

Every game has its pros and cons, Rome — The Conquerors Online. The online slot game has good graphics details, fun free spins, and high-profile audio. But what about the disadvantages of this online slot machine? Below we have compiled a quick and convenient overview for you so that you as a player can see at a glance what the pros and cons are.


  • Cool graphics
  • Exciting free spins
  • Cool features for a more fun gameplay
  • Coming from a reliable game developer
  • Accessible to any player


  • A more common theme: The Romans
  • It RTP is not thundering high

How Does The Rome Bonus – The Conquerors Work?

The cross-sword scatter can only land on the first and fifth reel. You start the obtained free spin round with 5 free spins, and the playing field expands to 5×5, increasing your pay line count to 3,125. Among the reels, there are a total of 4 treasure chests, and these come with 2, 2, 3, and 4 locks. The first chest is cut open by the scatter blades, and so you get the first 5 free spins. You need 2 new scatters to open the second chest, and each chest you open will earn 5 new free spins. Each chest you open also increases the range of random wild multipliers as follows: the first one provides a wild multiplier of 1-3x, the second 2-6x, the third 3-8x, and the latter ensures a multiplier of 7-15x.

If you have activated the bonus round 5 times, which is difficult but certainly possible, start the Super Free Spin, with your playing field going to 5×6 and thus increasing your number of pay lines to 7.776. 

Rome – The Conquerors final verdict

DutchGamblers admits that we have a soft spot for the Peter and Sons company. It’s a small business with a small team that always produces big slots. Big, in the sense of graphics, gameplay, and bonus features. At Rome – The Conquerors, all these aspects have also succeeded. It is an excellent slot game with a fun bonus round where there are opportunities to cash big—all in all, a slot with a decent entertainment value.

FAQ Rome – The Conquerors

You play at Rome – The Conquerors with a minimum of 0.20 euros per spin and a maximum of 125 euros: there is a suitable amount for each player.

The RTP is 96.10% and is therefore just above the industry average.

Rome – Peter and Sons created the Conquerors. It is a small company that ensures that their slots are distinctive because of the cartoonish look.

How is Rome – The Conquerors organized?

Does the online slot machine have a free spin round?

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