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Royal Mint Megaways

Royal Mint Megaways takes place on an English estate and instantly gives the player an old-money vibe. Royal Mint Megaways has a smooth gambling system with many bet values that you can select by choosing coins to place on the pay lines. The minimum bet starts from 0.10 euro and increases exponentially to 20 euros per spin. The best result will be achieved during the unique free spins, with the multipliers coming into effect to increase your winning chances: the highest payout is as much as 40,000 times your stake! Regular free spins wins are lower and amount to 1,880 times your stake. You can’t hear us complain! Royal Mint Megaways is a highly volatile slot with an RTP percentage of 96.48%: that’s decent!

  • Classic theme
  • Big chances of winning: Win up to 40,000 times your stake!
  • For the lover of high variance slots, a real classic
Good Return to Player:

96,48% RTP!

High Variation:

every spin is different

High maximum profit:

win up to 40,000 times your stake

A two-tier bonus feature:

it doubles your chances of winning

Rob the old English vault blank:

cool theme

Heart Stopper Free Spins:

ensures more profit

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Royal Mint Megaways Online: Robbing the safe from the British money factory!

Royal Mint Megaways Online is an online slot from Big Time Gaming: the founder of Megaways slots. After sitting still for a long time, Big Time Gaming is also releasing a new Megaways slot. Where big providers like Blueprint Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Play’n Go always release several places per month, Big Time Gaming takes it easy. They keep it roughly between three to four new slots a year. But, when they do it, they do well. Royal Mint Megaways is a class slot! The game takes place in a typical, generous English royal estate, where the blue blood flows through the veins of all residents: they swim in the money. It’s up to you to claim a significant part of the moneys yourself. In this blog by Bonuslots, we will discuss the following points: what are your chances of winning, how to play Royal Mint Megaways Online, what does the bonus game have in store for us, and how reliable is Royal Mint Megaways? We’ve all (and more) figured it out for you!

How Does Royal Mint Megaways Online Work?

Royal Mint Megaways is set around a posh and expensive British royal mansion, with the Big Time Gaming logo on the front. Fanatical players suspect that it’s about the holiday aid of the founder of Big Time Gaming, but that is entirely aside. The goal with this slot machine is to, of course, claim as much money as possible. You do this by means of a vault robbery of the Royal Mint. Royal Mint Megaways Online is a classic Megaways slot with familiar features. There are six different reels with varying symbols per spin, the falling symbols respond to chain reactions, and of course, there are free spins with progressive multipliers. With a maximum of 117,649 Megaways per spin, Big Time Gaming has managed to surpass itself again! You bet with a fixed amount per spin, which starts at 0.20 euro and goes up to a maximum of 20 euro per spin. With an RTP of 96.48%, the theoretical payout rate is fairly high, but: due to the high variation of Royal Mint Megaways, the results may be disappointing in the short term. For those who want to see a maximum return on investment, it is best to play this slot until the savings bonus is cleared. Then, the wins are grabbed at the Heart Stopper Enhanced Free Spins.

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How reliable is Royal Mint Megaways Online?

The stamp of Big Time Gaming on Royal Mint Megaways Online can be recognized immediately. The lock is solid, well-groomed, and a tad business. This rich and famous provider loves to take the time for all the slots they release. Most providers release new slots every month, Big Time Gaming always takes it easy. Patience is a clean thing because Big Time Gaming slots are always of the highest quality. The rich theme is not for nothing: due to the Megaways licenses of BTG, the money flows into them with bins. And with this lock, they allow you to do the same! By the way, you can quietly assume that Royal Mint Megaways Online is reliable. Big Time Gaming wouldn’t be BTG if they didn’t heed that. In addition, we have good experiences playing this slot.

Pros and Cons of  Royal Mint Megaways Online?

Royal Mint Megaways is a gambling game that will make you feel like a classic and generous English royal mansion. Despite this chic vibe, there’s a cheeky edge at the lock: it’s up to you to empty the vault all the time! The double bonus round makes this slot very attractive. Because the game is easy to play, it is also suitable for novice and experienced gamblers!


  • Classic and well-developed theme
  • Big Time Gaming does not disappoint: big wins occur regularly
  • Double bonus feature due to the extra Heart Stopper Bonus
  • Easy to play
  • Huge maximum win: up to 40,000 times your stake!


  • You can’t buy a bonus
  • Few spectacular or busy symbols

What are your chances of winning?

The chances of winning at Royal Mint Megaways Online are quite high for an easy-to-play game. The 96.48% RTP is slightly higher than the standard RTP rate of 96%. So Royal Mint Megaways Online is slightly above this. So this makes this slot more attractive than many other slots! If you’re looking for slots that handle an RTP above 96%, try Legacy of Dead Online or Book of Dead Online. Be aware, of course, that profits are not constant. With high-speed slots, you can also quickly lose your bet. But hey, who doesn’t dare, who doesn’t win.

As far as we’re concerned, the Heart Stopper Free Spins is a real invention of Big Time Gaming. Every time you spin three scatters, you don’t have to pay for just one run too little for the bonus round because the meter of this extra bonus feature fills up. With a full meter, you immediately earn a free bonus round where the multipliers are raised twice as hard. So Royal Mint Megaways Online has not one but two bonus features!

The game is easy to play, the minimum bet is 0.20 cents, and the maximum bet is 20 euros. For the novice and experienced gamblers, there is good money to make. There are a total of 117,649 pay lines, and the maximum win is 40,000 times your stake. Of course, it’s important to remember that you need a bit of luck to empty the full vault of the Royal Mints. Responsible gambling is, of course, and remains important. Will you be able to empty the safe? Then you know what we always mean by stolen money is twice as fun as money earned!

The symbols of Royal Mint Megaways in a nutshell

Big Time Gaming slots always keep it rather sober in terms of design, or as they like to say it themselves: business and classic. There are no busy symbols and no flashy animations at all, as we do have at Book of Dead, for example. But, honestly, that shouldn’t spoil the fun! It’s all about the Megaways mechanism and all those bells and whistles; well, they’re just distracting!

The premium symbols consist of simply colored jewels, of which there are purple, red, blue, and green. When you play Royal Mint Megaways, you’ll soon get through which jewel to get and which one is worth the most. For example, the purple amethyst yields a whopping 50 times the total bet on a 6 or a kind. The other premium jewels, the pink rose quartz, the blue sapphire, and the green emerald, are worth between 2 and 7.5 times your bet for a 6 or a child.

In addition to these premium symbols, you also have low symbols. These card symbols earn between 0.8 and 1.75 times your bet for a 6 or a child. But hey, whoever doesn’t honor the small isn’t the big one! Don’t underestimate the power of a Megaways slot because these symbols can also provide skyrocketing payouts under the right conditions.

The scatter symbols of Royal Mint Megaways Online are the letters M, I, N, and T. If you spin these and you can spell the word MINT with it, you will earn 12 free spins!

How does Royal Mint Megaways Online’s two-tier bonus game work?

The Royal Mint Megaways free spins bonus is similar to the standard Bonanza-like feature. With four scatters, you win 12 free spins & each additional scatter accounts for 5 or more free spins. Now it’s getting interesting: during the free spins bonus, the estate vault opens, where the English pounds are made, and you may attempt to empty the estate’s vault and run off with all the money. Each winning combination ensures that the multiplier increases (+1) until the bonus round is over.

In addition, you’re saving for some super bonus while you play. Your meter is indeed filled a little every time you spin three scatters. Once you’ve got the meter full, you’ll win a Heart Stopper Bonus Feature! This bonus is reminiscent of the standard free spins bonus but has a progressive multiplier that is increased in +2 increments! That means that the profits increase twice as fast. So you can count on an increased heart rate! Of course, a long chain reaction from winning combos is possible, as the winning combinations disappear and give way to new ones. Just like a cat always gets on its feet, a Megaways bonus feature always yields a lot. The Cascades!

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Final consideration: Royal chic or Royal flop?

Yes, yes, the final consideration of Bonuslots. What do we think about Royal Mint Megaways Online? First of all, let’s say that this slot fits in the vein of Big Time Gaming more than just fine: BTG slots are of very good quality without exception. You can win big money on it, the somewhat more classic business theme is nicely worked out, and the Heart Stopper Bonus gives you a good excuse to play for a long time. On the other hand, the generous royal estate serves more tastes, and the gems will make you greedy. The two-tier bonus feature can make your wildest dreams come true, but the free spins bonuses can also be erratic. This way, you can win your stake thousands of times, but you can also be pun off with a lousy ten times your stake. All in all, Bonuslots is convinced, and we recommend you Royal Mint Megaways Online!

FAQ Royal Mint Megaways

The RTP of Royal Least Megaways is 96.48%, which is slightly higher than the 96% average.

The maximum you can win is 40,000 times your bet per spin!

Royal Mint Megaways Online is a slot with very high volatility. In a matter of minutes, you can already fall into the prizes.

Yes, for sure! Royal Mint Megaways has a double bonus feature. On the one hand, you can activate the bonus by spinning 4 scatters that together form the word MINT. In addition, there is also the Heart Stopper Free Spins that makes a double bonus game possible!

The minimum bet is €0.20 and the maximum bet is €20 per spin.

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