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Sky Queen

Sky Queen Online is a slot that goes back several hundred years in time. At the time of the Aztecs, these people ruled today’s Mexico, now Playtech has turned it into an online slot game. Sky Queen Online has a decent return to player, 96.50%. You bet at Sky Queen Online with a fixed amount per spin, the minimum of the online slot is 0.25 euro, and the maximum is 500 euros. In addition, the slot has a pretty high variance, so your results can fluctuate to a reasonably high degree. You play Sky Queen Online on a 5-reel playing field, 3 symbols per reel, and a total of 50 pay lines. The chance to obtain the maximum multiplier, 2,000 times your stake, is highest during the bonus round where you hope to win the Grande Jackpot.

  • High variance: each spin is different
  • Wide range of betting options
  • High RTP
Fun theme:

and original

Atmospheric slot:

includes fun audio


also entertaining for your cash balance

Good RTP:

above the industry average

Two-tier bonus game:

always fun

Reliable slot game:

Playtech is reliable

Playing Sky Queen: introduction

A few hundred years ago, the Aztecs lived in present-day Mexico. The people in question believed in all kinds of gods. One of the gods, the god of the sky, has been chosen as the central theme of the Playtech company. With an online slot with typical symbols, an atmospheric background, and beautiful audio, Sky Queen is a tasteful online slot. Anyway, we can determine that the atmosphere is pleasing with the online slot machine, but is it also something for you? Keep reading the review to learn more about its operation, reliability, pros and cons, chances of winning, the bonus game, and of course, and we’ll end this review with our slot verdict.

How does Sky Queen Online

Sky Queen works just like you are used to from an online slot machine. You will get a winning combination if you have 3, or more, winning symbols on a pay line. In total, Sky Queen Online has 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel, and 50 paylines. Sky Queen Online’s RTP is 96.50%, which is significant.

You bet at the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.25 euro to 500 euro. So the maximum multiplier Sky Queen Online has is 2,000 times your stake. And with a maximum deposit of 500 euros, you can calculate… But, of course, you will not always be able to win such amounts, which is why you do well to gamble safely and responsibly at all times.

We can say that Playtech has spent time on it to make the slot machine appear optimally. The slot has a relatively high variance, so your spins outcomes can vary to a fairly substantial degree. There are multiple high-variance online slots in the industry, such as Halloween Fortune and Frogs Gift Online.

The symbols in a nutshell

Sky Queen Online has pretty cool symbols, which of course, all fit within the central theme. The 10 through the ace, your bet is worth a maximum of x0.8 if you have 5 on your screen. The mask, pot, statue, and pyramid are worth a maximum of x1 your bet. Finally, the most lucrative, x2, is worth your bet. These multipliers don’t seem super much, but this is about a single pay line. So if you have all 50 pay lines full of jaguars, you’ll get a neat x100 your bet; don’t miss out if you ask us!

Sky Queen review: the reliability

We can tell you in advance: Sky Queen Online is pretty reliable. And that’s true because the online slot machine is a product of the Playtech company. This company, hailing from Estonia, has been a pretty big name in the gambling industry for many years. In fact, by constantly producing high-quality slots, winning multiple awards and certificates, and always being reliable, Playtech is the largest in the industry. It is, therefore, only logical that their Sky Queen Online slot machine is also reliable.

The pros and cons of Sky Queen Online

As far as a fun fact is concerned, Sky Queen Online is one of the first slots to have the Aztecs as a central theme. In addition, we can determine that the theme has been worked out solidly: the symbols are beautiful, the background is gorgeous, and the music creates a pleasant atmosphere.


  • An excellent slot game with a well-developed theme
  • High RTP and variance
  • Two-tier bonus including the jackpot


  • It may take a long time to activate the bonus
  • The relatively low maximum multiplier

The Sky Queen slot Winning chances

Of course, you play a slot machine to win. Sky Queen Online has a theoretical payout rate of 96.50%. That is relatively high because the average in the industry is 96%. For example, slots like Explodiac Online, Gimme Gold Megaways, and Rainbow Cash Pots have a lower RTP.

You bet with the online slot with a fixed amount per spin which runs from 0.20 euro to 500 euros, so there is a suitable amount for almost every player. The maximum multiplier of the online slot machine is not exceptionally high: 2,000 times your stake. However, this is understandable because of the increased maximum inlay. Furthermore, the online slot has 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel, and a total of 50 pay lines that you have to bacon your bank account with.

A small disadvantage of Sky Queen Online is that the bonuses, jackpots, and free spins are relatively challenging to get. Also logical, the volatility of the online slot machine is quite high, so your outcomes can fluctuate considerably. 

Sky Queen Bonus slot

Of course, you want to get the bonus, actually from almost any online slot game. Fun fact: Sky Queen Online has no less than two. The first concerns are the free spins. If you land 3 scatters or more, you will receive 8 free spins. These can also be reactivated by rotating 3 scatters during the round. In addition, you will immediately receive a cash prize; the height depends on the number of scatters you spin.
The second and most fun bonus is the Fire Blaze bonus. You can activate this by lowering at least 6 suns symbols on your screen. The five reels of the Sky Queen online slot will be split into fifteen. You have 3 respins to land as many scatter as possible. Each new one gets sticky, and respins will be reset to 3 in total; you can win 4 jackpots with this bonus. Mini, Minor, Major, or Grande account for 20x, 100x, 500x, or 2,000x. All in all, this is the bonus you wait for while playing Sky Queen Online, but the free spin round is also absolutely not wrong.

Final Verdict Sky Queen Online

Well, what shall we say about Sky Queen Online? All in all, it is a very decent slot machine. The downside is that it doesn’t differ much from the other Playtech series slots, just the theme. But anyway, Sky Queen Online has absolute advantages: high RTP, nice and high variance, beautiful symbols, and nice gameplay. In addition, the slot game has a two-tier bonus system: the free spins are fun and lucrative, the Fire Blaze bonus is squared. So, all in all, Sky Queen Online is not our favorite slot game, but we think that the slot game has a decent entertainment value.

FAQ Sky Queen

 In total, Sky Queen has 5 reels, 3 symbols per reel, and 50 paylines.

hat is above average. Most producers use an RTP of 96%. This online slot machine has an RTP of 96.50%.

Sure. This can cause the results of your spins to fluctuate considerably. So you must know this before your balance is suddenly 0.

The theme is about the ancient Aztecs. People who lived in present-day Mexico a few hundred years ago are also reflected in all aspects of the online slot machine.

You can activate the bonus by or by spinning 3 (or more) scatters, and the free spin bonus will then be activated. Or by turning 6 (or more) suns symbols, triggering the Fire Blaze Bonus. The latter is the most lucrative.

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