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Survivor megaways

With survivor megaways online, you will be thrown into the world of the show ‘ Survivor.’ In this, adventurous participants must learn how to survive on an uninhabited island. They taste there, have to catch their food themselves, and vote each other out. Whoever remains to the last is the winner. Do you survive the island?

  • There is a female and male camp in the playing field
  • The RTP is 96.47%
  • The minimum bet is 0.2, and maximum bet is 20 euro
Bonus features:

progressive wild multipliers, free spins bonus and falling symbols


there is a female and male in the camp at the playing field


it is a reliable game to play

The RTP:

is up to 96%

Odds of winning:

with up to 100,842 ways to win

Easy gameplay:

an easy and original set up with three roles

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Are you excited and want to start playing? Then look no further! In our survivor megaways review, you can read all about how the game works, how reliable the game is, the pros and cons of this game, what the chances of winning are, and how the bonus game works precisely. Survivor megaways is a game from the software company Big Time Gaming.

How does the Survivor Megaways Online Slot work

It is an online slot where you have a female camp and a male camp consisting of six roles. In between is another section with five separate reels, where both regular symbols and wilds (men and women) can emerge. These three parts together form the playing field, where a maximum of 100,842 ways to win can arise. It’s about collecting urns to increase the multipliers. These can multiply in combined winnings with an unlimited boost potential up to 44,000 x your stake. The symbols used in survivor megaways online are:

  • masks (the premium symbols)
  • card symbols (the low symbols)
  • wilds (these can be male or female)
  • mystery pots (these increase the wilds multipliers)
  • survivor logo scatters (these trigger the bonus round)

All these symbols work together because a chain reaction can occur (winning symbols disappear and make way for new ones that can match again), and this can increase your winnings high. Certainly, the mystery pots are attractive; these provide extra wild multipliers and can thus significantly increase the original profit. The premium symbols are worth between 0.7 and 50 x the total bet on every six.

How reliable is Survivor megaways online

According to us, survivor megaways online is very reliable to play. This is due to the creator, who has long been a significant player in this sector and knows what they are doing, but also because of the high RTP and variance. We at Bonuslots are excited about this game, and therefore definitely recommend giving Survivor megaways a try. Read more about our other online casino games here!

The pros and cons of playing survivor megaways


  • It has an easy original three-reel setup.
  • It’s exciting to the end because if you grab a winning combo with 2 high multipliers, for example, you’ll talk about really very high prizes.
  • It is graphically very nicely cared for and has exciting music in the background
  • The slot is fascinating


  • You have to bring a lot of money, and it can take a long time before you get free spins
  • You need to be a slot machine lover if you want to win real money with this game
  • There is no feature where you can buy bonuses.
  • It can take a very long time before you win anything, so you need to be patient.

What are survivor megaways winning chances?

As we have said before, the benefit rate for this game is 96%. This is very high for a slot machine, and therefore, the chance of winning is very high. The maximum win you can get is 44,000 x your total bet, so you bet 1 euro, so you can already win 44,000 euros. Unfortunately, we have not seen this happen very often on the internet, but we see regular amounts of 1000 or 2000 euros passing by with this game. We at Bonuslots always advise players to take account of responsible gambling. Want to read more about how online gambling works exactly and updates with helpful tips? Read more on our blog page!

How does the bonus game work in survivor megaways online?

If you spin three or more scatters in turn, this can give you free bonus spins. The number of free spins depends on the number of scatters that trigger the bonus: each scatters accounts for five + free spins. The wild multipliers will not be rotated again during these free spins, allowing them to grow unlimited. It is also possible to win additional free spins by spinning three or more scatters. For example, a three-scatters trigger gives you five more free spins, and each scatter on top of that provides an additional five spins.

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Are you also curious about the exciting game survivor megaways?

Then don’t wait any longer but play survivor megaways online here! And who knows, you win fun cash prizes! Of course, we at Bonuslots always advise players to take account of responsible gambling.

FAQ Survivor megaways

The RTP of survivor megaways online is 96%, and with the betting option, there is a high chance of getting a lot of profits in this game.

With this game, there are 100,842 ways to win. In addition, the bonus round is exciting because you can win a lot of bonus spins here to double your bet every time.

The theme of this game is based on the television series “survivor” in America and England.

If you are a novice player, this game may be a little harder to understand at the beginning. But we think that if you read in and watch videos of other players, you can get the hang of it very quickly as a novice player. For example, look for more accessible slots at our other slots. For the more experienced players, it is quite different from usual, which is one reason why it’s so much fun to do. 

The minimum bet is $0.20 and the maximum bet is €20.

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