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Sweet Bonanza Xmas

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online can, of course, be traced back to one of the best-known and most played slots in the world: Sweet Bonanza. Therefore, it is also logical that Pragmatic Play has put the online slot into a Christmas-like look. Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a return to player of 96.48%. You bet at the online slot with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 125 euro. Furthermore, in terms of volatility, you are well with Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online because it is pretty high: your payouts will fluctuate considerably. The slot machine doesn’t work with distinct pay lines; you just need to get as many identical symbols as possible on your screen. The chance to grab the highest multiplier of 21,100x your bet is highest during the free spin round.

  • Sourced from the well-known Sweet Bonanza slot machine
  • High maximum multiplier
  • High RTP
Known for Sweet Bonanza:

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High RTP:

Above the industry average

High variation:

Every spin is different

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Separate gameplay:

As many symbols as possible instead of pay lines

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Sweet Bonanza Xmas Play: It’s Christmas!

Sweet Bonzana is one of the most played slots of all time. Candy everywhere, so sweet and attractive visual effects, catchy audio, and, of course, separate gameplay. Logically, Pragmatic Play has put this well-known slot into a different look. And not just any jacket, Sweet Bonanza Xmas is all about the most famous party in the world: Christmas!. Almost everyone loves Christmas: cozy fun with lots of goodies. And now you have a combination of the best party with a well-known slot machine, what more do you want? Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online is all right in terms of theme and gameplay. Keep reading the review to learn about all the other aspects of the slot machine. We have done a lot of research!

How does Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online

Candy work, pretty much every kid loves it. Sweet, colorful, and pretty bad for your teeth. It is logical that the creators of the online slot machine have chosen this as a central theme, and that in combination with the Christmas party. Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online is a precursor to Sweet Bonzana and Bonzana Megaways. A slot such as Jingle Spin is also dedicated to the Christmas party.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a slightly different gameplay than you’re used to. Instead of getting as many pay lines as possible, this online slot game should try to collect as many symbols as possible on your playing field. In total, the online slot has a playing field of 5×6, so 30 symbols. If, no matter where you collected at least 8 symbols, you have a prize anyway. Furthermore, Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a fairly high RTP, 96.48%.

At Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online, you bet from 0.20 euros per spin, with a total of 20 credits. You can also choose to play with 25 credits, so a minimum of 0.25 euros. The most likely here is that you will get the bonus. The maximum of the online slot machine is 125 euros, so we can conclude that there is an appropriate amount for everyone. In addition, the slot machine has a high variance: your results of the spins can vary considerably from each other.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas review: the symbols

A slot machine with such a name also includes sweet symbols. If you have 8 symbols on your screen, you will already win. The fruit, just like the regular slot machines, produces the least. The banana is the least valuable, with a maximum of x4. The apple yields the most, with a maximum of x20. In terms of sweets, blue, green, purple, and red produce the most in order, with a maximum of x100 with the red candies. Furthermore, the lolly symbol is the scatter and results in free spins. All in all, Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a pretty attractive graphic look.

The tumbling wheels mechanism

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online uses the so-called Tumbling Wheels mechanism, which you may know under the name Cascading Wheels or Avalanche Mechanism. It means that after each winning combination, the winning symbols disappear, giving way to new symbols, allowing you to obtain new winning combinations. These are entirely free and can give you a lot of extra profit.

The Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online winning odds

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online is a good idea in terms of theoretical payout percentage. The average in the industry is 96%, and with an RTP of 96.48%, you will be mustache with this online slot. Would you like more information about the concept of RTP? Then check out our article and learn more about it!

In addition, the maximum multiplier is also quite high with Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online. Normally, high-variance slot machines do not go beyond 5,000x. But Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a maximum multiplier of 21,100x your bet. And that’s decent because you can also bet an amount of 125 euros. The minimum of the slot machine is 0.20 euros.

You will win at this slot by collecting as many identical symbols as possible, at least 8. However, sweet Bonanza Xmas Online has a high variance, so your outcomes can fluctuate to a fairly high degree. Therefore, it is wise to know that you can win big or lose your bet. That is why you always do well to gamble safely and responsibly.

The reliability of Sweet Bonanza XMAS online

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online was created by the company Pragmatic Play. This company is seen as one of the companies which will make the biggest name in the gambling industry in the shortest time. They make people think about each slot machine that understands all kinds of knowledge so that the slot machine performs the most optimally. And, of course, you can’t make a big name within an industry without ensuring reliability. Translated back, we see this at Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online. It is a solid and reliable slot machine.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot: pros and cons

As well as the slot comes across as pretty sweet, you can also win hefty sums on it. But as far as we are concerned, the separate win system of the online slot machine is the most distinctive. Usually, you’re always looking at your screen to see if you’ve hit a single pay line or not. However, at Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online, you just have to hit as many symbols as possible.


  • A separate and fun win system
  • A very high maximum win and variance
  • Many betting option


  • You don’t immediately see if you have a win
  •  Doesn’t differ much from Sweet Bonanza

The Sweet Bonzana Xmas

The ‘sweet slot game bonus’ can be obtained in two ways. The first one is via a buy-a bonus. For 100 times your regular bet, you get this free spin round. The other way to trigger the free spin round is to spin 4 times the scatter, the lollipop stick. In addition to free spins, this also results in a payout. You start this bonus round with 8 free spins. Now comes the Christmas element of the online slot game. You play this round with a Christmas ball, with a multiplier of up to x100. If you obtain a winning combination and the tumbling wheels system, your winning combination will be multiplied by the respective multiplier. All in all, this can increase considerably, and you can grab the maximum multiplier of 21,100x your bet.

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Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot: Final Verdict

We are absolutely a fan of Sweet Bonanza Xmas Online. The only downside is that the slot machine is not much different from the regular slot, Sweet Bonanza. Nevertheless, it is absolutely fun and fun to spend some time on this online slot game at the time of Christmas. With a high maximum multiplier, high RTP, and exciting gameplay, you’re bound to have fun on this slot game. In addition, the free spins are pretty enticing due to the multiplier Christmas ball. All in all, a decent slot with great entertainment value.

FAQ Sweet Bonanza Xmas

You usually have pay lines with an online slot machine. However, at Sweet Bonanza Xmas, it doesn’t matter where your symbols are on the playing field if you only have at least 8.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas has a fairly high payout rate of 96.48%.

The minimum to bet at Sweet Bonanza Xmas is 0.20 euro, and the maximum is 125 euros, so there is an appropriate amount for everyone.

As we know it from Sweet Bonanza, the theme is sweets, combined with the Christmas party.

You can play Sweet Bonanza Xmas on a laptop, desktop and it’s also a mobile slot, so it’s also suitable for your phone.

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