White Rabbit Megaways

White Rabbit Megaways is one of the unique and amazing slots of Big Time Gaming with a high variance. You can also recognize Big Time Gaming from their popular games, Bonanza, Megaways, and Survivor. Megaways. This game is top-rated with an RTP of as much as 97.24% and 5 reels. This slot is based on Alice in Wonderland. This theme can be recognized well thanks to the white rabbit, the smoking caterpillar, the smiling cat, and the angry queen of hearts. With the stunning 248,832 ways to win and the 16,807 Megaways, you have a lot of chances to make your move! Are you going on an adventure?

  • Imaginative theme
  • Free spins
  • 16,807 to 248,832 ways to win
Wide bet:

minimum bet of €0.10 per spin and a maximum bet of €20 per spin

High RTP:

an RTP of 97.24%!

Lots of winning chances:

a whopping 16,807 to 248,832 ways to win

Free spins:

free spins are possible with this game

Bonus Wild:

it is a wild symbol

Lots of different ways to play:

you can play this game on the desktop, tablet, or smartphone

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White Rabbit Megaways: Dive into the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland

As has just been mentioned, White Rabbit Megaways is based on Alice in Wonderland. Are you a real Alice in Wonderland fan? Then this lock is definitely recommended! As with Monopoly Megaways, it is based on an existing film, a current game at Monopoly. This makes the game extra fun and recognizable. This online slot game draws you into the imaginative world of Alice. All major players such as the cat, the white rabbit, and the caterpillar are covered, and you often see them coming back when playing this online gambling game. The design and background match the theme perfectly. This game has a very high RTP of a whopping 97.24%. It has 5 reels, each displaying up to 7 symbols. With a minimum bet of €0.10 per spin and a maximum bet of €20 per spin, you can play this game on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

How does White Rabbit Megaways work?

Each slot has more or less the same goal: to have multiple symbols on a pay line. When that happens, you win nice prizes. White Rabbit Megaways has a roller structure that is variable per spin. You never know how many symbols will be on each reel. As a result, each spin has a number of ways to grab profit. Because a winning combination requires you to put the symbols on the reels, the pay lines change with each spin. For example, you can have 200 pay lines on one spin and maybe 2000 on another spin. You play with 5 reels per spin with a minimum of 2 symbols and a maximum of 7 symbols. This gives you a maximum of 16,807 Megaways. After you’ve made a winning combination, you’ll get a free respin. All winning symbols will give way to new ones. You can also change your bet with the arrows left and right. At least you won’t be bored playing this game for a moment!

The value of the symbols

You have many symbols in this game that have to do with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The symbols are very detailed and beautifully designed to empathize even more in the game. The queen of hearts (the woman who is dressed red) delivers the most. This will result in 25x your bet if you know how to spin 5 of it. However, the cat, the golden teapot, or the green dwarf make a little less money. If the caterpillar wakes up with the hookah and starts smoking at its pipe, you’re in luck. After all, you have a chance of wilds. Next, there are also gems in the game with the colors red, blue, or green. The gems and the cat give 2x and 5x your total bet. The remaining symbols will yield 0.6x and 1.9x your bet.

How reliable is White Rabbit Megaways?

Everyone wants to gamble safely. That is why the game in question must be reliable. But how reliable is White Rabbit Megaways?

White Rabbit Megaways was created by one of the best and best-known software developers, Big Time Gaming. So you can assume that this game is reliable. Games that are not known and, for example, made by a casino are usually much less reliable. A game from a software developer that has already produced many well-known and good slots is usually much more reliable. A physical or online casino must comply with different rules and laws and pay out everything. So you can assume that this game is reliable! At least we at Bonuslots have a great experience playing this game! It’s unique, imaginative, and colorful!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of White Rabbit Megaways?


  • Original game
  • Great theme
  • High RTP
  • Many chances of winning
  • Doubles and free spins are possible
  • Buying a bonus game is possible


  • Buying a bonus costs a whopping 100x the original bet
  • You need a lot of spins to get free spins
  • You can get through your balance quickly if you don’t win the big prize.

What are your chances of winning?

With an RTP of 97.24% and 16,807 to 248,832 ways to win, you might just grab the win! Due to the slot machine’s high variance, you double your chances. Thanks to the wilds and the free spins found in the game, you have even more chances of winning. You can also buy a bonus if you are interested in it. The only downside is that it costs a whopping 100x the original bet. Sometimes you need a lot of spins to get a free spin. Of course, that does not mean that it is entirely impossible. This slot has one of the highest RTPs that can have a slot that will give you almost your entire bet back. The absolute top prizes are around 1,000x the stake. Sometimes the massive price of 5,000x the stake or more occurs. So a payout can only be so spectacular!

How does the White Rabbit Megaways bonus game work?

First, the wild symbols are designed very nicely. The iconic caterpillar with the hookah stands in the corner of the screen and takes a puff of its hookah. When the caterpillar blows out, circles appear throughout the screen and turn into extra wild symbols. If multiple circles end up in one position, it is a wild symbol with a multiplier.

The White Rabbit Megaways bonus game includes free spins with folding reels. The bonus wild is a wild symbol, and a wild is Alice. You need 3 wild symbols to trigger the free spins with expanding reels. If you succeed, you step into Alice’s dream world and start with 15 free spins there. There is also a cupcake in the game. If a cupcake symbol falls on the reels during the free spins, it will double to two cupcakes. As a result, the reels will grow with 1 symbol. The maximum number of symbols per reel is 12. That’s why there are up to 248,832 win ways when playing White Rabbit Megaways. If a reel consists of 12 symbols, it will change to an Enhanced Queen’s reel. These reels have extra wilds and queen of hearts symbols. You will also receive between 3 and 12 extra free spins. You can also activate the free spins and expanding reels by buying them. This allows you to buy a number of extra features. If you press the buy button during the spin, these functions will fall. This is called a ‘Feature Drop’ and can ensure that you get extra power and action during the spins. Are you all ready? Then play White Rabbit Megaways now!

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Go on an adventure!

Join us for an adventure in the imaginative White Rabbit Megaways slot.

Watch your eyes out and get sucked into the world of Alice in wonderland. Have you become enthusiastic, and is this really for you? Don’t hesitate and play this fantastic slot right now!

FAQ White Rabbit Megaways

With the 16,807 to 248,832 ways to win and an RTP of 97.24%, you have plenty of winning chances!

€0.10 minimum bet per spin

€20 max bet per spin

This slot is based on Alice in Wonderland.

The queen of hearts (the woman in red) will earn a whopping 25x your bet!

Yes, for sure! That is possible. It only costs 100x your bet.

Play White Rabbit Megaways now?