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Zeus Slots

Zeus is a somewhat older, simple slot machine. Easy to control and a simple bonus round where you can earn good money. Suitable for beginning and longer playing gamblers.

  • Easy to play
  • Online and offline similar
  • Simple design for novice players
  • One of the older slots provides a sense of reliability
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the roman gods…

Also for High Rollers:

up to 150 euro per spin


with cool Wild opportunities

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great to play!

Zeus Slots online for the real gambler

Zeus slots online is an easy gambling game for both experienced and inexperienced gamblers. The fun part is, this game was actually devised offline. After that, they later came up with Zeus Slots online for the online slots. Zeus Slots is easy to play, and that’s why this Zeus Slots review from Bonuslots tells what makes this game so interesting. The bonus round of Zeus slots online is delightful, and it’s a simple game for any gamble fanatic!

Play Zeus Slots; how exactly does it work?

Let’s start with: old-fashioned isn’t always bad. And that’s exactly what’s the case when you play Zeus slots. Zeus Slots online is an older game formerly designed offline, which later became an online slot machine. When Zeus, a gambling game based on Greek gods, was designed, slots were still relatively simple. So is Zeus slots online: the game Zeus Slots online consists of a simple online slot with an easy bonus game. There are several slot machines games designed in the same trend.

When you play Zeus slots online, you play with 1 to a maximum of 30 paylines. Therefore, you can bet per payline from 0.01 Euro to a maximum of 5.00 Euro. This means that you can bet a minimum of 0.30 Euro and a maximum of 150 Euro per game. In addition, several more rules apply when you start playing Zeus slots:

  • Zeus Slot Online RTP: 95.97%
  • The minimum bet is 0.30 Euro and the maximum bet is 150 Euro
  • The maximum win in Zeus Slots online is 75,000 Euro
  • No jackpot present

The bonus round cannot be purchased.

As mentioned above, the payout percentage, the RTP in Zeus slots online, is not bad at all. This is pretty much equal to more modern slot games.

How reliable is Zeus slots online about ‘Greek gods’?

Zeus slots online is one of the previous slot games that has been created. Offline first, then the online variant was created. After only Zeus slots online, Zeus 1000, Zeus II, Zeus III and Zeus God of Thunder were also created. So you can safely assume that this game is certainly reliable. Bonuslots believes that the 95.97% RTP is a realistic payout rate for an old-fashioned and straightforward game like Zeus Slots online.

Zeus Slots pros and cons:



  • Easy to play
  • Online and offline similar
  • Simple design for novice players
  • One of the older slots provides a sense of reliability


  • Old-fashioned
  • Too simple
  • Bonus Round cannot be purchased

Winning odds when you play Zeus slots

The odds of winning are quite high for a simple game like Zeus slots online. The RTP is 95.97%, close to more complex games like Narcos or Bonanza Megaways. In addition, the bonus round in Zeus slots online is easy and often with fun multipliers, so there is also good money to earn for the novice gamblers. Of course, it goes without saying that this is still a matter of luck: responsible gambling, of course, remains essential.

A review about Zeus slots online bonus game

The bonus game in Zeus Slots online is pretty simple. You can end up in the bonus round when you play Zeus’s hand with a lightning bolt 3 to 5 times. So playing Zeus slots is quite simple. Once you get into the bonus round, you will receive 10 free spins. The rest is the same as in playing Zeus slots themselves. Prefer a game where you can also choose the bonus round? There are also those at Bonuslots.

The looks of Zeus slots online

Playing Zeus slots is fun for the novice but also for the experienced gambler who has been winning money via online and offline gambling games for a long time, or at least playing slot games in a fun way (online and offline). The bonus round is simple, and the game looks casual yet entertaining. That’s why we at Bonuslots recommend that all gamblers try this game.

FAQ Zeus Slots

Zeus Slots online has a simple bonus round. In this bonus round, you get 10 free spins, and the rest of the bonus game works exactly like the game itself.

The RTP in Zeus slots online is 95.97%. High for a simple and outdated game like Zeus slots online. Definitely worth a try.

Zeus slots online has a Greek gods theme, in a simple look. It is a bit mysterious but has incorporated the simple sides well into this game, making it easy for any gambler to play.

As mentioned earlier, Zeus slots are easy to play for any gambler who likes to earn an extra. The bonus round and the game itself are simple, but it is still an exciting game that is also fun for experienced gamblers to play.

Minimum bet is €0.30 and maximum bet is €150.

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