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The best videoslot with a progressive jackpot that’s currently available to play on the market would be Mega Moolah. This game is one of the only videoslot games ever to be included in the Guinness Book of Records, not to mention be included multiple times. The first time Mega Moolah was included was in 2015, when a customer won a jackpot of of 17.88 million euros. This record would remain unbroken until 2018, when Mega Moolah broke it once again. This time with a jackpot of 18,9 million euros. This would still not be the last time Mega Moolah would be included in the Guinness Book of Records, as they currently still hold the record for largest payout. Their current record was set in 2021 when someone won a jackpot of more than 19.4 million euros. These achievements have given the game massive amounts of positive publicity. This is one of the main reasons why the game is currently one of the most profitable videoslot games on the market.

mega moolah

Mega Moolah was first released by MicroGaming in 2006, with the game receiving updates regularly ever since. The game itself is themed around a fictitious safari trip on the African savannah. The player spots many wild animals while they spin the slots on a 5 by 3-reel grid. These animals have been added as symbols on the reels to indicate the higher prizes. The rest of the symbols were taken from the standard deck of playing cards.

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How do these games work

Every modern machine is outfitted with a random number generator. These generators would in actuality be called a pseudorandom number generator, but they are usually not referred to as such, as the term does not exactly inspire confidence in their randomness. They’re called this because the generated sequence is actually not truly random. A computer cannot generate a truly random number out of thin air, it requires human input to do so. The number is determined by an initial value, called the “seed”. This “seed” is determined when a player presses the button to play. The most recent random number in the programmed sequence will then be used to determine the result. The results are not truly random because they technically vary depending on when exactly the player presses the button. The result could be completely different if this button is pressed a fraction of a second earlier or later. Random number generators are still dependable since human perception would not be able to determine when to press the button for the best results. Sequences that are closer to truly random can be generated using hardware random number generators, but this would take far longer to generate the result. Pseudorandom number generators are more practical for the speed at which they generate the numbers, even if the results may not be truly random.

There are multiple terms that are used in the industry to describe slot games. One of these terms is variance. This is defined as follows:

Low variance

These games will pay out frequently, but almost never in large amounts.

Medium variance

These games pay out less frequently, but the prizes are a combination of smaller and larger payouts.

High variance

These games pay out very rarely. When these games do pay out, they pay out massively.

Most of the more popular games have a higher variance, as this results in higher payouts. These higher payouts seem more attractive to many players, even if their chances of winning are much lower than in low-variance games.

Another important factor to take into account is the hit frequency. This is a percentage that refers to the likelihood of a single spin resulting in a win for the player. It does not say anything about the amounts the player can win, only how often a player will win instead of lose. If the hit frequency were to be 10%, the player would achieve a winning combination once every ten spins on average.

Perhaps the most important factor of a game is the Return to Player percentage. This refers to the percentage or prizes that will be returned to a player depending on funds deposited during the initial game. The Return to Player percentage can be calculated by the dividing the win and turnover figures. An example of this could be 1.085.000 euros in wins divided by 1.200.000 euros in turnover. This would result in a Return to Player percentage of 90.42%, which lies below the average. The higher the Return to Player percentage, the more a player will win. Many operators will list the percentages of their games to attract players.

How does this game work

Mega Moolah is a game where players do not win often, but they do win big. Players can play this game with a stake as small as 0.01 euros per spin, and a maximum stake of 6.25 euros. Mega Moolah´s main draw is their progressive jackpot. Players can win a minimum of 1 million euros from this jackpot. The average winner of the jackpot wins around 4 million euros, which makes this a very attractive game to play for many players.