2022 FIFA World Cup gambling

Gambling at the 2022 World Cup? Super fun! In a few months, the time has finally come again: the World Cup  football takes place! In November, the opening game of the World Cup against Senegal on November 21, 2022!

It promises to be another exciting World Cup! A total of 32 countries will participate in this tournament, but only one can be the winner. Betting on the 2022 World Cup?

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2022 FIFA World Cup

You may have already experienced it a bit, but it’s actually pretty crazy that a World Cup is held in the winter. Each of the previous 21 editions was played in the summer. This year, however, for the first time we are going to an Arab country, Qatar, where a daily temperature of 40 degrees in summer is the most normal thing in the world. You can therefore imagine that playing football is not fun under these circumstances.

This World Cup is one that will stay with many as a special one anyway, because of all the commotion surrounding the tournament. From poor working conditions and dead workers to alleged bribery scandals, the World Cup in Qatar has failed to garner the best reputation beforehand.

For sports betting fans, however, the World Cup is a great time to go wild. Every day, there are beautiful posters on the program, where sports betting is hugely popular. If we were to make you gamble how much money was spent on sports betting during the previous World Cup in 2018, you probably won’t even get close to it.

During the 2018 Football World Cup, a total of around 136 billion euros was spent on sports betting. This is more than the whole of the United States spends on sports betting in four years!

Is it crazy that the World Cup is so popular among gamblers? No! The World Cup, with all its attention and the many matches, is precisely the moment when many non-gamblers also try. Many people participate in groups at work and then, lit by the game spirit, also try a bookmaker. After all, nothing makes a match more exciting than when money is at stake!

At Bonuslots, we are really looking forward to the World Cup! And because we know how much fun it is to bet on matches during the World Cup, we are going to give you a hand! We are going to talk about the game schedule and the different groups. In addition, we are going to give you some betting tips per group so that you are well prepared!

Course of the World Cup

The World Cup is a final tournament with a pool phase, a knockout phase and with a final between two countries as a conclusion. Before the knockout phase begins, the group of 32 participating countries is first thinned out in the pool phase. Only the numbers 1 and 2 of the group advance to the knockout phase. There are 8 groups in total. These groups are divided as follows:

  • Pool A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.
  • Pool B: England, Iran, United States and Wales.
  • Pool C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.
  • Pool D: France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.
  • Pool E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan.
  • Pool F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia.
  • Pool G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.
  • Pool H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

In each group, each country plays three games. All countries in a group play against each other once. They play, as it were, a small competition against each other, where a match won is worth 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points.

Of course, the intention is that you get as many points as possible. You want to be first or second in the pool, so that you can advance to the eighth finals. If you become first in your pool, you have to go against a country that has become second from another pool, and vice versa. As number 1 in your pool, you therefore have an advantage, because you will probably have to go against a slightly less good country, since that country did not become first in the pool. This is what the further gradient looks like in a schedule:

Game schedule and betting tips when betting at 2022 World Cup!

A number of very exciting matches are planned for this World Cup. And an exciting competition also means that bookmakers will offer fun odds at these matches. But what are the very best matches to bet on?

Pool A betting tips 2022 World Cup

The Netherlands is in this group with three other countries, which we should certainly not complain about. The pool looks like this:

  • Qatar
  • Ecuador
  • Senegal
  • Netherlands

As you may have noticed, there are no very large football countries among them such as Germany, England or Brazil. The countries that the Netherlands have to play football against can be seen as underdogs; they can play football well, but the chances of them getting far into the tournament are slim.

With players like Memphis Depay and Steven Bergwijn in the attack, it will be enjoyed at the World Cup. And certainly against smaller countries such as Ecuador and Senegal, the Netherlands is expected to shoot a number of balls in the net. That is why our Gambling Tip is to bet on:

The Netherlands scores 2 or more goals in a match

In the coming months, trainer Louis van Gaal is expected to perfect the attack. Already during the qualifiers, it turned out that the Netherlands can score well if things are running well. With an oiled attack machine, it is therefore expected that the Netherlands will win and score a lot. 

Pool B betting tips 2022 World Cup

Pool B is a very exciting pool where you can’t really say for sure who will win. The countries in Pool B are:

  • England
  • Iran
  • United States
  • Wales

Of course England is the favorite in this group. As many of you will know, England has become the football country. The English have even surpassed Spain in terms of popularity and ratings. But still, it is not certain that England will do so well during the World Cup.

During the Nations League, a league for country teams in Europe, England did not do well at all. England even lost 4-0 to Hungary. Despite this lesser form, it is expected that England will show what it is worth on the big stage, certainly aiming for a high final listing.

The United States has been on the rise in the football industry for years. A few years ago, no one considered the United States a football country, but that image is now slowly being shaken off. In the meantime, they have developed a strong team that could cause surprises.

The match between England and the United States promises to be a very fun one. This brings us straight to the Betting Tip:

England wins over the United States

England will not get high odds in many games in the pool phase because they are simply the favorite, but against the United States this will probably be different. lying down. The bookies will take into account the turnout of the United States. Nevertheless, we expect England to win here! They simply have the better squad with much bigger names, ready to shine.

Pool C betting tips 2022 World Cup

Pool C is one where you probably don’t have to think long about who the winner will be. The following countries are in this pool:

  • Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Poland

Argentina is the largest country in this pool with the world-famous and seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or (the prize for best footballer) as an absolute star player. of the year), Lionel Messi. Together with star players Di Maria and Dybala in the attack, we can say with certainty that Argentina is the country to watch if you want to enjoy great football with great goals.

The rest of the group consists of less special countries. Saudi Arabia has shown little this year and the same goes for Mexico and Poland. Poland still has a top player in the house with Lewandowski. The Bayern Munich striker has been doing great for years and is always able to score a world goal, but the support for him is not as strong with Poland as Bayern Munich.

That’s why we’re looking at Argentina for our Betting Tip:

Argentina scores 2 goals or more in a match

We also give you an extra for this one:

Messi scores a goal in the match

Although Messi does it at PSG harder than FC Barcelona, he is still good for a lot of assists and goals, especially with the Argentine team. He also won the last edition of the Copa América with Argentina. Messi remains an important player for the team, often Messi’s goal is not left out for long.

Pool D betting tips 2022 World Cup

About this group D, you can actually say exactly the same as about the Argentina pool. The following countries play in this pool:

  • France
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Tunisia

France is a towering favorite here. Every World Cup or European Championships, France goes for the grand prize and this year, too, that is no different. In fact, France is the defending champion as the winner of the 2018 World Cup. However, something that many people are now afraid of is the champion curse. It often happens that a country that won the previous tournament flies out early during the next World Cup. Is this going to happen to France?

In the Nations League, France is also at the bottom of their pool with Croatia, Austria and Denmark. They only have two points out of four games, but does this really mean anything?

The Nations League is a tournament that many people don’t seem to be a fan of anyway. Perhaps the French players themselves are not a fan of it and therefore find it difficult to motivate themselves. After all, with Mbappe and Benzema, they have some of the best football players in the world on their team, who may find themselves a little harder to recharge for such matches.

In this group there is also Denmark that is doing really well. In the Nations League pool with France, they are even first, with nine points from four games. That brings us to the Betting Tip:

Denmark wins over France

Although France is a great team with a number of star players, Denmark is playing better at the moment. This makes it a great story for an underdog like Denmark.

Denmark doesn’t have absolute star players or world-famous football players like France, but they can play very well. And that’s exactly what makes them so dangerous. You can also earn good money if you bet on Denmark, as the bookmakers are likely to give France the advantage, which will make the odds for Denmark very good.

Pool E betting tips 2022 World Cup

Then we now arrive at a very exciting group E with:

  • Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • Japan

Spain and Germany are both countries that often do well at a World Cup and there is no reason to arrive. assume this will be different this year. The rest of the group with Costa Rica and Japan is not considered promising. Perhaps one of these countries will manage to get a point somewhere, but they are not expected to get the first or second place.

So it goes between Spain and Germany. Which of the two will win? We can’t say that for sure yet, but you can see something we do think we know in our Betting Tip:

Both teams score a goal in the Spain – Germany match

Two big countries fighting for first place means fireworks! It will be a very exciting competition where both countries compete for that number 1 position. Both teams have also been known for their offensive football in recent years, so we are almost sure that Spain and Germany will score.

Pool F betting tips 2022 World Cup

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Croatia

Belgium, also known as the Red Devils or the Red Devils, is the biggest contender in this pool. With Courtois on goal, they have the best goalkeeper in the world and De Bruyne, the star of Manchester City, is driving things in midfield. Although the form sometimes seems to be somewhat lacking in Belgium, it is expected that they will take the leading position.

A big question mark in this pool is Canada. Canada has fairly easily qualified for the World Cup in a qualifying pool in which it finished higher than countries like the United States and Mexico. They are doing surprisingly well against countries in South America, but they have played little football against European countries in recent years. This is due, among other things, to a strike by the players, while just then a few friendly matches against European countries were planned.

To this group we come up with a special Betting Tip:

Under 2.5 goals scored in total during the match Croatia – Belgium

Croatia is a team that has trouble scoring, but that does have a strong midfield and a strong defense . Although we expect Belgium to win this competition, it will be difficult to score a lot.

Pool G betting tips 2022 World Cup

Pool G is the group of top favorite Brazil. The countries that play in this pool are:

  • Brazil
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland
  • Cameroon

Brazil and Argentina are the best countries in South America and, moreover, eternal rivals. Brazil has finished (undefeated) above Argentina in the South American World Cup qualifiers and has played very good matches. The record winner of the World Cup (Brazil won five world titles) is therefore also the top favorite at this World Cup. The biggest name in Brazil is Neymar, who plays on the attack with Messi at PSG. Vinicius Junior, who won the most recent edition of the Champions League with Real Madrid, also plays with Brazil, giving it just about the best wingers in the whole World Cup.

Although Cameroon is not a country we expect much from, Serbia certainly is. You might not expect it, but they are on their way to the top. This country, with Tadić in the ranks, is performing well and can sometimes cause surprises. Switzerland cannot be depreciated either, as it often manages to surprise during these types of tournaments. But what is the Betting Tip for Pool G?

Brazil wins against Cameroon with 4.5 goals or more

As we said, Brazil has a great attack with two of the best strikers in the world. Cameroon, on the other hand, struggled to qualify for the World Cup. That’s why we see Brazil scoring happily during this game.

Pool H betting tips 2022 World Cup

Pool H is the pool of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal:

  • Portugal
  • Ghana
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea

This group is also one where the word underdog comes up. Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea are all not the biggest football countries, but they all have a chance to continue. South Korea has Son from Tottenham Hotspur, who plays really great and accounted for a whopping 23 goals in the Premier League last season. Ghana is in the process of persuading a number of good football players to come out for Ghana in order to create a good team. Uruguay is the team of the old, sharpened fox Luis Suárez. Despite his age of 35, this striker still has a keen eye for the goal.

Portugal is the country of Cristiano Ronaldo; the player who, together with Lionel Messi, has been competing for the title of best footballer in the world for years. In his aftermath, he still scores

more than enough star attackers in their top. At least at the World Cup, we expect him to prick in a few nice balls.

For the Betting Tip, however, we look at two underdogs:

South Korea wins over Uruguay

Although Uruguay has the big names, many players in the national team are quite aged. The young team of South Korea certainly has a good chance of winning over Uruguay.

Bonuslots 2022 World Cup Gambling Prediction

Of course, we at Bonuslots also make a prediction for the tournament. We therefore expect the next course of the 2022 FIFA World Cup from the knockout phase:

We hope you now know everything about the 2022 World Cup and that our betting tips will help you on your way!

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