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BlackJack Tips: What is useful to know?

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Who’s familiar with gambling, is familiar with the game BlackJack. For the ones who don’t know, you might recognize the game Twenty-One. Twenty-One has a lot in common with BlackJack. One of the similarities is that you want to achieve to reach as close to 21 as possible. That seems quite easy, but you do have to know how this game works in practice. Luckily you are reading this blog, because we’re going to tell you all about BlackJack today! Are you curious about other games? Take a look at our videoslots!

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How does BlackJack work?

Like we said earlier, the game goal is to reach 21 as close as possible or reach 21 in one hand. You play against the casino, you want to have more points than them. But watch out, not higher than 21. These are the card values;

  • King, Queen and Jack : 10 points
  • Ace: 1 or 11 points
  • 2 – 10 : their own worth 

The course of the game can be divided into 4 phases; dealing, players play their first move, the dealer plays their first move and at last pay out.

The croupier is the first to deal out one card to the players, which is face up. Then he also gives himself a card, which is also face up. Then all players get another face up card and the croupier a face down card (also called the hole card). In this phase you already count as a player how many points you have in your hands.

After counting, the game really begins, the croupier gives the option to take another card, so you can get even closer to 21. You obviously don’t have to agree on this offer if you are already very close to 21 or you have 21. The game continues in this way, after each card you as a player can choose to take another card. You can also choose to fold, if you are happy with your cards.

When all players have finished accepting or passing cards, the croupier plays. He does this by turning over his hole card and is required to pass if he has 17 or higher, he is also required to draw a card if he has lower than 16. The dealer automatically stops if he has higher than 17.

Now that the game is over it’s time to check the scores, anyone who exceeds the dealer’s total has won. You have to be in the game to win. What if you have an equal number with the croupier, then your bet remains and you neither win nor lose.

Which BlackJack Tips are good to know if you are a novice player?

Knowing the rules when you gamble is everything, tips are only useful if you know the rules of the game you’re about to play.

  • To get in and practice, possibly with your new strategy, many online casinos offer BlackJack without real wagering. This way you can learn the tricks of the trade without losing tons of money (or winning, although that is of course a bit sour). The more you practice, the better you get and the better you will know the rules;
  • Choose for a betting system;
  • Never pass below 11 points, you can’t buy yourself dead if you have 11 or lower. This is a waste of your turn;
  • Bet according to your experience and budget;
  • Dealer rules are for dealers! Just because the 16/17 rule applies to croupiers doesn’t mean you have to take over as a player. This says nothing about your chances
  • It is wise not to take another card when you have 17, regardless of whether the croupier will do so. In the long run, this will limit your loss.

How do the odds work at BlackJack?

Odds are almost always in favor of the casino, that’s how this gambling world works unfortunately. With BlackJack this is mainly due to the fact that the croupier is the last one to play, in this way the casino wins the money of all people who bought themselves dead before it is even clear what the croupier had.

The chance of winning at BlackJack is 42.4%. The probability of losing is 49.1%. The difference is the probability of a draw, which is 8.5%. The BlackJack odds for 21 points with the first two cards (ace and ten) is 4.75%. It depends on how many decks (packs of cards) are played with.

Is there a winning strategy at BlackJack?

Like any game of chance, there is no single strategy that works 100%, which makes sense because the casino remains a company that is out for profit. There are some strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Like the Paroli technique; in this technique you only increase your bet money when you win and take a step back when you lose. Completely the opposite of the Martingale technique; here you increase your bet when you lose. By always taking one step forward and backwards when you play a bad game, you absorb losses.

Always play a strategy in combination with the basic strategy, a strategy is a guideline but it always depends on what kind of cards the croupier puts in front of you.

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