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When we talk about the pioneers of online gambling, 32Red will always be in the conversation. They opened their virtual doors about twenty years ago in 2002. This alone makes them one of the most experienced online casinos that you’ll find. Especially considering that most households didn’t even have a computer at home that had access to the internet. That they have a lot of experience doesn’t vouch for anything of course, but it doesn’t hurt either. Many gamblers regard 32Red as one of the most trustworthy and reliable gambling websites. Here at Bonuslots.net we don’t just take people’s word for it of course. So, today we are going to take a deep dive into the website of 32Red Casino and the company that’s behind the Casino. Will we come to the same conclusion about the reliability as most people, or would it be better to gamble somewhere else?

As we said before, the website was launched in the early 2002’s. They had the perfect combination of good timing and a well launched website which helped them quickly rise to the top of the online casino world. By timing we mean that they were one of the first online casinos. If you remember the time around 2002, you’ll know that the internet wasn’t all that great yet. Most websites looked terrible or were full of bugs. Red32 managed to build a website that looked good, worked well, and didn’t give your computer a virus. This of course meant that word about this new online casino spread fast.

The company behind 32Red casino is 32Red Ltd. They are licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. The company also operates out of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom which means that the jurisdiction is practically the same. They have been licensed in Gibraltar since 2018 and as of 2014 they have a license from the UK Gambling Commission under License number 39430. Because they are licensed through the UK Gambling Commission it means that they’re under constant supervision and are subject to regular checks. Having a license from the UK Gambling Commission is in itself already a good advocate for reliability. Later on, we’ll be discussing 32Red Casino’s reliability a bit more.

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What about 32Red Casino games?

32Red Casino has something in store for every kind of player. Whether you like to try your luck a the live casino or just sit back, drink a beer, and spin the wheel, there’s something for everybody. Even for the sports enthusiasts in our midst there is plenty to dive into.

Once you visit their website, you’ll be able to navigate to the games of your liking. 32Red Casino really invested in the best possible experience and they’ve made everything as easy to use as possible. Once you’re at the homepage you can start navigating without even scrolling. Just choose whether you want to play in the casino, at the live casino, place some bets or play slingo. If you’ve come to play a specific game then there isn’t any need to search the website trying to find if they even have it, just search for it through the search bar!

From the homepage you can just start scrolling a bit and 32 Red Casino will show some of the most played games and their current favorites from all parts of the website. So, if you’re new to online gambling or just to the website of Red32 than you can start exploring right away. The only thing missing from the website is the possibility to filter games on the developers. This would be very helpful since 32Red has a very large number of games. We’ll take you through all of the content that 32Red has to offer.

32Red Casino videoslots

Something that 32Red Casino does very well is show you exactly how much they have to offer. Most websites are somewhat cryptic in the amount of games that they have, so if you would like to know the exact number you would have to count them yourself. Fortunately, 32Red shows exactly how big their inventory is.

And let me tell you: They have a lot of games. Let’s start with the exclusives because those are always very interesting. At 32Red Casino you’ll find 14 games that you can’t play anywhere else! This is especially fun for fans of Britain’s Got Talent because they have a game based on the show that you won’t find anywhere else. There is a basic version and a Megaways version of the game.

Furthermore, there are about 1400 games that you can play. From Megaways to slots with a jackpot and from the classics to some very futuristic ones. This means that there is something to play for everybody!

It’s also important to note that you can play every game on the website (except live games) with fake money. This way you can try out games before you start spending your own money.

32Red Casino live games

The live casino is a great place for people who want to get the real casino experience, but from the comfort of their own home. Here you can find games from Evolution Gaming. If you’ve been around for a while, you might notice that Microgaming has left 32Red Casino. This is because they don’t make live casino games anymore, except for Asia.

Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest providers of live casino games and really provides 32Red Casino with some great titles. They have about 48 live casino games, which is a lot! You can play the classic table games like Blackjack or Roulette, but also gameshows like Crazy Time!

32Red Casino Sports betting

Like we’ve said before there is little you can’t do at 32Red Casino. So, if you’re done at the casino you can come into the sports betting part of the website and bet on all of your favorite sports.

At 32Red Casino the number of sports you can bet on is pretty extensive and includes sports like football, Tennis and even horseracing. If you want to get even crazier you could even bet on politics. Yes, you heard me right: politics!

Something that we’re also very excited about is the possibility to bet on e-sports. If you are into e-sports you can bet on Call of Duty, CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege.

32Red Casino Slingo

A game that you might’ve never heard of is Slingo. At 32Red Casino they’ve really catered to the needs of fans of Slingo with about 40 different games that you can play. If you are not a fan of Slingo we’ll quickly explain what this game is:

Slingo combines the fun of bingo and slots into a single game. If you’re a fan of bingo but find it a bit slow than this might just be the game for you! Instead of someone calling numbers you’ll roll like you would normally in slots games. It’s a very simple game that you’ll learn in a few minutes, and we really recommend trying it out once!

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Is 32Red Casino a qualitative Online Casino?

This one is very easy to answer: yes! They’ve got something for every type of player. Whether you prefer sports betting or the casino; you’ll find something here. With the option to play demos of all games it’s a great place to try out games before you spend any real money on them.

Is 32Red Casino a reliable Online Casino?

When you’re looking for online casinos to play at its advised to be cautious. Many casinos don’t really care about their players and will do anything to not pay you back. This means that a lot of casinos simply aren’t reliable. If you decide to play at a casino, you’ll be using your hard-earned money and the last thing you want is that any profits won’t be transferred to your bank account. When you go online to search for a new casino there are a few things that you need to look at: licenses, customer service, terms and conditions, bonus conditions, deposit and withdrawal, payment options, and more. We understand that you don’t want to spend all your time looking at these things, so we did it for you!

We can already tell you that 32Red Casino is very reliable. After a lot of digging through the website and other sources we can say this for certain. The casino has licenses from the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. Especially the UK Gambling Commission is a very well-respected organization that runs a tight ship. Having these licenses already tells us that they’ve spent a lot of time and money on their compliance to the law. The UK Gambling Commission doesn’t just give out licenses, but it’s a long and extensive process.

The website also tells you about the odds per game. They will tell you exactly what the RTP (Return To Player) is, and they can back these number up as well. The Random Number Generators are also tested regularly to ensure they are working like they’re supposed to. Shady casinos often don’t show you how the results are determined which is a big red flag.

When we look at player reviews 32Red Casino does surprisingly well. More than halve of the reviews give them 5 stars, which is something that you rarely see with casinos. It’s usually only the people with bad experiences that give reviews, but 32Red does really well. Most negative reviews are about bad odds. We do always advise to take these reviews with a grain of salt because a lot of people complain because they lost their money and blame the casino. All in all, 32Red comes across as a very reliable casino. We’ll now be discussing things such as the bonus conditions, terms and conditions, the privacy policy and whether they have secure payment methods.

How is the 32Red Casino Customer support?

The customer service of 32Red Casino is available 24/7 which is already a big plus in our book. They claim that they’ve got a ‘world-renowned Player Support Team’ and that their team is so good that it’ll blow you away. We do enjoy the enthusiasm, but is it also true?

First of you can go to the help center to look for commonly asked questions. We do have to give it to them: they have a very well-made help center. You can find information about every type of game and the rules. If you’ve got problems with your account than you can just troubleshoot it through the help center.

If you do wish to speak to an employee of 32Red Casino, you’ll be able to reach them through four different ways. First of is the live chat. This is in our opinion the best and fastest way to get in touch with customer service. You can also use the website to send them an e-mail. You’ll get a response through your own mail account. If you’d like to call you can choose between three phone numbers. For players in the UK, it’s 0808 180 3232 and for players outside the UK it’s + 442035446732. There might be costs related to this phone number.

32Red Casino has got some humor; we’ve got to give them that. The website says that if you still use pigeon mail that it’s also possible to send them a letter.

What Payment Methods does 32Red Casino offer?

Through the help center you’ll be able to find every possible payment method including the minimum and maximum amount you can deposit at once. This is very nice and actually very helpful. Usually, we need to look through all the terms & conditions to find this kind of information.

To deposit some money, you can use a Debit Card, PayPal, Trustly or PaySafeCard. The minimum amount that you can deposit is 10 pounds for each of these and there are no fees connected to making a deposit. Trustly has a deposit limit of 1.000 pounds and PaySafeCard has a maximum of 425 pounds. There is no transaction time when depositing money.

To withdraw some money, you can use a Debit Card, PayPal or through a wire transfer. To withdraw money, you need to take at least 100 pounds if you’re using a wire transfer. This can take 3-5 working days. If you use your Debit Card, the minimum is 10 pounds, and it depends on your bank how long it takes before you have the money. PayPal is the fastest way to withdraw money. You can withdraw as little as 10 pounds, and it’s transferred to your wallet immediately.

32Red Casino doesn’t offer too many ways of depositing or withdrawing money. The easiest and fastest method is PayPal.

Are the 32Red Casino Terms and Conditions reasonable?

The Terms and Conditions are a very important part of an online casino. It’s kind of like their own bible. In it you’ll find every rule that is connected to the casino. Why is this important? Because a lot of casinos have shady rules that make it very hard for players to make some money without their account getting closed for no reason. We understand of course that you don’t want to sit at your desk reading long pages of dry text. Which is why we have done this for you!

The first thing that is important to note is that you need to be at least 18 years or older. If you claim to be this age, but in fact aren’t they will make sure that the local authorities will charge you. Sharing your account is also strictly forbidden. If you’re account gets hacked or if your password was used to access your account without your knowledge 32Red won’t be able to help. If money is lost because of this, it won’t be reimbursed.

If you haven’t used your account in over 12 months an inactivity fee will be charged. Every month there will be a fee of 5 pounds or 5% off of your total balance, whichever is greater. This will keep going until your account balance is empty. You can resolve this by logging onto your account.

Something that we found very interesting is that they have put a rule in that you won’t sue them or use an attorney against them if any damages occur. It’s also very important that you check your country’s law to ensure that you are allowed to use the website. If 32Red Casino finds out that you aren’t allowed to play at their casino you will lose all of your money.

Furthermore, the terms and conditions are filled with rules about cheating and what not. If they find out that you are using third party software or if you are cheating, they will close your account immediately and you will lose all of your money.

We understand that the terms and conditions are anything but interesting. Even so we do urge you to read them through quickly. This prevents that you will be put in a position where you lose your account without knowing why.

Are the 32Red Casino Bonus Terms reasonable?

Just as important as the regular terms and conditions are the bonus terms. These terms are usually very tricky, and they are the sole reason so many people give casinos bad reviews. These terms are usually designed in a way to make it very hard to get any profit from them. This is very logical if you think about it because otherwise the casino would just be giving out free money. These terms are also in place to prevent abuse of bonuses. At the end of the day casinos are still businesses that want to make money and good casino bonusses are a great way for them to attract new players. So, are the bonus terms at 32Red Casino reasonable?

At the moment 32Red Casino has only one welcome bonus of 150% your deposit. This means that if you deposit some money, they will match this deposit with 150%. So, let’s say you deposit 20 pounds, the casino will give you a bonus amount of 30 pounds. Sounds good right? Well, there are a few things you need to watch.

First off, the bonus is only available when depositing for the first time and you need to use a Debit Card. After depositing money, you will get a notification asking you if you want to accept the bonus. You don’t have to accept it of you don’t want to. If you are a player from Northern Ireland, you will need to call 0808 180 3232 and proof that you’ve deposited money according to the rules.

This bonus works for every £10 you deposit. So, starting at £10 you will receive a bonus of £15. If you deposit £20 the bonus will be £30 and if you deposit £100 you will receive a bonus of £150. This is also the maximum amount.

Certain games are blocked for use by a lock icon. If you still play these games using the bonus money you will be locked out of your account. Something interesting is that the stakes will be at maximum while using bonus money. The bonus needs to be used within 7 days or you will lose the bonus money.

If you break any of these rules something very interesting happens: your normal balance will be considered as bonus money and will be subject to a playthrough of 50 times!

Every bonus at 32Red Casino has a playthrough of 30x.

All in all, the bonus terms at 32Red Casino aren’t great. With only 7 days to use the full bonus it’s advised that you hurry. This already takes some of the fun away. It’s also not very common that the stakes will be put at maximum when using bonus money. A playthrough of 30x is very regular though.

How is the 32Red Casino Privacy Policy?        

Creating an account at an online casino can be very challenging. You will be asked to give a lot of personal information including a copy of your passport. This is the kind of information that you really wouldn’t want to give to a company that doesn’t respect your privacy. Luckily, we have the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is a law that ensures that companies are careful with your data. The privacy policy contains all the information that you need about the processing of your information. Here you will find exactly what data they use, why they use it and for how long they use it.

The privacy policy of 32 red isn’t very extensive or helpful for that matter. They don’t show you exactly what kind of personal information they save. It’s for sure that they save all the information that you give them when you open an account. When you close your account, they will keep your information for at least 10 years. This is a bit long, usually it’s around 3-7 years. They don’t share information with third parties, but because they are part of the Kindred Group, they can share information within this group.

We do think that 32Red Casino provides a safe environment where your data is save. Even though they keep the information a bit longer than usually they do comply with the law. The database of 32Red is encrypted and protected against hackers. This means that your information won’t be stolen. All in all, the privacy policy of 32Red is good, but they could put more effort into it.

How is the Responsible Gambling Policy of 32Red Casino?

32Red Casino has not put much time into the responsible gaming page. It’s also not called responsible gaming, but ‘Safe Gambling’. On this page you will find a bit of information about underage gambling. Furthermore, they give some tips to stay in control of your gambling behavior, but nothing too extensive.

32Red Casino itself doesn’t intervene when they think that a player is showing signs of an addiction. Instead, you need to take precautions yourself which they do give you tools to. There are a few things you can turn on like session reminders, deposit limits and online activity. These tools help you to see how much you gamble, and they can prevent that you gamble more than you should.

If you think that you are getting addicted, you can exclude yourself by choosing ‘Take a break’ at your account page. This break can’t be reversed. It’s also possible to get help from 32Red by contacting their costumer support. They will close your account for 6 to 60 months. During this time, you won’t receive any promotions. 32 Red will also prevent you from creating new accounts.

On the Safer Gambling page, you can also do a test to determine whether you might be addicted to gambling. The page also contains some organizations that can help.

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32Red Casino: an objective consideration by gambling specialist Bonuslots

32Red Casino is an online casino that has been around for many years. But what kind of party is 32Red exactly?

At Bonuslots, we think that it is very important to give players the whole picture about an online casino. We don’t just share the good, but also the bad. We are objective when writing these reviews because we want players to gamble in a safe environment. We will tell you about legal casinos, but also about the illegal ones to warn you about them.

To help players find the best place to gamble we dive deep into the casinos that we review. Therefore, we looked at every aspect of 32Red Casino to give you the best possible review. This text is not intended to be recruiting; we just want to give you a complete picture of the online casino market.

The history of 32Red Casino 

As stated, before 32Red Casino is a casino that has been around for a very long time. They’ve been active since 2002. They’ve acquired their permit with the UK Gambling Commission on November 1, 2014, under account number 39430. They also have a permit from the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner under number 019 and 045 since May 15, 2018.

In July 2017, the Kindred Group acquired 32Red Casino. The Kindred Group is a very big company that owns a lot of online casinos. The strategy of The Kindred Group is to acquire a lot of casinos so players will always be playing with them. If you were to quit 32Red for example odds are that you will end up at another online casino which is also owned by the.

32Red Casino is also a sponsor of the Premier League and they were also sponsors of Aston Villa and Swansea City. They are also big sponsors of horse racing and invest quite a lot into this sport.

Known figures about online casino 32Red Casino

As we stated before 32Red Casino is part of the Kindred Group which is a huge company that owns many casinos. The Kindred Group itself is known to make about 750 million pounds in a year! How much money comes from 32Red Casino is difficult to determine, but because 32Red is one of their biggest casinos we do except quite a lot. Let’s get some exciting turnover figures from other casino companies:

Unibet: Last known an annual turnover of 760 million euros.

Bet365: Last announced a yearly turnover of 3.5 billion euros.

Pokerstars EU (under Flutter Entertainment): last announced an annual turnover of 5.2 billion euros.

The website does show the top winners every day and month which gives us a bit of an idea of the amount of money that is spent here. Last month’s top winner won more than 300.000 pounds for example.

What is 32Red Casino best known for?

32Red Casino is a very well-known casino because of their long history. As one of the first online casinos they’ve also managed to stay away from too many controversies. A few slip ups here and there were handled very well.

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