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CasiGo Casino

CasiGo is a relatively new player on the market. Their website was launched in 2021 which makes them a very new casino. Even though they are newcomers to the market their game catalogue is already pretty massive. CasiGo is known for its clean website without a lot going on. This makes for an online casino experience that’s easy on the eye. No unnecessary pop-up or annoying videos playing in the background. CasiGo Really tries to make the experience for players as simple and pleasant as possible.

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The company behind CasiGo is White Hat Gaming Limited. White Hat Gaming Limited is licensed under Maltese laws. This company is known for making iGaming platforms that work really well. This means that their entire CasiGo website is built on their own platform. This is actually good news because it means that they’ll really put in the time to make the website as good as possible. 

Today we’re going to take a deeper dive into CasiGo and see what we come up with. Since CasiGo has been around for no more than a year it’s always a question whether the website is any good. So let’s find out! We’ll take a look at the games they offer, their costumer service, whether they’re reliable and much more!

What about CasiGo Casino games?

Let’s start out by looking at the games that CasiGo has to offer. The catalogue of games is one of the most, if not the most, important parts of every online casino of course. And we’ll give a quick spoiler alert: They’ve got a lot of games.

The CasiGo casino holds more than 80 of the best game providers that the online gambling world has to offer. More than 80 is just an insane number to have at one single online casino. They’ve got videoslots and a live casino to choose from.

Like we said is CasiGo known for its clean website. Once you open the website you’ll be able to navigate to the most popular games or your favorite type of game. Search through all games simply from the home screen. They also show the most popular games right away so you can get started with a banger right away which is great.

At CasiGo you can choose between videoslots and the live casino. Next to that they have a lot of jackpot games with some insanely high cash prizes for the lucky ones. If you want to try out some games first than you can look at the free play section. These games can be tried out without real money.

CasiGo Casino videoslots

CasiGo is known for its insane amount of videoslots and providers. Just looking at the list of providers that they show on their website already blows your mind. They also show you exactly how many games they have from every provider which is very insightful. Most casinos don’t specify how many games they have exactly.

The insane amount of providers also makes it so that every player will find something they like at CasiGo. Whether you like big titles from Play’n Go or if you provide some of the smaller providers: there’s something for everybody.

CasiGo has all popular videoslots that you can think of. From Megaways to jackpots: it’s all there. Especially the games with jackpots are the ones that really catch your eye. The highest jackpot at CasiGo stands at more than 3 million euro! At any given time you’ll also find a lot of jackpot slots which have crossed the 2 million euro mark already.

With more than a thousand videoslots to choose from we’re sure you’ll find something you like here at CasiGo.

CasiGo Casino live games

At CasiGo you will find live casino games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Evolution Gaming is known globally as the best game provider when it comes to live casinos. So this means that all of the biggest titles can be found at CasiGo. It’s also very cool that they’ve added some games from NetEnt as most online casinos only choose to use one live casino provider.

Playing at the live casino of CasiGo is great as they’ve got a lot of games. All of the popular titles can be found here like Monopoly and Crazy Time. Almost every popular game show is available to play.

Next to some great gameshows there are, of course, also a lot of table games. You’ll find all of the big titles like Roulette and baccarat as well as some poker and craps for example.

CasiGo Casino Sports betting

CasiGo does not have sports betting at the time. There are no plans to add this in the future as of writing this article.

CasiGo Casino Scratch Cards

Something you don’t see very often at online casinos are scratch cards. Everybody has gotten one of these in their lifes probably. Maybe you got one of those scratch cards for Christmas or you’ve bought them at the store.

Scratch cards are a great way for players who like the short adrenaline boost and the instant chance of winning some cash. There are a few dozen scratch cards to choose from at CasiGo.

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Is CasiGo Casino a qualitative Online Casino?

Quality is something that CasiGo really tries to imbed in their service. The overall feel of the website is just great and they’ve really managed to create a nice experience for us fans of online gambling.

With more than 80 different game providers it’s hard not to be a good online casino. When you have this many games to offer and this great of an website it’s really hard to not be considered qualitative. So we can honestly say: Yes! CasiGo is a very qualitative casino.

Is CasiGo Casino a reliable Online Casino?

Reliability is something that is extremely important when you want to go online to gamble. The sad reality is that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of unreliable online casinos online. These casinos tend to lure you in with great promises and awesome promotions, only to be ignored when your withdrawal won’t come through. Gone is your hard earned money.

So this is why it’s advised to always advised to be cautious when you are looking for an online casino. Luckily there are a lot of online websites that do the research for you, so you don’t have to. We are one of those websites! So is CasiGo reliable?

We can honestly say that CasiGo is a very reliable online casino. We’ve gone deep into the website and searched through a lot of customer reviews to come to this conclusion. The company behind CasiGo, White Hat Gaming Limited, is licensed under Maltese laws. Their casinos are also licensed at the UK Gambling Commission under number 52894. This already tells us that they’ve got their things sorted. The UK Gambling Commission is known for their strict and thorough controls.

How is the CasiGo Casino Customer support?

CasiGo has a very well managed customer support. They are available 24/7. Next to that they also have an extensive FAQ page where you can find a lot of answers. Often times you’ll find the solution to your problems on this page.

If the FAQ page didn’t help you can reach the customer service through various ways:

Live chat is the best way to reach the customer service. Once you send a message you’ll find that they respond within a few minutes, but often even faster than that. The live chat can be opened at any part of the website, whether you’re playing a game or just looking through the home page.

You might prefer to send them an e-mail which is also possible. Simply send your problem or question to support@casigo.com. This is a lot slower than the live chat though. They try to respond within 24 hours.

For VIP customers they’ve added a little extra. VIP customers have their own team at their service that will help them with any problem as quickly as possible. While moving through the VIP tiers you’ll get a very personalized experience and even your own contact person.

What Payment Methods does CasiGo Casino offer?

CasiGo offers a lot of different payment methods. Every withdrawal or deposit is encrypted using SSL technology so you’re payment information is always safe.

You can deposit and withdraw your money using the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Sofort
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PaySafeCard
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Interac Online

As you can see there are a lot of different ways to deposit and withdraw money. Especially options like Apple Pay are very modern. This casino is one of the few online casinos that actually accept Apple Pay.

The minimum amount of money you need to deposit is $10. Deposits will be added to your account almost immediately, but it depends on the used method. Withdrawals usually take two working days, but can take up to five depending on the withdrawal method used.

Are the CasiGo Casino Terms and Conditions reasonable?

The terms and conditions are usually very long and boring. Almost none of us ever read them probably. Usually this is fine, but with casinos it can be smart to actually look at them. We do understand that you don’t want to do that, so we did it for you!

CasiGo does not have any terms or conditions that are very unreasonable. Most of the terms and conditions are very standard. There are some things to look out for though.

If you break any rules on the website your account will be closed and you’ll lose the money that’s on your account. These rules are things like owning more than one account or using the website from a country that is not allowed.

The maximum amount you can win from a single spin is €250.000. This does not include jackpots. So if you were to put a lot of money into a spin and you were to win more than €250.000 you’ll be payed no more than this limit.

The rest of the terms are conditions are pretty usual and don’t really need mentioning. We do recommend everybody to always look through them prior to opening up an account.

Are the CasiGo Casino Bonus Terms reasonable?

The bonus terms can cause a lot of anger if you don’t fully understand them. They are also the reason that a lot of players go online to complain about casinos. So what are the bonus terms at CasiGo?

The first thing to note is that you may never place a bet that exceeds 20% of the bonus amount before meeting the wagering requirements. If you were to receive a bonus of €200, the maximum bet that can be placed is €40. This only applies if the bet size is larger than €5.

Bonuses at CasiGo are subject to an wagering requirement of x35. This is a pretty high number. Most casinos don’t go higher than x30.

It’s also important to note that not every game counts the same towards the wagering requirements. Some games count for the full 100% like slots, but other games might count for less.

A player may never have more than one bonus active at once.

How is the CasiGo Casino Privacy Policy?  

When you create an account at CasiGo the following information will be needed:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Contact information;
  • Financial data like your bank account number;

This information needs to be used to comply to the law. This information will be encrypted and can’t be seen by employees unless they’re authorized.

Your information will be saved until you close your account. After you close your account it will we stored on their servers for five more years for administrative purposes.

How is the Responsible Gambling Policy of CasiGo Casino?

CasiGo shows us that they really do care about their players. The Responsible Gaming Policy is very well made and extensive. They’ve taken some precautions to prevent players from getting addicted.

All players can set limits to prevent them from spending too much money or playing too much. If you feel like you need a time-out you can contact the customer service or you can do this through your account. The time-out can be between 24 hours and six weeks. If you want to quit gambling completely you can ask the customer service to close your account.

The customer support can also help you with self-exclusion. They will close your account for a certain period of time. After this time they will review whether it’s safe to open your account or not.

The page also names a few organizations that can help when you feel like you’re addicted to gambling.

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CasiGo Casino: an objective consideration by gambling specialist Bonuslots

CasiGo Casino is an online casino that has been around for many years. But what kind of party is CasiGo exactly?

At Bonuslots, we think that it is very important to give players the whole picture about an online casino. We don’t just share the good, but also the bad. We are objective when writing these reviews because we want players to gamble in a safe environment. We will tell you about legal casinos, but also about the illegal ones to warn you about them.

To help players find the best place to gamble we dive deep into the casinos that we review. Therefore, we looked at every aspect of CasiGo to give you the best possible review. This text is not intended to be recruiting; we just want to give you a complete picture of the online casino market.

The history of CasiGo Casino

Like we’ve said before CasiGo is very young. They’ve been in business for barely a year. White Hat Gaming Ltd is the company that has brought us this online casino.

White Hat Gaming Limited makes the platform themselves and makes sure that everything works well. CasiGo hasn’t been in the news for anything yet which is pretty impressive. They haven’t gotten fined a single time which also shows that they are very serious.

Known figures about online casino CasiGo Casino

As we stated before CasiGo Casino is owned by White Hat Gaming Limited. Because the casino is very young it’s hard to say how much money they are making exactly. What we do know is that White Hat Gaming has an annual revenue of over $60 million. Let’s compare this to some of the other big companies:

Unibet: Last known an annual turnover of 760 million euros.

Bet365: Last announced a yearly turnover of 3.5 billion euros.

Pokerstars EU (under Flutter Entertainment): last announced an annual turnover of 5.2 billion euros.

They are a very new player when it comes to owning an online casino so their revenue will be much higher in the near future.

What is CasiGo Casino best known for?

CasiGo has made a big name for themselves because of their gigantic game catalogue. With more than 80 game developers  op for offer you’ll be able to play at their casinos for months without getting to play every game they have.

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CasiGo Casino

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