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Mr. Green Casino, it sounds so much English. Nevertheless, Mr. Green was initially founded by Swedish entrepreneurs. And at the moment, the company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Mr. Green is a pretty well-known party in the online casino world. We also think it is essential to explain who Mr. Green are through this objective appreciation. So we will go into the following things:

  • What is the history of Mr. Green?
  • Is there any remarkable information to share about Mr. Green Casino?
  • Are there any known figures for Mr. Green Casino that are interesting to share?
  • Has Mr. Green been in the news?
  • What is Mr. Green primarily known for?
  • And: are there certain sports clubs sponsored by Mr. Green?

Note: We don’t want to persuade you to play at Mr. Green with this review. This text is fundamental to give you a good idea of the company (and the history) behind Mr. Green.

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The history of the company Mr. Green

Mr. Green’s brand has a very British look and feel. This is also included in all respects throughout the branding. The green color of the logo will undoubtedly have an Irish slant. A man in bowler hat and umbrella: how characteristic do you want it? Nevertheless, the Mr. Green Online Casino was founded by three Swedish entrepreneurs. Two of these entrepreneurs had already founded Betsson in 2001 and, therefore, quite a bit of experience in the online gambling industry. In 2007, Mr. Green was founded as an online casino by the three Swedes, Fredrik Sidfalk, Mikael Pawlo, and Henrik Bergquist. In 2008, Mr. Green’s website was officially launched. This was also when online gambling began to gain more and more size. At that time, providers like Unibet were already betting quite a lot (especially sports betting).

The company structure of Mr. Green is also enjoyable. Initially, the company behind the Mr. Green casino brand was Mr. Green & Co AB. In 2018, this name was changed to MRG.

Remarkable information about Mr. Green

Remarkably, of course, that Mr. Green has regularly received strong sanctions on his ears. Read more about this under ‘Mr. Green in the news’. Apart from the fact that this is quite remarkable, it is also interesting because Mr. Green is also known for an excellent concept: Green Gaming. This initiative conceived by Mr. Green ensures more monitoring and active addiction prevention during online gambling.

Known figures about online casino Mr. Green

Mr. Green & Co AB changed the name to MRG in 2018. In 2019, MRG was purchased by William Hill PLC for 284 million euros. William Hill is one of the larger gambling companies (in addition to Bet365, for example) and turned a turnover of about 1.5 billion Euro in 2020. Twelve thousand employees work at William Hill. According to the latest known figures, by bet365, incidentally, 5000, that company ran 3.5 billion Euro. Efficient business operations there, it seems.

Mr. Green allegedly employs about 350 employees. Mr. Green’s turnover is estimated annually at around 35 million euros. So they are not one of the biggest (although the William Hill gambling giant officially owns them), but certainly a well-known player due to the handy and robust branding.

What is Mr. Green best known for?

Mr. Green is known for solid branding. As indicated, Mr. Green is certainly not one of the biggest online casinos, and yet this party manages to require prominence in a very distinctive way. The green logo with the man with bowler hat and umbrella creates confidence and can be described as unique.

Sponsored by Mr. Green

Mr. Green Casino has something like an ‘all British casino.’ Not very strange that they are sponsoring some very British initiatives. Think sponsorship of the following clubs/competitions:

  • Celtic (Scotland);
  • Wigan Athletic (England);
  • Bohemian (Ireland);
  • In 2017, Mr. Green sponsored the main sponsor Professional Darts Corporation Players Championship Finals.

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