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An objective consideration by gambling specialist Bonuslots Casino Review

NEObet (note: officially, you write a dot between NEO and bet) is a provider initially known primarily to offer sports betting. However, football gambling at NEObet has been done more and more in recent years. But who exactly is this party? As said, NEObet is a well-known sportsbook site (as well as BetCity and bet365).

But please note: in this article, we will not discuss the advantages and disadvantages of playing at NEObet. The purpose of this article is not to persuade you to open an account at this online casino. On the contrary, we want to offer an objective consideration of the company behind NEObet. With our journalistic approach, we started looking at all the information that could be found there. After all, we think it is essential to offer you as an online gambler as a complete picture as possible of the entire online gambling market. Therefore, a NEObet reflection (without advertising advertisements) cannot be left behind.

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The history of the company (behind) NEObet

If we dive deep into the registers, we can accurately reflect the history of NEObet. And all this starts with one man: Mr. Louis (his last name).

If we look at publicly available sites, we see that Louis is an intelligent man who studied at the Technical University of Dortmund. Already in 2002, he started a Software company called Agido. According to other registers, the German company Agido GmbH was active in 2012, and the company Agido then owns the Maltese company Greenvest Betting Limited. This company was founded in 2017. In 2018, Greenvest managed to get a Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) license. Greenvest then obtained a permit for the German market in 2020, which is the best achievement: Germany is quite strict in online gambling legislation. For example, in Germany, you can deposit a maximum of 1000 euros per month with providers.

If you look a little further for the name Greenvest, it is also noticeable that Greenvest Marketing Limited was founded in 2019, a company based in Gibraltar. So Greenvest is quite a bit on the road.

Remarkable information about NEObet

At Bonuslots, we always love to deal with marketing tools. For example, we sometimes go on the search engine tour. We’ll then look at which keywords are most searched in which countries. This brought exciting information in the context of NEObet! As follows:

  • In Romania, one explores the most for the term NEObet;
  • then in Greece;
  • then Italians are also regularly searching for the term NEObet;
  • After which Germans and Brazilians follow.

The funny thing is (and that goes for almost all Maltese online casinos, by the way) that the parties concerned are licensed in Malta, but that the gambling audience is not necessarily in Malta.

Known numbers about online casino NEObet

The company behind NEObet is called Greenvest Betting Limited. Up there is again the German company Agido GmbH. We don’t know what Agido does precisely. However, we think this is a good business: this software company has been around for more than ten years.

About Greenvest Betting Limited, we know that there are approximately 25 people of staff working. In addition, they probably run a turnover of around 7 – 12 million euros. Not bad for a relatively young party.

By the way, we expect a party like NEObet to try to play along with the big boys is not too long. The approach is serious, and the organization behind NEObet is powerful and intelligent.

What is NEObet best known for?

NEObet has permits in Malta and Germany. However, in Germany in NEObet is best known. This is also because they were one of the first parties to get a license for the German online gambling market in 2020. NEObet does a fair amount of branding in Germany, for example, by sponsoring Bundesliga 2 clubs.

NEObet is known for sports betting. The company breathes sports betting and takes that into the branding as well.

Sponsored by NEObet

A Bundesliga 2 club, Karlsruher SC, is an exclusive partner of NEObet. So this means that NEObet is sponsoring this club. They pay Karlsruher SC and get certain things in return. For example, NEObet is shown in Karlsruher SC stadium on LED signs, and the NEObet logo is visible on the club’s website (and press boards). By the way, this is purely and only about branding.


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