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Playzee Casino: an online casino you might know. But did you know that Playzee Casino falls under a company with many more online casinos? The company is called White Hat Gaming Limited. White Hat Gaming is based in Malta, under company number C73232.

White Hat obtained a license in Malta in 2017 and England in 2018. However, the fact that this company has multiple sites does not mean that they can be active with all sites everywhere under those licenses.

At Bonuslots, we find it interesting to go deeper into the companies behind an online casino. Because you probably know Playzee as said, but have you ever heard of the company behind it? And did you know that there are many other online casinos affiliated with the company behind Playzee Casino?

In this article, we will explain to you more about Playzee Casino and the company behind it. This text is not meant to persuade you to play at Playzee. We merely want to ensure that you have a good and complete understanding of the Online Casino market. That is the purpose of this article. For example, in this article, we will discuss

  • The following things: The history of White Hat Gaming Limited (the company behind Playzee);
  • Remarkable information about Playzee and the company behind it;
  • Known figures from the company;
  • Some exciting news items;
  • An overview of the other online casinos with which Playzee is affiliated through White Hat.

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The History of Playzee Casino

Some underlying research shows that White Hat Gaming, the company that owns Playzee, also has a branch in the United States of America. This includes White Hat Gaming Inc. This party also holds the Trademarks (copyright) of the White Hat Gaming brand. In addition, white Hat Gaming Inc has a number of gambling licenses:

  • A license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board;
  • A license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board;
  • A license from the Indiana Gaming Commission;
  • A license from the Illinois Gaming Board;
  • Licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming;
  • Identical to the Virginia Lottery, the Arizona Department of Gaming, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Tennessee Education Lottery, and the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.


White Hat Gaming Inc develops games itself (they do this through White Hat Studios). For example, the company has more than 50 Megaways titles to the name. Think of Buffalo Rising, Wolf Legend, and Diamond Mine.

The White Hat Gaming platform has a wide range of things that have to do with the online gaming industry. Think of:

  • Hardware & Hosting;
  • Game Development;
  • Compliance;
  • Sportsbook;
  • Arrange Payment;
  • Customer Service;
  • Casinos, such as Playzee Casino, and more.


White Hat Gaming Inc. doesn’t joke, as we’ll see in the numbers later. It is, therefore, quite logical that the company set up a Maltese branch in 2015: White Hat Gaming Limited. This is to approach the European market as well. As said, White Hat Gaming Limited also obtained a license in Malta. The European casino branch also received a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This makes Playzee Casino live in England.

Remarkable information about Playzee Casino

Playzee Casino is part of White Hat Gaming Limited. Did you know that there are many other online casinos under this company? Let’s name some:

  • 21 Private Casino (Active Online Casino)
  • Diamond 7 Casino (Active Online Casino)
  • Hello Casino (Active Online Casino)
  • Mainstage Bingo Casino (Active Online Casino)
  • Skol Casino (Active Online Casino)
  • Spin Rider Casino (White Label Casino)
  • Reel Island Casino (White Label Casino)
  • Jackpot Village Casino (White Label Casino)
  • 666 Casino (White Label Casino)
  • Captain Spins Casino (White Label Casino)
  • Gold Spins Casino (Inactive According to the UK Gambling Commission)

As far as we are concerned, it is always interesting when a company houses so many online casinos. By the way, the top list is far from complete. At least 35 other online casinos (active, inactive, and white label) are covered by the same “white hat” as Playzee Casino.

And what exactly is a white label casino?

At a White Label Casino, an organization builds a platform. In Playzee’s case, that’s White Hat Gaming. The built platform includes a set package of slots, bonuses, payment methods, and betting options. Of course, it is possible to tinker with the corporate identity. For example, a white label casino often really has its own casino’s look and feel. But it certainly isn’t.

Well-known numbers about online casino Playzee Casino

The company behind Playzee Casino has quite some impressive numbers to share. Let’s call them:

  • More than 500 people work at White Hat Gaming (WHG);
  • WHG has five office locations: London, Cape Town, Gibraltar, the United States, and Malta;
  • More than 120 content providers work with WHG;
  • WHG works with more than 3000 games;
  • The Maltese branch of White Hat Gaming Inc., White Hat Gaming Limited, employs around 75 people and has an annual turnover of approximately 44 million euros. So check what the turnover will be for the whole group!

How much Playzee Casino puts in the name, unfortunately, we don’t know. Playzee is one of WHG’s more famous White Labels. So fixed enough!

What is Playzee Casino known for?

Playzee is best known for its wide range of video slots. Playzee Casino has this offer through White Hat Gaming’s White-Label solution. This company works with numerous content creators and also develops video slots itself.

Playzee Casino in the news

Playzee Casino itself has not been very extensive in the news. This also has to do with the fact that Playzee Casino is a white-label casino. As a result, an online casino often has a little less own identity. However, White Hat Gaming (owner of Playzee) has been in the news.

We know by now: the UK Gambling Commission (the UKGC for short) can be pretty strict. For example, solid fines were already handed out to LeoVegas, and 888casino (888 Holdings) received a record fine in the 4 million Pound Sterling. The company behind Playzee Casino, White Hat Gaming, was also facing a hefty fine from the UKGC.

On January 28, 2021, the news came out that White Hat Gaming had been fined 1.3 million pounds sterling from the UKGC. The fine was imposed for poor anti-money laundering procedures and flawed player procedures regarding ‘social responsibility. This was about the fact that White Hat had two players who had lost a huge amount of money in a concise period of time. However, they couldn’t find out the origin of this money. This was the reason for the UKGC to sanction.

White Hat took this seriously and announced that it would do everything possible to improve these procedures.


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