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Rizk Casino, what about that? Occasionally, it seems so simple: you click on the link to a website and then end up on an online casino. That has the look and feel of a brand and even a company. However, it is pretty funny that this is often different in the online casino industry. Behind online casinos, entire corporate structures are often hidden. Take a look at N1 Interactive Limited, for example, a Maltese company with numerous online casinos, including:

  • Bob Casino
  • Spinia
  • Avalon 78
  • BetChan
  • And more.

For Rizk Casino, best known in the United Kingdom, this also applies: there is a lot of history behind this simple-looking brand.

In this piece, we will take you to Rizk Casino. Here, we mainly look at what exactly is behind this online casino. How is the company structure put together? What is the history behind the company (behind Rizk or the Gaming Innovation Group, which owned Zecure Gaming Limited)? And what exactly do we know about this online casino? First, we’re going to explain to you.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to get you playing at Rizk Casino. We don’t want to persuade you to do that. The purpose of this article is precise to give you a good idea of how the online casino market works. In addition, it is, of course, interesting to go into business structures such as those hiding behind Rizk Casino.

Read along with our Rizk Casino review, and don’t forget to check out other online casino reviews too!

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The History of Rizk Casino

Behind Rizk Casino is Zecure Gaming Limited, owned (been) by the Gaming Innovation Group. The Gaming Innovation Group was founded in 2008 (Holding Gaming Innovation Labs Limited).

In 2016, gig (short for the Gaming Innovation Group thus) founded Rizk Casino. This is done under Zecure Gaming Limited. Zecure Gaming Limited obtains online gambling licenses in both Malta and the UK.

  • License number Zecure Gaming Ltd in Malta: MGA/CRP/108/2004-05
  • License number Zecure Gaming Ltd in England: Remote 056427-R-332277-003 (this license allows Zecure Gaming casino games and betting on real and virtual events run).

Betsson acquired Zecure Gaming Limited from the Gaming Innovation Group for 31 million euros in April 2020.

Remarkable information about Rizk Casino

First of all, it is remarkable that the relatively small Rizk Casino managed to get a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This certainly does not always work, as they are pretty strict in the United Kingdom when it comes to compliance. So well done from them.

In addition: The Gaming Innovation Group (founder of Rizk Casino) deals with online casinos and casino affiliation in various countries. So the Group is taking it a bit wider, and we think that is smart about them. For those who don’t know yet:

Casino affiliate websites (as ours is, too) are concerned with comparing online casinos and reviewing them. And also, for example, the range of games. The affiliate websites can then conclude a deal with the online casinos, where the casinos pay a specific commission to the affiliate for referring players.

What is Rizk Casino best known for?

Rizk Casino is known for a variety of things. First of all, of course, Rizk is known because they now fall under Betsson. Betsson is an actual giant in the casino world. In addition, Rizk is known for its former owner/founder, the Gaming Innovation Group.

Rizk Casino is also known for its striking branding. The very memorable logo, and of course, the superhero with Rizk’s R on his suit.

Rizk Casino in the news

Betsson’s acquisition of Rizk Casino (from the gig) was in April 2020 big news within the casino world. In addition to Kindred Group (known by Unibet, among others), Flutter Entertainment (known by PokerStars EU), and Hillside Limited (known by bet365, among others), the Betsson group is considered one of the giants from the online casino world.

Known figures about online casino Rizk Casino

Let’s first discuss some figures from the Gaming Innovation Group (former owner of Rizk Casino via Zecure Gaming Limited, for the acquisition by Betsson a 31 million euros in 2020). We will discuss the latest published figures for 2019 here:

  • A turnover of €44.1 million;
  • 600 employees.

Those are pretty vast and impressive numbers. Betsson takes things a little differently: Conversions

  • of 400 million Euro or more are not unknown there;
  • at least 1800 employees work for Betsson.

Zecure Gaming Limited itself had 26 employees according to the latest known figures, and they brought 14 million dollars in the bill (annual turnover) for Betsson).


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