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An objective consideration by gambling specialist Bonuslots Casino Review

Royal Panda Casino, also written as RoyalPanda (we alternate in this piece for convenience), is a party that is not very well known. Royal Panda is a Casino of (you guessed it) Maltese origin (but also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission in addition). The company Royal Panda Limited is located at the following location:

  • Tagliaferro Business Centre
  • Level 2, High Street C/W Gaiety Lane
  • Sliema, SLM 1551, Malta

Royal Panda License Number: MGA/CRP/237/2013-01

What is the purpose of this Royal Panda Casino Review? We think it is essential to give you as a gambler a complete picture of the online gambling market as possible. Of course, it is also relevant to discuss various online casinos. The Royal Panda Review does not focus on the range of games and the quality of the online casino. We don’t want to urge you to play at Royal Panda. , the aim of this review is thus to provide clear background information about Royal Panda and the organization behind it. For example, we go into the company’s history, the acquisition by LeoVegas Group, and discuss some exciting figures.

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The history of the company behind Royal Panda

Royal Panda Casino is an online casino launched in March 2014, which obtained licenses in both Malta (from the Maltese Gaming Authority) and England (The UK Gambling Commission). A Dutchman, Melvin Ritsema, has been at the wheel as a casino manager for a while. Royal Panda mainly focused on offering video slots, but at some point, also set up a sportsbook department. At least Royal Panda made deals with well-known developers at the time. Think of the following developers of online gambling (mostly video slots):

  • NextGen Gaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • Microgaming.

In 2017, it was announced that a gambling giant had acquired LeoVegas for 60 million euros. LeoVegas indicated that the reason for the purchase was related to the growth strategy of the LeoVegas group. For example, the following reasons were given:

  • Royal Panda fits LeoVegas well in terms of culture;
  • LeoVegas is very pleased with the Royal Panda team;
  • RoyalPanda has affiliation and marketing well in order;
  • LeoVegas saw the acquisition as strengthening its position in England;
  • Royal Panda could be added to the LeoVegas group as a ‘premium brand.’

The CEO of the LeoVegas Group, Gustaf Hagman, was, of course, pleased with the acquisition:

“Royal Panda has managed to develop into an efficient and strong brand in a short period of time. Periods a substantial acquisition, which we, therefore, carry out carefully. The powerful branding with the big panda has already managed to grab a lot of players, and this strong branding grabbed with our LeoVegas brand. Scalability and strengthening our position in England are two things I expect.”

Remarkable information about RoyalPanda

Fair is honest: RoyalPanda was not very well known in principle. The website came across as a bit tousled and worked slow. Even after the takeover by LeoVegas Group, it was still a mess at Royal Panda for a few years. And that’s what we think is quite remarkable. The sportsbook part of Royal Panda was also absolutely severely arranged. And where this provider focuses on smartphone use, placing a bet via the mobile was virtually impossible. So in our view, it is remarkable that even with the money injection from LeoVegas, Royal Panda remained an inferior product at that time.

Until about 2020, Royal Panda suddenly started to work hard on the quality of the website. The website was made faster, the overview clear, and the range of games increased. Sportsbook was also addressed.

Known figures about online casino Royal Panda

During the acquisition by LeoVegas, a fair number of Royal Panda Casino figures were announced. As follows:

  • Royal Panda has 60 man staff;
  • Royal Panda turned around 9.8 million euro turnover per year in 2017; each year.
  • , the company grew 61% before that;
  • In that regard, the English accounts accounted for 65% of the turnover;
  • 65% of the turnover was achieved via mobile apps (this is also perfect for LeoVegas, by the way: Gustaf Hagman has always been very supportive of developing smartphone casino apps).

Since the acquisition, RoyalPanda has grown considerably:

  • The last known, Royal Panda, now had 191 employees and a turnover of no less than 32 million euros.

So this online casino is firmly on the road, you can say. The big brother LeoVegas has some 930 employees, and recently had a turnover of 328 million euros.

What is Royal Panda best known for?

Royal Panda is known for a variety of things. First, of course, this provider knows about the giant panda with a crown on his head. In addition, we know Royal Panda from Branding at Queens Park Rangers (an English football club) and the connection with the originally Swedish LeoVegas.

Sponsored by Royal Panda

Royal Panda does branding, and they also use sponsorship for that. And where better to sponsor a club than in the most beloved football country in the world? So England! Okay, sponsoring a Premier League Club might be a somewhat heavy story. This is more suitable for parties such as bet365 that, with 5000 staff, turn annual turnover of 3.5 billion euros. But in the league below that? Royal Panda Casino succeeded. They signed a sponsorship deal with the English club Queens Park Rangers (often abbreviated as QPR) in 2017 for at least three seasons. See a picture of the QPR shirt with the Royal Panda logo on it below:

RoyalPanda in the news

Royal Panda, of course, came in the news when the acquisition by the LeoVegas Group was confirmed. It was clear that this would be an essential takeover within the gambling world: LeoVegas is one of the larger parties within the online gambling sector.


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