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Unibet: a name that is a very familiar one for many online gamblers. For Bonuslots, it is also interesting to go into the company behind Unibet objectively (and journalistic). We know that many Bonuslots are familiar with the Unibet brand. It could be argued that can include this online provider among the big names in the casino industry. Think of LeoVegas, Pokerstars, and bet365.

Because Unibet is such a well-known name, we find it interesting to give strong consideration to this gambling company. In this article, we strictly adhere to an objective description of this online casino. This is how we go into the history of Unibet, discuss remarkable information about Unibet, go into figures that are known, and more. We hope to answer questions that you may have about this online casino (and, of course, sportsbook).

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Unibet Anders Ström was conceived of the history.

Of Unibet Anders Ström in 1997 was also the period in which online gambling was somewhat upcoming. Of course, there were some online video slots here and there that could play, but especially online poker was a thing from the late 90s.

Anders Ström was a real sports fanatic himself. He had quite a sense of different ways to bet on sports. He thought it would be good to share this expertise with others. For example, Anders decided to set up Unibet from his living room in London. Since 1998, Unibet has been an active gaming company. Unibet started by taking bets over the phone. Unibet grew and grew. In the early years of the 21st century, Unibet became, of course, also available as an online gambling platform. Pretty soon, Unibet was a household name in this too!

Unibet was hungry, and the Group started buying up other online gambling companies like Stan James, for example. Unibet eventually became the Kindred Group to disconnect the group activities from the direct brand activities.

Remarkable information about Unibet

Unibet is known for winning prizes regularly. For example, in 2019 and 2020, they won various awards presented at the EGR Nordics and the GA International Gaming Awards. In addition, Unibet won awards for having an outstanding affiliate program, a well-responsible approach regarding addiction prevention, and fun marketing campaigns.

Unibet is also known for organizing poker tournaments, such as the Unibet-Open. These tournaments are often held in Eastern European cities.

What is Unibet best known for?

Unibet is best known for the wide range of sports betting they have. Unibet is generally seen as a leading party in the gaming world. Unibet is, of course, also often seen in the context of sponsorship:

Unibet in the news

Unibet is a large organization. Logically, some news reports come out regularly. The news reports that are mainly expressed have to do with, among other things, the poker tournaments they organize. In the summer of 2019, news reporters announced that Unibet was fined €450,000 from the Gaming Authority because they had illegally targeted the Dutch market (without a license).

This has also been why Unibet was not allowed to live immediately on October 1, 2021, opening the Dutch gaming market.

Sponsored by Unibet Unibet

sponsors a variety of (sports initiatives), below some examples:

  • Middlesbrough FC
  • Unibet Premier League of Darts
  • Derby County FC
  • Club Bruges
  • Valencia
  • Aston Villa
  • Dynamo Bucharest
  • Qatar Goodwood Festival
  • Unibet Lincoln disability

Known figures about online casino Unibet

According to the latest known figures, the Kindred Group as a whole ran an annual turnover of £751.4 million (that is €883,199,317, – turnover). Unibet is, of course, part of the Kindred Group, so it does not take care of this whole amount. However, Unibet is likely to take care of the bulk of the turnover. Unibet is just extensive and familiar. Around 2400 people work at the Kindred Group. At Unibet itself, about 1500, Unibet (Kindred Group as a whole) can be included among the gambling giants of Europe. They can’t match a bet365 yet: they run 3.5 billion revenue each year and have 5,000 staff.


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