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Highroller online casino: Gambling with big stakes online!

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Introduction to high rollers

In this article we will tell you what high rollers are, the differences in dealing with high rollers between the worlds of both online as well as landbased gambling, what high rollers look for when choosing a casino, and lastly, we give a few examples of casinos and the nice offers they offer their high rolling customers.

Good highroller online casino options:

Different payment methods

Wide range of games

24/7 live chat customer service

No sports betting offer


Fast payouts

24/7 live chat customer service

Different payment methods

No sports betting offer


Casino high rollers in general

So firstly; what exactly constitutes a high roller? The definition of a high roller is a high-profile individual that gambles substantial amounts of money at casinos. They are also often referred to as `whales´ or `cheetahs´. Due to the large amounts of money they bring to casinos, they often receive exclusive offers in an attempt to entice them into playing there. We will expand on what these offers exactly are later on in this article.

Casino high rollers in the world of landbased gambling

Casino Cash Money Winner

High rollers are most visibly seen in landbased casinos, as they offer the greatest benefits when spending vast amounts of money there. An example of these benefits are “comps,” for complimentary items and services. These comps can be divided into multiple levels, with the higher-level comps being reserved for the high rolling customers.

Level 1: the first level consists of the most basic complementary items. Most casinos will only offer free alcohol at this level. The free alcohol “loosens” players up, so that they will keep playing due to the fact that they are enjoying themselves in the casino.

Level 2: this level consists of free self-parking, lounge access and free meals. Most casinos have lounges where players can spend time together, as well as restaurants where they can eat while they take a break from gambling. Players usually get a certain amount of money to spend in these lounges and restaurant, with high rolling players receiving more money.

Level 3: this level consists of free lodging, free valet parking, and access to some of the most exclusive high roller lounges. For this level, many casinos offer free hotel rooms. These rooms might be located in hotels that lie nearby the casino, but many casinos have hotels that are attached to their own buildings. The hotel rooms that are offered are the more expensive one. The biggest spenders are often offered the presidential suites. Ensuring that these players return to spend more money in the future is one of the most important goals of casino management. The hotel rooms often come packaged together with free food and beverages as well, usually located in the hotel room in a fridge stocked by hotel staff beforehand. High rollers will also usually be prioritized by room service and the rest of the hotel staff.

Some of the comps do not neatly fit within these levels, as they are reserved for such exclusive players that they are only used on a case-by-case basis. These include exclusive services such as:

  • Air fare: where the costs they made with their air travel are compensated by the casino.
  • Limousine rides: where the high rollers are provided with limousine transportation to use at their leisure.
  • Show tickets; casinos often have in-house entertainment in their lounges and restaurants. These could be singers, comedians or even magicians.
  • Golf: many casinos have partnerships with golf-courses to provide discounts to high-rolling customers. Such partnerships are quite common, due to the mutually beneficial nature of such deals.
  • Concierge services: some of the high-rolling customers like to party at the casinos. This means they might be in need of concierge services. These concierges offer many distinct kinds of services and usually have a wide network of contacts to provided whatever the customer may need.
  • Cashback services: high-rolling customers may be offered additional cashback services that are not normally offered to regular customers. Due to the large amount of money they bring to casinos, it is often worth it to compensate them for some of the money they lost in the casino. These customers spend massive amounts of money at the casinos, even outside of the money spent purely by gambling.
  • Private gaming areas: high-rolling customers might enjoy being able to play in an area separate from “the common folk.” Most of the customers who visit casinos to spend such vast amounts of money enjoy revelling in their status, which is why they might enjoy an area that is only for them, or others of similar status.
  • Private jet services: undoubtedly the most exclusive of all possible comps is the private jet service. This service is only offered to the absolute biggest spenders. The massive costs of this method of transportation prohibit wider use.

Casino high rollers in the world of online gambling

Excited gamer winning money via online casino

High rollers play at all different kinds of casinos, including ones that can only be found online. Many of the previous comps are unavailable here, however. How do online casinos entice high rollers into playing with them then?

Through bonuses. Online casinos may have fewer physical comps to offer, but that leaves more room for bonuses when actually playing. We will give you a few examples of these bonuses and explain exactly how they work.

The answer to the question of how an online casino bonus works depends on the type of bonus and which casino grants it. For example, your very first bonus in an online casino can be a registration bonus that does not require a deposit. Even more common would be a welcome bonus. Let us explain the most common bonuses when gambling online.

Registration Bonus

This casino bonus is not simply a welcome bonus, but a no-deposit bonus as well. This means that a player is not required to place a deposit in their account to activate the registration bonus. A registration is all that is required.

A registration bonus can consist of free play money, but more often it concerns a number of free spins, free games, or free bets.


An example of a registration bonus can be seen with Starburst, one of the most popular online slot games made by NetEnt. Its popularity makes it a popular recipient of free spins. The steps to receive the bonus are as follows:

  1. The player must first register at the online casino where the registration bonus is offered. For this, they must input their personal data such as their name, date of birth, and their personal and financial contact information.
  2. If necessary, the player must indicate whether they are interested in taking part in the promotions made available by the casino. If they are not, they will not be eligible to receive any bonuses.
  3. The player will have now received the free spins, which they can use as soon as they open the game to which the spins are assigned, in this case, Starburst.

It is imperative that players verify the wagering requirements associated with a registration bonus in advance. A casino bonus might be free, but there could still be additional conditions pertaining to any winnings received from the free spins. A common condition states that the bonus must be wagered a certain amount of times before the player can cash it out. This is why the wagering requirements associated with a registration bonus should always be verified in advance. A casino bonus might but free, but this does not mean that there are no conditions attached to the winnings from the bonus. it is often compulsory for players to use these winnings for a certain amount of bets before they can receive it as a cash payout.

Welcome Bonus

This casino bonus could be considered the most important bonus casinos could provide, as it is the bonus that is meant to attract the initial players. Most if not all casinos provide welcome bonuses, which is why these bonuses can cover a wide range of rewards and promotions.

It is for this reason that the emphasis in initial marketing material is often on the welcome bonus and not on the promotions that follow, such as the reload bonus for existing players or any casino tournaments that will be held in the future.


An example of a welcome bonus could be when players receive 100% on top of the first deposit in their account. This will usually be up to a maximum of 100 to 200 euros. The additional 100% means that the first deposit will essentially be doubled.

This bonus requires a registration and a deposit. The welcome bonus therefore already works slightly differently than the registration bonus.

The process for receiving the bonus would usually be as follows:

  1. The player must first register themselves at the online casino where they want to use the welcome bonus. In addition to registration, they must create a personal online account with all the necessary information.
  2. The player must place the first deposit on the recently created account.
  3. If necessary, the player must indicate whether they wish to make use of any provided bonuses
  4. The welcome bonus will be credited to the account.

Welcome bonuses are subject to numerous conditions as well and are usually only converted to cash once the player has fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Deposit Bonus

Most of the previously mentioned bonuses are deposit bonuses, which is why they only become available after a player first deposits money into their account. This is in contrast to no deposit bonuses.


An example of this type of bonus could be when a player receives an extra 25% up to a maximum of €500 or fifty free spins for the indicated game when they deposit €25 or more during the weekend.

In contrast to the welcome bonus, players often already have an account when they use a deposit bonus. The step-by-step plan would be as follows:

  1. The player must make a deposit when available. This deposit cannot exceed any previously noted conditions.
  2. The player must make use of the extra play money or the free spins.
  3. The player must make sure they meet the wagering requirements to get the most out of their deposit bonus.

As with the other bonuses, it is important that a player is aware of the requirements set by the casino for redeeming.

The previously mentioned bonuses are most common, but there is another particularly important bonus to consider. This bonus is especially interesting for high rollers, as it is geared specifically toward them. This is…

The High Roller bonus

Poker player takes chips and money, casino

This bonus is a specific type of bonus geared to players who spend a significant amount of money at a casino starting with their first deposit. These kinds of bonuses are often a lot more generous than the other kinds of welcome bonuses, which makes sense when you consider the fact that they are geared towards customers who are in possession of significant funds. This bonus usually replaces the regular welcome bonus, as it is given to new players on their first deposit. The high roller bonus is usually a matched deposit bonus, though it will almost always offer a much higher maximum bonus amount.

An example of this could be the following: imagine a casino offers a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to two hundred euros to normal players. They may offer a high roller bonus in the form of a 100% matched deposit bonus up to 2,000 euros. The minimum deposit requirements are typically much higher to claim this bonus, sometimes as much as five hundred euros, or even 1,000 euros. Regular welcome bonuses have deposit requirements too, but those are nowhere near as big as they are here.

You may also find that high roller bonuses also have lower wagering requirements. Other terms and conditions may also be designed to be slightly more friendly to players.

What do high rollers watch for when picking a casino?

High rollers will watch for a number of things when choosing a casino, depending on which experience they prefer. It has been observed that the most popular casinos for high roller are located in places like Macau or Las Vegas, as these offer more services that cater to them specifically. Establishments in Macau especially make it their responsibility to offer special services to high rollers. They take particular care to make the necessary arrangements to guarantee the various needs of their high rollers are always taken care of.

High rollers prefer to visit establishments such as the City of Dreams Macau, Venetian Casino Resort, and the Sands Macau. You might also spot them at the Wynn Macau and Grand Lisboa Macau, though these establishments are slightly less popular. High rollers know each of these establishments has five-star hotel rooms and pricey minimum bets. They also promise an unforgettable gambling experience. Additionally, these establishments have some of the most experienced staff members who understand the needs of high rollers.

High rollers enjoy many other benefits, including shopping opportunities, penthouse suites, chauffeur services, private parking areas, and private gaming rooms. They also receive invitations to exclusive parties and have private meals prepared by some of the world’s best chefs. In addition, they have personal account managers and can play on high-quality golf courses.

Establishments in Macau utilize a “theoretical” formula to establish the best additional amenities to offer their high rollers. This formula takes into consideration certain aspects. This includes a “whale’s” stake per hand and the time a high roller spends playing at casino tables. They also consider the “whale’s” average number of hands per hour and their skill level.

There are many factors to consider when determining the “theoretical” formula of high rollers, but many casinos in Macau make it easier for them. They tell their customers exactly what extra services they will receive if they choose to play at their establishments.

Some establishments offer VIP programs to all players, even when they have fewer financial means at their disposal. Doing so gives every player in the casino, regardless of their bankroll, an opportunity to participate. In most cases, VIP programs have a couple of levels that offer particular perks, including free chips and big bonuses. Usually, the extra benefits increase each time a player advances to the next level in a given VIP program. The high-roller experience in Macau starts the minute a “whale” touches down. When a high roller flies into Macau, they will land at either Macau’s or Hong Kong’s international airport. They could also land at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport in China, though this comes with increased travel time, which is why it is less common to touch down here. All the above destinations offer luxurious amenities and people know the airports for their steadfast services.

A high roller will find their car waiting once they arrive. A chauffeured car from the casino will wait for high rollers on the tarmac to take them to the hotel.

Once in the hotel, the casino will give the “whale” the best available room. The casino will also treat them to plush services. Establishments book the best suites in advance to give high rollers an easier time settling in.

As a high roller in Macau, you are free to hang out wherever you want. Depending on what a high roller wants to eat, they can visit any restaurant they. Most of the time, host casinos in Macau will recommend some amazing restaurants to their high rollers. Additionally, host casinos may recommend the best nightclubs in Macau. They want to ensure that high rollers have a memorable experience in the city.

A high roller will most likely attend a VIP or private night out or dinner in a stretch limo. At the event, the “whale” enjoys VIP treatment. Some “whales” want to visit cigar bars and the gentlemen’s club while in Macau. Macallan in Galaxy Hotel and Divino Ultraclub at the AIA Tower are the best cigar bar and gentlemen’s club, respectively. High-limit rooms in Macau are lavish and accommodating. Venetian Macau has a well-known high-limit room. The room’s design guarantees that players will experience a memorable and satisfying gaming experience. Venetian Macau has a wide range of gorgeous features. It has fifty-two table games, including sands stud poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. It also has a massive Ruby Room with about fourteen baccarat tables. The high-limit room additionally has a slots room with more than 156 slot machines and VIP slot rooms.

Casinos in Macau provide elegant private rooms to high rollers. Most establishments in Macau also go out of their way to ensure “whales” are absolutely comfortable in their private rooms. They provide high-quality catering, massages, and spa amenities. If a high roller is not gaming, the host casino will make sure they are having a wonderful time. Macau has the best world-class restaurants to give guests the best possible experience. These kinds of restaurants are where “whales” get reservations and comps while in Macau. Macau also provides a wide range of high-quality entertainment. If a high roller is not gaming, they can choose to attend a boxing match. These events welcome high rollers and offer them VIP treatment. Additionally, they can choose to attend a variety of other fun activities, such as concerts and events. High-profile musicians and celebrities usually grace most of these concerts and events.

Nightlife in Macau is amazing and high rollers have a wonderful opportunity to experience it. They will mostly visit the well-known clubs throughout the city, transporting themselves by limousines. And, once they enter, the clubs treat them very well. The clubs can arrange a grand entrance to receive them. A club can also arrange for the high roller to make an entrance on a Roman chariot. All this is to make high rollers comfortable and guarantee that they are having a wonderful time.

People consider Macau to be the Vegas of Asia and it has a lot to offer, especially to high rollers. High-limit rooms in Macau are luxurious and designed to give high rollers the best time possible. When a “whale” visits a host casino in Macau, they receive red-carpet treatment. They also get to play in luxurious poker rooms and enjoy private slot machines.

Las Vegas offers a comparable experience in many aspects, but the casinos there are aimed more at players of average means. If a player wishes to experience true luxury, Macau is one of the top spots to go.

High rollers and Spinia Casino

One of the more popular online casinos for high rollers is Spinia Casino, mostly owing to their various bonus features. We will quickly tell you all about the casino, and the features that make it so attractive.

Spinia Casino has quite a wide variety of games on offer, owing to the company being directly owned by N1 Interactive Ltd. Players can play more than a thousand of the most popular online slot games, as well as many popular table games. Live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or baccarat are also available.

Online slots

Spinia Casino offers a wide range of games developed by some of the software giants of the online casino industry. As such they offer games from providers such as Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Microgaming, Netent Quickspin, and Play’n GO.

Working with these giants ensures all the classic slots, such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst are present. There are many more slots available as well through the private label provided by Softswiss.

Jackpot slots

Spinia Casino provides multiple slots using progressive jackpots. An example of this is The Ruby, developed by iSoftBet. This game boasts the classic image of a Las Vegas casino and allows players to win from a progressive jackpot of up to 25.000 euros.

Live games

Spinia Casino has many live games provided by Evolution. This developer provides multiple big games such as live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. These games are staffed full-time, and as such are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This is where it gets interesting for high rollers. When a player first starts playing a game at Spinia Casino, they customarily receive a welcome bonus. This is usually a match bonus of a hundred percent with a maximum of up to one hundred euros and twenty-five free spins. These spins would be for the game Big Bass Bonanza, developed by Pragmatic Play. This bonus will be received after a player first deposits money into their account. In special cases, this bonus can be replaced by the previously mentioned high roller bonus. This bonus will usually be unaltered, aside from the fact that the amounts the player receives has been pumped up considerably.

The player receives an additional bonus after the second deposit. This one consists of a 50 percent match bonus and bonus money of up to 150 euros, along with twenty-five free spins. These spins will be usable for the game Fishin’ Reels, also developed by Pragmatic Play.

Aside from the welcome bonus, Spinia Casino has a system that allows players to receive some free spins every week. If a player deposits a minimum of forty euros in their account on a Wednesday, they will receive fifty free spins. Half of those will be received immediately, while the other half will only become available after 24 hours. All spins will be for Piggy Bank Hills. This is quite cheap, especially for high rolling customers, who can get the full benefits from such deals.

Aside from the weekly free spins there is an additional reload bonus on Sundays. Players will receive a 50 percent match bonus of up to a maximum of 250 euros for all money they deposit on that day. They will also receive twenty-five free spins for the game Mystic Chief.

Bonus requirements

Spinia’s bonus requirements are more flexible than those of most other gambling providers. For example, using payment services like Skrill and Neteller does not void the players’ right to receive a bonus. Most online casinos no longer allow players to use these payment services to deposit or withdraw money.

Players must also play with the money in their deposit before any bonus money becomes available to use. Winnings can be paid out at any point, but bonuses and any winnings from bonuses will not remain if the full bonus was not used.

Further requirements are as follows:

  • The absolute minimum to receive a bonus is twenty euros;
  • Any bonus money must be played with for at least forty times before it can be converted into real money;
  • Free spins will allow players to withdraw a maximum of one hundred euros;
  • The max stake a player can use bonus money for is five euros per spin;
  • Slots count for 100 percent; live casino games count for 0 percent. All other games count for 5 percent;
  • An important fact to remember is that the bonus codes need to be used to receive the bonus in the first place. Players will receive these codes when they have fulfilled the requirements to receive a bonus.

Loyalty program

Spinia Casino has a loyalty program where VIP players can receive additional rewards for playing. They receive these rewards by gathering points, which is where things truly get interesting for high rollers.

Players start at level 1, called the Rookie-level. This level is reached once a player has reached fifty points. The player will receive five euros as a reward for reaching this level. Nothing much yet, but everything has to start somewhere.

The highest level is level 10, called the Elite level. This level is reached once a player has reached 1.500.000 points. The reward is an amount of 50.000 euros in cash. This level will also allow players to trade in points for money. The conversion rate lies at 1 euro for every seventy points. This means players can receive more than 20.000 euros if they exchange all their points. This program and it´s rewards are specifically geared towards high rolling customers, as they are some of the few players who have the means to fully take part in the program.

It does take a while for players to reach the maximum number of points. A point is rewarded for every twenty euros used in a bet. It would thus take around 30.000.000 euros to receive the highest rank in the loyalty program, which is by no means a small investment. All bonus rewards must be played with three times. Points that are exchanged for money also need to be bet once, which is no problem for the richer players.

High rollers and Cookie Casino

Cookie Casino is an online casino that opened its doors in April 2020. The casino has a striking theme: biscuits and coffee.

The casino’s game selection is fine, but not exceptionally good. You can choose from hundreds of slots and table games from well-known providers such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, Quickspin, Pragmatic Play and Yggdrasil.

The live casino is exceptionally good though, you will find a large number of live games from Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live.

In addition, Cookie Casino has several bonuses, for both fresh players and returning players. This makes it attractive to deposit more often at this casino, as well as for high rolling customers.

In a nutshell, Cookie Casino has the following to offer:

  • A generous welcome package: up to €200 bonus money and 220 free spins;
  • an excellent live casino with top providers;
  • games from Quickspin, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play’n GO, among others;
  • 24/7 support via live chat.

Cookie Casino has a number of bonuses. These include bonuses for new players, as well as bonuses for returning players.

Welcome bonus

Do not have an account at Cookie Casino yet? Then you can claim the welcome bonus. There is a fine welcome bonus waiting for you that consists of two parts:

1st deposit: 100% match bonus up to €100 + 120 free spins for Book of Dead (bonus code CAKE). You will receive the free spins spread over 4 days in batches of thirty spins per day.

2nd deposit: 50% match bonus up to €100 + 100 free spins for The Magic Cauldron – Enchanted Brew (bonus code SWEET). You will receive the free spins spread over 2 days in batches of fifty spins per day.

Do not forget to enter the Cookie Casino bonus code when claiming a bonus at this casino. This is because without a bonus code, you will not receive a bonus.

The wagering requirement is forty times the bonus amount. In addition, your winnings from free spins must also be wagered forty times. Have you met this condition? Then you can have your winnings paid out. Just make sure not to bet more than €5 per spin or round.

Tuesday free spins

Do you deposit at least €20 on Tuesday? Then you will receive thirty free spins for Book of Dead. The bonus code is TUESDAY. Do not forget to enter this code.

The redemption condition of this bonus is the same as the welcome bonus. In fact, you must also play the winnings from the free spins forty times.

Wheel of Sweets

Start the weekend off right with Cookie Casino’s wheel of prizes. Deposit a minimum of €30 and add bonus code FRIDAY. You will find the prize wheel in the game menu. Spin the wheel and receive a random prize. Prizes range from twenty-five free spins to as much as €10,000. Winnings from free spins must be played forty times, the prize money only once.

Sunday Reload

Returning players can claim a reload bonus on Sundays. Deposit a minimum of €20 and use bonus code SUGAR. Receive a 50% match bonus up to €100 and fifty free spins for Bigger Bass Bonanza. The round-robin requirement is again forty times.

The free spins are spread over 2 days in batches of twenty-five spins.


While a tournament is not necessarily a bonus, tournaments can contribute to winnings. In fact, Cookie Casino offers Drops & Wins. This is Pragmatic Play’s well-known prize tournament.

Bonus terms

There are a number of conditions attached to Cookie Casino’s bonuses. addition, you should keep in mind that not all casino games contribute equally to wagering the bonus:

  • Slots: 100%
  • Other games (except live dealer games): 5%

Please note that a number of games are excluded from bonus redemption. You can find this list in the bonus terms and conditions. In addition, the maximum bet when playing with a bonus is €5 per round or spin.

Cookie Casino’s bonus terms are a tad on the strict side. On the other hand, there are no hidden bonuses and there are many different bonuses, ensuring everyone can find what they are looking for.

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