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Online Casino Reviews give you as a player a good idea of where you can best play. Of course we only offer existing  online casinos in our overview. Our online casino reviews go into different aspects that help you make the best choice. Think of reviewing the reliability of the online casino, the range of games and customer service. The reviews we write at Bonuslots  are based on actual research. We do research into the background of the online casino in question, and also create an account to be able to paint a good picture. And certainly we also go into the companies behind the online casinos. 

What do we pay attention to in online casino reviews?

We usually follow the same pattern with online casino reviews. First of all, we will investigate: where does the online casino come from? Who is behind it? Do we already know the casino from other projects? Next, we’re going to look at reliability. We find it especially important to maintain a legal approach.

So a variety of interesting information! And why is  Bonuslots  competent to perform these reviews? Our team consists of both gambling specialists and experts on the (legal) aspects of the online gambling market. This means that we can carry out reviews on the various parts.

Objective reviews

Based on research

International offer

Only existing casinos


Rated in reviews

Valuation conditions

We check casino conditions

Game offer

We explain about this

Quality first

We write reviews with care

Compliant with the Law

We ensure compliance on our site


We explain exactly how and what

Nice bonuses

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Why are Online Casino Reviews so important?

Nowadays there are countless online casinos to be found. Unfortunately, not all online casinos are equally good. An online casino review gives you more background about the provider in question.

So know where you are going to play:

  • An online casino review gives you a good idea of what you can expect;
  • You get a better picture of the conditions you agree to;
  • You know whether the game offer of the casino suits you well;
  • You know where the casino comes from and have some good background information.

In other words: know where you are going to play by looking closely at the casino reviews of Bonuslots.  We ensure that you find out in an honest way where you can go for a nice gamble!

The importance of responsible gambling

  • At Bonuslots  we find it extremely important that you can gamble in a responsible way. That is why we give you a number of tips below that you can take into account:
  • Don’t waste more than you can afford to miss;
  • Set limits for yourself so you don’t gamble too much money;
  • Take regular breaks from the slot game you are playing;
  • Do a self-test about gambling addiction every now and then (often offered at the casinos)
  • Play for fun;
  • Do not play when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Don’t think of gambling as a way to get your money.
  • With these tips we hope that you can gamble in a responsible and pleasantway.

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