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SOFTSWISS Gaming and N1 Interactive

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The company

N1 Interactive Ltd is owned by Soft Swiss Gaming, a Belarusian software developer first founded in 2008 that provides gaming software and payment processing systems to online gambling operators. They provide this service through so called “white-label partners.” N1 Interactive Ltd is one of these partners. A white-label product is a product or service made by one company that other companies present as their own, with permission from the first company. The name comes from the blank white label which can be present on packaging of physical products that can be filled in with the marketer’s trade dress. White-label products are sold by retailers with their trademark but produced by a third party. In the case of N1 Interactive, this means that SOFTSWISS provides the actual assistance and software to the online casinos but brands itself as N1 Interactive. SOFTSWISS is in possession of two platforms to provide this service:

  1. N1 Interactive Ltd, which is licensed in Malta,
  2. Direx NV, which is licensed in Curacao.

The reason for the two companies is that their licensing allows them to operate in different parts of the world. A Curaçaoan license is cheaper and easier to obtain overall, but it prohibits the licensee from offering their services to several big countries. Among these are France and previously the Netherlands as well. The United States is barred from online gambling under the Curaçaoan license as well, but they already regulate it very strictly themselves. Many US states still prohibit online gambling fully, while states such as New Jersey allow it only when an online provider partners with one of the local land-based casinos. Another difference between the two licences is that a Curaçaoan licence allows betting through a Sportsbook Platform, which the Maltese licence does not.

France and the Netherlands may be marketed to with a Maltese license, along with many more countries, European or otherwise. Having two companies with different licenses ensures that SOFTSWISS is able to provide its service to as many customers as possible. The Netherlands does allow Curaçaoan licensed companies currently, but this is quite a recent development and may still be subject to change in the future.

Services provided

SOFTSWISS´s white-labels providers assist online gambling providers in the technical aspects of their service. Using these services is an option for many operators to take when they are not necessarily willing to build their entire platforms from the ground up. This usually comes with a substantial number of expenses for a starting company. It is often far simpler to purchase a fully functional White-Label product. This product is usually a generic betting platform with a fixed package of games, bonuses, and payment methods. This package can be further edited by the client. They may remove some of the less popular games or add others if they think those would be more popular with their target demographic. The starting package usually provides the following:

  • A complete gambling platform, fully functional immediately after purchasing,
  • Software designed to be compatible with several different computing platforms,
  • More than 3000 games from multiple well-known developers,
  • A payment system allowing many different types of currency,
  • All languages needed, with the option to add more, if necessary,
  • A well-secured payment system,
  • An optimized user-friendly interface,
  • Assistance with licensing from the operator,
  • An affiliate marketing system,
  • An automated e-mail marketing system.


N1 Interactive provides multiple benefits that make it attractive to players. In contrast to the usual 3000 games, N1 interactive has a package of around 10.000 games. These games were made by some of the biggest developers in the industry, such as NetEnt, MicroGaming and Playtech.

N1 Interactive also provides a variety of live dealer games. In these games, the player deals with an actual person instead of a computer. The games will be played through a camera feed that is streamed to the player. While these games are often slower to play, it has been found many players prefer the more human component. N1 Interactive has live dealer games from big providers such as Evolution, Playtech Live, and Pragmatic Play Live.

The last benefit is the fact that most N1 Interactive casinos offer loyalty programs to their players. Players can obtain free spins and extra bonuses through these programs, which means it is more likely they will stay at this casino. They might otherwise look for a different provider.


Though N1 Interactive is a well-known provider, players do experience some issues with their services.

Most casinos belonging to N1 Interactive use a monthly payment limit of €15.000, which means they will not pay out any more than that per month. This is unusually low for such a big provider.

N1 Interactive casinos often receive complaints about their account-verification process. It takes far longer than it does for most casinos, which seems unnecessary for such a big company. They also seem unaccustomed to shared bank accounts, as the system seems unable to understand it when multiple names are assigned to the same account.

The last point of criticism is N1 Interactive´s customer service. Most of their customer service representatives operate from East-European countries. These representatives, unfortunately, do not always speak English of a sufficient enough level to assist customers with their issues. Even when they do, their heavy accents have reportedly made contact difficult numerous times.

N1 Interactive casinos

The number of casinos operating under N1 Interactive has been steadily growing for a number of years, to the point their portfolio now encapsulates more than fifty casinos. As of 2022, these are the following;

  • Betchan casino
  • Maneki casino
  • Mason Slots casino
  • Berry casino
  • Spinurai casino
  • Wild Fortune casino
  • Samosa casino
  • BingoBonga casino
  • InstantPay casino
  • AmunRa casino
  • N1Bet
  • Cookie casino
  • Casino Buck
  • Crazy Fox casino
  • Winny casino
  • Slotwolf casino
  • Gioo casino
  • Sunpura casino
  • Turbico casino
  • Nightrush casino
  • Megaslot casino
  • Spinia casino
  • N1 casino
  • CasinoBuck
  • Casino Kakadu
  • Hejgo casino
  • Slot Hunter Casino
  • Unislots casino
  • Millionaria casino
  • Jackpoty casino
  • Dreamz casino
  • Pipe casino
  • Combo Slots casino
  • Betamo casino
  • Pino casino
  • Slothunter casino
  • Dux casino
  • EUslot casino
  • Avalon78 casino
  • OctoCasino
  • KingBilly casino
  • Bob casino
  • Paradise casino
  • Gslot casino
  • DasIstCasino
  • Casino Universe
  • Premier casino
  • CasinoRex
  • Praise casino
  • Casiqo casino
  • Evospin casino
  • Arlekin Casino
  • Abo Casino

Controversy news about N1 Interactive

N1 Interactive has experienced its share of controversy, as most online gaming companies have. They were fined 500.000 euros by the Dutch Gaming Authority in 2021 for offering illegal gaming services to players in the Netherlands through Online gambling may be legal in the Netherlands now, but that was not the case at the time. N1 Interactive websites used words like ‘Amsterdam’. The DGA was of the opinion these bonus codes were aimed toward a Dutch audience. The company also did not make it clear that it was not legal to use the website in the Netherlands. The fine was decided by the number of recorded instances where Dutch citizens were allowed to use the site. Additional fines were imposed after the Dutch Gaming Authority determined that the website failed to add a visible age verification option. The website was also known to charge additional fees when players were inactive.

Different payment methods

Wide range of games

24/7 live chat customer service

No sports betting offer


N1 Interactive did not agree with these fines, but they did develop additional measures to prevent players based in the Netherlands from using the website. As such, they added a feature where the website would automatically block all Dutch IP-addresses. After they did this, SOFTSWISS released the following statement:

“[…] the most notable was the implication of an IP-blocker to prevent players from the Netherlands from accessing Betchan (this happened before the hearing of our case), despite the fact there were no formal requirements to do so in the first place. The implementation of this change embodies the spirit of the DGA-regulations and shows the company´s compliant and cooperative attitude in this situation..”

N1 Interactive Ltd did not agree with the fact they were ordered to pay a fine immediately after the verdict was passed. They were of the opinion they had various legal options to appeal the DGA´s decision. The DGA did not agree, unfortunately. The spokesperson proclaimed that N1 Interactive would receive negative publicity from this verdict, but this did not sway the DGA.

N1 Interactive Limited stated they would file for an appeal immediately after the verdict had been passed, in the hopes that the Dutch Supreme Court might be more lenient in its decision. They stated that they had taken sufficient measures for anti-money laundering, data protection, responsible play, and the relevant tax laws. The company was of the opinion it had broken no rules, either set by the Malta Gaming Authority or internationally.

Licence application

N1 Interactive stated their intent to apply for a Dutch gaming licence after the legal proceedings had concluded. Their spokesperson stated:

“We are of the opinion, that, instead of pushing operators and players into a legal “grey zone,” there should be an equal playing field for all parties where everyone should act transparently within the confines of the law. We hope that we shall soon be able to join the other operators who have taken the decision to be part of the Dutch online gaming market, as we look forward to expansion in the Dutch market as part of the sustainable growth of our company.”

The DGA unfortunately takes a “cooling down period” into account when granting permits to parties that have unlawfully targeted Dutch consumers in the past. Due to this, if an online casino wishes to obtain a permit to market its services to the Netherlands, it needs to refrain from targeting Dutch citizens for two and a half years. The DGA was relatively lenient in this aspect in the past, but this is seemingly no longer the case. An increasing number of permits have been denied because the applicants targeted the Dutch market too recently.

Fake commercials

N1 Interactive was recently involved in a scandal where a number of their white-label clients had placed misleading commercials on numerous platforms. These companies would put advertisements on Facebook and Instagram where they would advertise the new online services of Holland Casino and Jack´s Casino. These casinos did not have online platforms at the time, and the advertisements sent any person who clicked on them to completely different websites that were in no way affiliated with either of these companies.

Extensive vip program

Various payment methods

24/7 live chat customer service

Slow payout

No sports betting offer


One example was the game Fire Gem: Super Bonus Slot. This game was reportedly barely functional, but many players clicked on it as they thought it was provided by a reputable party. The advertisements for this game mostly appeared on peoples´ Instagram feeds.

Another big example happened not on Instagram, but on Facebook. These advertisements would redirect to a BlogSpot-page using a name remarkably similar to Holland Casino. The page in between the advertisement and Facebook allowed the third party to keep the final URL hidden from Facebooks advertising platform. They could send any visitor to multiple URL´s easily and in quick succession.

After some investigation, it was discovered the advertisements would lead players to the websites of Spinia and Betamo. Both these companies were exploited under N1 Interactive Ltd. N1 Interactive posited that they were not responsible for the actions of their white-label clients, as they were their own independent companies.

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