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Top 5 biggest online Gambling mistakes

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Gambling remains a game of chance, where you cannot predict the outcome, although people sometimes think they can. Sometimes you become overconfident as a player or you don’t know what you are doing at all, and you make mistakes, unfortunately, this can lead to major consequences. In this blog we list the 5 biggest online gambling mistakes for you, to protect yourself and so that you don’t have to make the same mistake!

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1. Choosing the wrong casino

This is a common mistake, people are quickly attracted by commercials that advertise the best bonuses, promises and richness. It is of course quite easy to believe this and often people do not bother to actually check whether the casino where you want to play is actually reliable. However, this is very important to do. Because let’s face it, good preparation is half the work, and it is better to check for 5 minutes whether a casino is reliable than to start playing immediately and find out afterwards that it is a shady business! Therefore, always check the age guide (18+), customer service, information about payouts and the number of games.

For example, in the Netherlands there is a straightforward way to check whether a casino is reliable. The Gaming Authority issues licenses to casinos that comply with the legal requirements of the legislation on games of chance. When a casino has such a license, you are assured that the casino is legit. Do you not trust the website of the casino, or does it seem too good to be true? Then of course look further, you will benefit from this in the future!

2. Deviating from your budget

It is important with any form of gambling that you absolutely do not deviate from your budget. It is well known that gambling addictions play a significant role within the gambling industry, whether online or physical. The adrenaline that rushes through your body when you win a generous sum of money works for some people like a kind of drug, they want more and more of it. Gambling can be very addictive. However, this is a big pitfall, games of chance are made in a way so that you cannot always win. Otherwise, the casinos won’t make any money. People who are addicted to gambling will often lose more than they win, which cannot always be expressed in money. But also, in terms of family, their belongings or other high value things. But they still keep that urge for that one big cash prize that keeps them from stopping.

By determining in advance what your maximum bet per day, week or month is, you also keep it fun for yourself. You can do this by realistically looking at your income, fixed costs and what you have left over per month. Also base your budget on your experience, an experienced player simply knows better how his chances work and can therefore better estimate a budget. At most casinos you must create a player account, in which you must also indicate how much you want to spend per month on playing the online gambling games. When you reach your maximum, you can no longer play. This is also a good incentive to play at a recognized and safe casino.

3. Under the influence

It might seem like a logical point to you, but never play under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, it is never a clever idea. Narcotics make your boundaries blur and your sense of responsibility decreases, so you choose a shady casino more quickly, deviate from your budget or bet too high on a game that you have rarely played. There is no benefit to gambling under the influence. You can regret this immensely and it will cost you a lot of money. And believe us, you will have a nicer evening if you have one more beer and then go home than if you gamble too much on your money and go home with a big loss which you will regret again when you are sober.

4. Bonuses

There are numerous bonuses at casinos. It is very important that you carefully examine the conditions for these bonuses in advance. A bonus is often meant as bait for the players because casinos want as many players as possible at their house, so there will almost always be a catch. So always check whether you have a realistic chance of clearing the bonus at all. Because a bonus that you can never convert into real money is of no use at all.

Some examples of bonus terms are:

  • Do not bet too high;
  • There is a maximum amount that you can win through a bonus;
  • Games in which a savings bonus is built in do does not give an extra bonus on top of that;
  • Low variance games are often excluded from bonuses;
  • Have not used the bonus within x number of days;
  • Play slots that are excluded from the bonus.

Don’t just rely on any welcome bonus either. That seems genuinely nice because you start with a nice amount, but in the end, you hand in a lot for it. You often have to deposit money before you get this bonus, which means that you have to deposit money before you even make any profit at all.

5. State of mind

It may seem like a logical mistake, but you are treading on thin ice if you start gambling when you are not feeling well. This can be because you are in debt, addicted and so on. Commercials can make you think that playing games of chance will give you a better life. Wealth, power, expensive things, nice vacations and so on, this is the dream of many persons. When you are not feeling well in your state of mind, you are more susceptible to this way of advertising and more susceptible to the beautiful life that games of chance could offer.

However, it is less easy than you think to achieve this by playing games of chance. Many people glorify the once in a lifetime situations where someone hits the jackpot and never has to work again in their life. But when we say once in a lifetime, we mean it, because just think about yourself, how often do you hear that someone actually wins that huge jackpot?

The most important thing is a realistic view of games of chance. When you are well aware that games of chance are often made for the benefit of the house, you are well aware of your own budget and how you deal with this and your own abilities, you will come a long way. Gambling should be for the thrill, fun and entertainment. Gambling will never solve your problems.

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