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Euro maximum bet
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Always Hot Deluxe Online

Always Hot Deluxe Online is a classic slot machine set in a modern look. The online slot machine is on fire figuratively, which the red flood in the background tells us. You bet at Always Hot Deluxe Online with a fixed amount per spin. The minimum of this slot machine is 0.15 euros, and the maximum has a value of 20 euros. The RTP is not very high at Always Hot Deluxe Online, which is 95.43%. The maximum multiplier Always Hot Deluxe has in store for you is 1,000 times your stake. So you come down to the maximum bet at a maximum profit of 20,000 euros. Furthermore, Always Hot Deluxe Online is a low variance, so you know where you stand when playing the online slot machine.

  • Low variance: your outcomes won’t fluctuate to a large extent
  • Easy gameplay: Always Hot Deluxe is easy to play
  • Classic slot machine: in a modern look
Classic slot machine

In a modern look

Easy to play

For young and old



Wide betting range

Bets from 0.15 euros

Reliable producer

Greentube is reliable

Low variance

Know where you stand

Always Hot Deluxe Play: an introduction

You know it. After hanging out in a bar for a while, the atmosphere is a bit dead. So it’s always a joy when there’s a slot machine somewhere in the corner of the room in question. Luckily for you as a player, Greentube Novamatic has made an online version of it and put it into a modern look.

We can tell you already; Always Hot Deluxe Online is not our favorite online slot game. It’s not a slot game with exciting features and innovative free spins. Nevertheless, you can have fun on the Always Hot Deluxe slot. Keep reading this review to learn more about the benefits, the operation, the bonus, and, of course, we conclude with our closing judgment.

The operation of the Always Hot Deluxe slot

Doesn’t get nostalgic feelings when playing on a slot machine. Almost every gambler has ever started, somewhere in the corner of a cafe or online, of course, on such a vending machine. Do you like slots, just like Always Hot Deluxe? Great! Then try Sticky Diamonds, Random Runner Reel Rush, or Simply Wild.

You bet at Always Hot Deluxe Online with a fixed amount per spin. You bet on a fixed pay line, where the minimum is 0.03 euro and the maximum 4 euro. With 5 pay lines, you get to a minimum total bet of 0.15 euros and a maximum of 20 euros. With a maximum multiplier of 1,000 times your stake, you can win up to 20,000 euros.

Furthermore, the Always Hot Deluxe slot does not have a high RTP, 95.43%, which is somewhat below average. Therefore, the variance of the online slot machine is low, which means that the results of your spins will not fluctuate to a very high degree. You can also play the slot game on a laptop, desktop, or your phone.

The symbols and their values

A slot machine also includes fruity symbols. As you might use a slot machine, the lower segment is formed by the orange, cherry, peach, and lime. These are worth 8 times your stake. The mid-range is shaped by the grape and the bell and are worth 16 times your bet. Next, the watermelon, stars, and lucky number 7 are worth 20, 40, and 60 times your stake, respectively.

All in all, they are relatively simple symbols whose value is easy to recognize. But an online casino in its entirety is not easy to understand and can sometimes be quite tricky. 

The Gamble Feature

Always Hot Deluxe Online, unfortunately, has no bonus; you have to make your bonus yourself. After each win, you get the option to gamble, the gamble feature. You can double or lose your profit. The maximum multiplier you can get in the base game is 60x your bet. In the end, you can obtain a maximum multiplier of 1,000x your stake by gambling from this or a low multiplier. 

Always Hot Deluxe review: The reliability

Always Hot Deluxe online is Greentube Novamatic, which you may know from the popular The Book of Ra. Although the company was still relatively unknown 10 years ago, it has gained a solid and popular name within the gambling industry. As a result, the company has also won multiple certificates and awards, partly because of its reliability. Translated back, we see this at Always Hot Deluxe Online. It is a reliable slot that Bonuslots has good experiences with. But, of course, we as Bonuslots must also be reliable. As a result, we also want you to be wise, so always stay safe and responsible for gambling.

The pros and cons of the Always Hot Deluxe slot 

Each slot has its advantages and disadvantages, so does Always Hot Deluxe Online. It’s a friendly and easy slot to play on, but few features or exciting bells and whistles. The layout is simplistic, but some can also be perceived as pleasant. 


  • Easy slot with an easy gameplay
  • Gamble feature, decide for yourself how high your win gets
  • For a slot machine, a high maximum multiplier


  • No bonus or free spins
  • It may be too simple for some
  • some too low variance

The Always Hot Deluxe Online Winning Chances of

Course you play a slot machine to win! You can look at the return to player to see what the theoretical payout percentage is. Always Hot Deluxe Online has an RTP of 95.43%. This is pretty low, as the average in the industry is 96%. Would you prefer a slot with a higher RTP? Then check out our reviews about Immortal Romance, Gorilla Kingdom or Mega Moolah.

A nice extra feature that Always Hot Deluxe has is the gamble feature. You can gamble after each win here a card is rotated (red or black), from which you then have one of the following outcomes: either your winnings will be doubled, or you will lose your winnings. This is one of the few fun extra features that Always Hot Deluxe Online has.

You bet at Always Hot Deluxe Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.15 euro to 20 euro. You play the online slot on a 3×3 playing field and win by obtaining 3 (or more) identical symbols on your playing field. In addition, the online slot has a maximum multiplier of 1,000x your bet, which is big for a slot machine.

Final Verdict Always Hot Deluxe Online

Tja, Always Hot Deluxe Online, what should we say about it. It’s not our favorite slot game. You have no wilds, free spins, or a bonus, and the base game can be experienced as boring by the experienced players. Moreover, the theoretical maximum win is not very high, 95.43%. Nevertheless, it is okay for a novice player. The online slot has easy gameplay, a relatively high multiplier, and you have a reasonably high reach in terms of wagering. All in all, Always Hot Deluxe gets a 6yo from us, so a pass.

FAQ Always Hot Deluxe Online

The minimum to bet is 0.03 euro per pay line, and the maximum is 4 euro. With 5 pay lines, this comes out at a minimum of 0.15 euros and a maximum of 20 euros per spin.

The maximum multiplier is 1,000x your stake. You can get your hands on this by gambling multiple times, and of course, gambling everything well.

No, Always Hot Deluxe Online has a low variance. As a result, you know where you stand, so the results of your spins will not be very much different from each other.

The online slot has a playing field at 3×3. You win by getting 3 identical symbols on one of the 5 pay lines.

Always Hot Deluxe Online is a slot game that can be played anywhere: on your desktop, laptop, or phone.

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