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Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is a slot game that is about the big bad wolf and the 3 piglets. Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is set in the straw cottage, where the first piglet of the famous fairy tale lives. With a beautiful valley in the background, you will experience a pleasant and distinctive Megaways experience. The RTP has a value of 96.05%, fine on the industry average. You bet with a fixed amount per spin, and the betting range is 0.20 euro to 100 euro. You will get the best result with the free spins, with the maximum multiplier being 30,540. In addition, Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online has a relatively high variance, and there are no less than 117,649 ways to generate profits.

  • Ghost theme High
  • variance: for the real gambler
  • High maximum multiplier
Pretty high variance

for the true lover of volatile slots

Good RTP

96.05% is on the average

High maximum win

30,540 times your bet

Fairytale theme

elaborated in the details

A clear improvement over from the predecessor

Megaways version is good

Slot Machine from a reliable producer

Quickspin hardly ever disappoints

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Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online: an introduction to the fairy tale slot game

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is about the big bad wolf. Everyone is familiar with the famous fairy tale; the big bad wolf would like to eat 3 piglets, while the piglets protect themselves by building all 3 different houses. One of straw, another made of wood, and the final victor makes the cottage out of stone. This last piglet eventually causes the wolf to end up in a boiling pan. Do you remember the fairy tale a little? It’s up to you, like the last piglet, to beat the wolf and claim fat monies. Bonuslots has figured out a thing or two to inform you in its entirety about Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online. The operation of the slot machine, the symbols, reliability, pros and cons, the bonus game, and more!

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Play: How Does the Slot Work?

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online takes place in an idyllic setting. The rickety house of straw, the green heather, and the hand-drawn clouds create nostalgic feelings. In combination with tasteful music, it is an atmospheric slot machine. Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is graphically a clear improvement from its predecessor. It’s a typical Megaways slot: 6 reels, 2 to 4 symbols per reel, and a bonus reel at the top

You bet at Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 100 euros, which is a suitable amount for everyone. You can win on one of the 117,649 Megaways by obtaining a combination of 3 identical symbols, starting from the left. In addition, Big Bad Wolf Megaways slot has a maximum multiplier of 30,540, so pretty high. The RTP has a value of 96.05%, but because there is high variance, your results may be disappointing in the short term. Therefore, always be aware of the risks of gambling, and always gamble safely and responsibly.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Games: What do the symbols look like, and how do the features work?

A fairytale-themed slot, of course, also includes fairytale symbols. The big bad wolf is worth the most. When you see this bad guy descending 6 times on your screen, you can count on 50 times your bet. The medium symbols are the 3 piglets. Each has a different value, the trowel, axe, and pitchfork. The toolbox is the wild and appears on reels 2 and 4. The low valued ones are the symbols on a regular deck, 10 through the bait. The fun thing about Big Bad Wolf Megaways: the symbols with the low values are relatively common in a winning combination. You can see this more often with Quickspin slots.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online has so-called “tumbling symbols.” This means that after a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear, allowing you to obtain new winning combinations. This can theoretically go on infinitely if you keep gaining winning combinations, so there are opportunities to cash heavily. However, when you get a second “tumble combination,” you activate the piggy wild feature. As a result, symbols turn into one of the three piglets in the shape of a wild.

Is Big Bad Wolf Megaways better than Big Bad Wolf 1?

Big Bad Wolf is a favorite among many players; many consider this slot as one of the best. The slot machine even won an EGR award in 2013. Buttt: Quickspin has surpassed the predecessor with Big Bad Wolf Megaways. Graphically, it has improved considerably, more features have been added, the playing field has been increased, and an excellent bonus role has been added to the top. The only downside: the RTP has gone down a bit. However, this is entirely over classed by all the improvements made by Big Bad Wolf Megaways. So we can conclude that Big Bad Wolf Megaways is a definite improvement!

Review Big Bad Wolf Megaways: How Reliable Is the Slot Machine?

We can immediately see the characteristic of Quickspin when we start assessing Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online for reliability: the slot machine is technically high-quality quality and is reliable. Over the years, QuickSpin has won several awards for its sound policy. In addition, the company has many permits to produce their slots, and eight quality more weighty than quantity, which can be seen at Big Bad Wolf slot. Therefore, bonuslots can’t help but conclude that Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is a decent slot with high quality.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Slot: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the slot machine?

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is a slot machine whose details are excellently worked out. It can be seen that attention has been paid to the layout; this ensures that the playing experience is significantly better than the predecessor. Bonuslots has listed the pros and cons to create a clear picture about Big Bad Wolf Megaways.


  • Fairytale theme
  • High maximum multiplier
  • Beautiful graphics, atmospheric sounds, and a neat layout
  • You can get bonus buying with an increased RTP
  • Multiple features that improve the playing experience
  • Significant improvements over Big Bad Wolf
  • Many ways to win


  • We can’t track down any drawbacks!

What are your chances of winning when playing Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online?

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online has a relatively high variance. This means that your results can fluctuate reasonably. Furthermore, the slot machine has an RTP of 96.05%, which is at the industry average. Are you a fan of Megaways slots, and would you rather see a higher RTP? Then try Royal Mint Megaways, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megaways of Survivor Megaways.

The theoretical maximum multiplier is 30,540 times your bet; this is pretty high considering Big Bad Wolf Megaways has easy gameplay. However, there is a possibility that you can hit such a multiplier during the free spin round. You can grab fat bonuses in this free spin round through the tumbling reels feature and the piggy wild feature. In addition, there is also a possibility to buy the bonus, which involves an increase in the RTP: 96.44%. Quickspin has nicely dressed the bonus with this.

You bet at Big Bad Wolf Megways with a fixed amount per spin, which runs from 0.20 euro to 100 euro. The slot has a whopping 117,649 pay lines, so not wrong. So you have a lot of opportunities to grab a profit at Big Bad Wolf Megaways. However, suppose you’ve won a significant amount of money; there’s a chance you’ll have to pay taxes. 

How does the Big Bad Wolf Megaways Slot bonus game work?

Almost every slot machine gets more fun when the bonus is triggered. Of course, this is also the case with Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online, although the base game is also beautiful. You can activate the bonus by spinning 3 scatters. The scatter is shaped like a moon. Where the wolf will cry at 3 moons, there is a chance that you will experience a euphoric feeling. You can also buy the bonus for 90x your stake. Your RTP will go up here to 96.44%

Blowing down the house bonus is the name of the bonus, which refers to the wolf who blew the piglets’ houses in the fairy tale. You start with 11 free spins and start with a multiplier of x1. Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online has progressive multipliers. This means that after each winning combination, your multiplier will go up by x1, which can theoretically continue infinitely. In addition, you can get even more free spins by spinning extra scatters, which will also give you a higher multiplier.

Final Verdict Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online

Bonuslots cannot help but judge that Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online is an excellent slot. Quickspin has done a great job and significantly improved the slot machine compared to the predecessor. Big Bad Wolf Megaways slot has a fine RTP, high maximum gain, and great gameplay. It is clear to notice that extra attention has been paid to the layout and details. Big Bad Wolf 1 was one of the most-played slot games, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online gets over this entirely by all the aspects above. Bonuslots is convinced!

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FAQ Big Bad Wolf Megaways Online

The slot game has the central theme of the fairy tale, the big bad wolf, and the 3 piglets. This has been worked through in all aspects of the slot machine.

The RTP is 96.05%. Fine, given that this is at the industry average.

It is classified into a Megaways format. 6 reels, 2 to 4 symbols per reel, and 117,649 pay lines

You can activate the bonus by spinning 3 scatters, which have the shape of a moon. You can also buy a bonus for 90 times your stake.

Pretty much every aspect of the slot machine has been improved.

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