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Book of Dead

One of the most popular slots ever made is, who doesn’t know it, Book of Ra by Novomatic. In casinos all around the world, you will find vending machines on which this chef-d’oeuvre can be played. Unfortunately, the experienced player now knows: where success is in the casino country, copycats are lurking. Online you can find many post papers from Book of Ra, the best known and the hottest Book of Dead Online. The game is pretty easy to play, and the graphics look good. The minimum bet also leaves not much to be desired! Book of Dead Online offers excellent value for small players: the minimum bet is only 0.10 cents.

Playmakers Play’ n Go have set the bar high for themselves: is the Book of Dead Slot as adventurous and horrific as the original?

We have researched this copycat for you and would love to tell you more about it in this Book of Dead Online review. After this review, we know whether Play’ n Go has worked correctly and whether the creed “rather well stole rather than ill-conceived” deserves ground.

High Return to Player

96.4% RTP!

High variation

Every spin is different!

Even before the end of the month

Starting at 0.10 cents bet

Free Spins

More and More Winnings

Piece of a history lesson

Good excuse

Cool features Lukewarm

graphics with an ancient Egyptian theme

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How does Book of Dead work?

As you may already be used to from us, we don’t wind wipes around it at Bonuslots. Your goal is to activate the bonus. Of course, you want to know how to do that the fastest. It’s coming.

The Book of Dead online has several reels, with the adventurer Rich Wilde, three Egyptian symbols, and A, K, Q, J, and 10. Of course, as with the original, this slot is also a well-known golden book. This asset counts as a joker (Wild) and as a scatter! You win the bonus round if you run at least three books in the picture. You will then get 10 free Book of Dead spins. But: before those free spins start, the book opens, and one symbol of all the symbols on the slot is elevated to the chosen one, the so-called “special symbol.”

This chosen symbol will expand over the entire reel if at least one winning combination is made. Your goal is to bring the selected symbol to all 5 reels. For example, if the Q is your unique, chosen symbol and a Q falls on reels 2, 3, and 5, you win the prize for three Qs: five times your stake per line. Cash register!

Wait a minute, that’s not all. If you get the intrepid explorer Rich Wilde as a chosen, special symbol, it’s filling pockets during the bonus round. Five Rich Wildes means a significant fat 5000 times your stake! The free spins are easy to activate, making the Book of Dead Slot enticing and fun to play! If this doesn’t appeal to you, look at one of our other games.

What makes the Book of Dead bonus game so appealing?

The Book of Dead slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. You can choose to play with as many as 10 paylines or just 1 payline. With a bet starting at just 1 cent per payline, you can play from one penny per spin (with 1 payline). If you play with all 10 paylines active, you can turn away from 0.10 cents to 100 euro per spin.

As indicated earlier, the most rewarding symbol is Rich Wilde. If you manage to fill the reels with one of the Rich Wild symbols in one spin, you win the jackpot of 5,000 times your stake. But, just as important is the Book of Dead symbol, as this is both the wildcard and scatter symbol. If it appears as a joker, it can replace any other symbol to lend you a hand to a winning combination.

Because it’s a Play’ n GO slot, it has a high variance. This means that most wins will be small. The bigger wins come in the free spins with, for example, the Rich Wilde or Book of Dead symbols, as these chosen symbols lend you a hand to fill the reels with the same symbol.

Ancient Egypt as a theme at Book of Dead!

Once you have chosen to play the Book of Dead Slot, it will take you back in time. The theme of this game is the mythical underworld of ancient Egypt, where mystery and adventure lurk. After meeting Anubis and Osiris, the two main Egyptian gods, you step into the light and start your game. Whoever will play Book of Dead will imagine themselves in an old burial chamber. Spooky, mysterious, and dark.

How big are your chances of winning when you play Book of Dead Online?

The chances of winning at The Book of Dead are pretty high for an easy-to-play game. The RTP is 96.21%. Most online casinos use this RTP rate, but not every online casino works with this. You can find Book of Dead Online versions at 94.25%, 91.25%, 87.25%, or even 84.18%. However, the RTP rate of around 96% is relatively standard for online slots: for example, Bonanza Megaways Online, Pirate Kingdom Megaways Online, and Zeus Slots Online, an equivalent RTP.

Assuming the RTP is 96.21%, as Play’ n Go itself suggests, that makes The Book of Dead more attractive than Book of Ra! If you play 100 euros on Book of Dead, you get an average of about 3.79 euros advantage. If you play 100 euros on Book of Ra, you will lose an average of 5.74 euros. We do the calculations for you: that’s more than one and a half times as much! Of course, be aware that these gains will not be constant. Due to the speed of this slot, you can also lose your bet quickly. In addition, the game is easy to play, you are quickly in the bonus round with free spins, and the minimum bet is low. So there is good money for the novice and experienced gambler, both at the beginning of the month and the end of the month;). Of course, it is essential to remember that you do need a bit of luck: responsible gambling remains necessary, of course.

The Book of Dead: a piece of history lesson That

This slot takes place in mystical Ancient Egypt is no fluke. For the Egyptologists, “Book of Dead” will not be an unknown term. For the ancient Egyptians, the “Book of Dead” means a collection of religious and ritual texts known as the rise of daylight. These texts were read and written to reveal the mysteries and mystery of life to those who were ready for this. Reading and studying these texts created the prerequisite for spiritual development. After death, the soul could unleash itself from the body, free itself from the earthly, and wander in heaven. A hymn, call it a chanson, for the light, eternity, and spiritual liberation. So Play’ n Go has opened up the history books with the choice of Book of Dead Online. So what’s in a name?

How reliable is the Book of Dead Online Slots?

The Book of Dead Online is a copycat slot from Novomatic’s Book of Ra. The Book of Dead Online was created by Play’ n GO, a slot provider known as one of the most reliable and better providers of the moment. Play’ n GO not only releases most slots but also consistently delivers high quality. The Book of Dead Online is part of the endless Play’ n GO classics list. So you can assume that the Book of Dead Online is reliable. We at Bonuslots have great experiences playing this slot, and it’s fun too! You can take big wins at Book of Dead Online, especially during the bonus round. In addition, you can start with a small starting amount. Are you excited? Then we recommend you play this game.

Final consideration

Book of Dead is similar to Novomatic’s Book of Ra, but Book of Dead Online still has better graphics and animations. As a result, Book of Dead Online offers a predominantly greasier experience, partly because it not only looks mysterious and adventurous on your laptop or PC but also because the graphics remain horrific on your phone or tablet. The theme of this slot is ancient Egypt, which makes it one of the most popular slots today.

The game is easy and volatile, with a maximum hit of 5000 times your bet per spin, Hoppa! However, with an average RTP of 96.21%, your chances of winning are high, so those pockets fill.

Book of Dead has become Play’ n GO’s most popular slot machine ever and has reached cult status. Even the Chief Operating Officer of Play’ n GO (Martin Zettergren) said about The Book of Dead in a statement: “Book of Dead is a spellbindingly exciting slot that players won’t be able to tear themselves away from, it boasts best-in-class graphics, sounds, and animation”. Because of The Book of Dead, Play’ n Go can no longer be removed from online casino land and has become a favorite among experienced online slot players. Many Rich Wilde releases will still be produced.

Bonuslots is considering: Book of Dead creates a fat game sensation.

The moment of the truth, Bonuslots is out: better stated well than poorly made up. Yes, this copycat more than makes up for this unwritten crime. Play’ n Go has not only delved into Novomatic’s Book of Ra to improve it, but they have also depleted the history books to convey the gamer a bit of knowledge in addition to a great experience. Do you also hear a good excuse to play this slot? We recommend you try this lock. Do you take the gamble? Then first, take a look at our blog about the risks of online gambling in the Netherlands!

Book of Dead Online: Pros and Cons

Book of Dead Online is a gambling game that will make you delusion in ancient, mysterious Egypt, where the bonus round will be most appealing. The bonus round offers a higher win with additional free spins. Because the game is easy to play, it is suitable for novice and experienced gamblers.


  • Cool theme with enigmatic graphics
  • Easy to play, both on a PC and a phone
  • One of the classics of Play’ n GO
  • A Riche Wild symbol will earn 5,000 times the bet!


  • You can win high prizes, but if this fails, your balance will, in most cases, deteriorate

  • No sound effects


The slot Book of Dead is almost a one-to-one copy of the popular game, the Book of Ra. Minimal difference: the copycat is many times better than the original! Play’ n Go has put itself on the market sublime with the Book of Dead slot. The Book of Dead is very exciting, mysterious, and mysterious with ancient Egypt as its theme. Not only are the graphics slick, but the high payout rate also makes the Book of Dead come out better. Fair is fair, it’s sometimes a long wait for the bonus, but if you spin a highly chosen symbol, then your long wait will be rewarded more than well. The Book of Dead is a real must-play! Do you dare to do it?

  • Better graphics with the mysterious theme!
  • High variation: all symbols mean something different!
  • Increased chances of winning and RTP!

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FAQ Book of Dead

Book of Dead Online’s RTP is 96.21%. So for every €100 you bet, you will win back an average of €96.21. But: the slot machine is highly volatile, so your bankroll can easily disappear. The downside of the coin: you can get huge profits with every spin.

The maximum payout of the Book of Dead is 5000 times your total bet per spin or free spin. This is won by filling the reels with the high-quality Rich Wild symbol. Your chances in the free spins are increasing dramatically every time.

Yes. The free spins feature gives you 10 free spins and a special expansion symbol. When it appears, it covers the roll completely. This may result in a screen full of the same symbol. There is also an unlimited number of retriggers for infinite free spins.

The Book of Dead slot was created using HTML5 technology. This means you can play on any device you want, including smartphones and tablets. While it looks best on desktop devices (laptops /pcs), graphics, animations, and gameplay are not compromised when playing on smaller screens.

The Book of Dead is the nicer slot game of the two games. There’s much more going on in the free spins, and the graphics are better worked out.

Play Book of Dead now?