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Book of Secrets 6

Book of Secrets 6 is an online slot game where you have to discover the secrets of the pharaohs. The bonus feature dedicated to the book with Horus’ eye on it is very entertaining and can help you win great prizes.

  • Delightful bonus feature
  • A historical theme that appeals to many people
  • Free spins to win
Maximum Win

Win up to 12,500 times your stake



Fixed Paylines


History Lesson

Good Reason to Play



Wide Betting Range:

minimum €0.10 and maximum €20 -per spin

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Step into the pharaohs’ hidden tomb and reveal their secrets. Book of Secrets 6 is an online slot game developed by Synot Games. This video slot has a theme dedicated to the ancient Egyptians and is played on a 6-reel and 3-row playing field. There are 10 active pay lines on which the winning combinations must emerge on the playing field. In this review, you’ll read everything you need to know about this fun historical video slot.

How does Book of Secrets 6 work?

Book of Secrets 6 has a wide range of colorful symbols. These symbols will end up on the 6 reels and 3 rows playing field. The gold button with the black round arrow is the dial, which allows you to spin each round again. With the “balance” icon, you will find a field to adjust the bet. Here, you determine the value you play with between €0.12 and €10. As a result, the maximum bet you can bet per round will be €100- which is a reasonably wide betting range.

As it should be with an exciting adventure, the variance with this game is also nice and high. The conflict determines the dispersion of a set of values and the extent to which the values differ between themselves. Therefore, there is more difference between the values with high variance and the more they deviate from the average. Also, this online slot machine’s payout rate (RTP) is pretty good at 96.02%. You can make sure that you win great prizes via the 10 fixed pay lines by getting sequences of the same symbols on a line. These sequences must be at least 3 of the same characters long.

The high-paying symbols still fall under the standard characters start with the Ankh cross and the green scarab. If you have 6 of these symbols on a pay line, it will earn 100 times your bet. Doing this with the pharaoh’s mask will make you 250 times your stake on that pay line. If you get the explorer on a pay line 6 times, it will pay you 750 times. The scattered symbols can help you reclaim your total bet up to 200 times as a player.

How reliable is Book of Secrets 6?

According to us, Book of Secrets 6 is a reliable online slot machine from Bonuslots. Furthermore, Synot Games is a developer that has already marketed several major online video slots, with which this studio has gained the necessary confidence.

This video slot uses a random number generator (RNG), just like all others. This means that everything that happens in this online video slot is happening on a random basis. The random number generator is also known as a coincidence generator and is also used in other online casino games.

What are the pros and cons of Book of Secrets 6?


  • At Book of Secrets 6, you have to deal with a pretty good profit benefit rate, also known as RTP, of 96.02%. This is not hugely high, but certainly not low for an online slot.
  • The bonus feature is a lot of fun, making the game a bit more dynamic.
  • If you love Egypt and historical adventures, this online video slot suits you very well.


  • The ancient Egyptian theme has already been prevalent in the online gambling industry. This ensures that the game is not original. In addition, there are several slot games within the online gambling industry where this theme is broached, and the game is more fun to play.
  • Graphically, Book of Secrets 6 is not immensely displayed. The developers of Synot Games have more in their march; they didn’t show that with this slot.
  • The play mode of Book of Secrets 6 is boring after not too long.

What are the chances of winning at Book of Secrets 6?

As you’ve been able to read before, the profit benefit rate, also known as RTP, of Book of Secrets 6 is 96.02%. This percentage is pretty good, but it is also not profitable for an online slot game. Besides this reasonable RTP, as a player, you have a chance to win back up to 12,500 times your stake.

We at Bonuslots would like to advise all players of online video slots and other slot games to take responsible gambling into account at all times. Are you interested or become interested in playing online slot games? Read more on our blog page. This is also a handy page if you want to learn more about online gambling and how it works. This informative page offers you helpful tips on various online slots games, and updates are posted regularly. So keep an extra close eye on this page!

How does the bonus feature work at Book of Secrets 6?

The bonus feature of Book of Secrets 6 is triggered when you spin 3 or more of Horus’ eye gold books. In addition to activating the bonus feature, this symbol also pays off. So this means double profit.

When you manage to spin 3 or more of these golden books of the eye of Horus, you will trigger the Book of Secrets 6 free spins bonus round. In this round, you will receive 10 free spins. An extra feature becomes active when you enter the free spins, with a standard symbol chosen for you. This symbol will then act as a special expanding symbol that will cover full reels. This expansion only takes place when you have enough of these symbols together within 10 free spins to get a winning combination. You can activate the free spins round more often in the game, as soon as you spin the golden book with Horus’s eye 3 times again.

Are you curious about Book of Secrets 6?

Book of Secrets 6 is an entertaining adventure through the tombs and pyramids of Egypt’s pharaohs. This online slot machine is suitable for players who don’t want to put gigantic amounts in a slot, but above all, want to play nicely. The bonus feature is fun and can give you nice prizes.

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FAQ Book of Secrets 6

The profit payout percentage, also known as RTP (Return To Player), for Book of Secrets 6 is 96.02%. On average, this is an excellent percentage for an online slot machine. We’ve seen higher, but also lower.

Within Book of Secrets 6, there are 10 different pay lines through which you can grab winnings. You can choose to play some of these lines or bet on them all.

Book of Secrets 6, you can win back up to 12,500 times your stake. You do this by getting the most potent possible combinations of high-paying symbols. You can also have success with the free spins. Just remember, it’s pretty exceptional to grab this top prize and that it’s more realistic to grab 500 times to 1,000 times your stake.

There is undoubtedly a free spins round at Book of Secrets 6. This extra feature can provide nice extra wins.

The free spins round of Book of Secrets 6 is triggered when you manage to spin 3 or more of the gold books on the playing field with Horus’ eye. You will receive 10 free spins, including a handpicked symbol which will become an expanding symbol. This allows you to grab even more excellent profits. If you run 3 golden books with Horus’s eye again during the free spins round, the free spins rounds will be retriggered, and you will get 10 free spins again.

The minimum bet at Book of Secrets 6 is €0.10 and the maximum bet €20, -. We, therefore, speak of a fairly tight betting range.


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