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Cabin Crashers

We are in the Appalachian Mountains. This mountain range in North America is the backdrop for the creepy yet comic Cabin Crashers Online slot. With a simplistic layout and hand-drawn symbols, Quickspin has developed a crazy game. Zombies, shots, logs, it’s all enough to create a humorous horror-like backdrop. The minimum bet of the Cabin Crashers Online Slot is 20 euro cents, and the maximum bet is 100 euros, a suitable amount for each player. With a return to player of 96.18%, you’re just above average, so fine. You will find the maximum win at the free spin round, where there can be a multiplier of 21,144 times your stake

  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Original theme
  • Multiple options in the bonus round
Terrifying Theme

Zombies Included

High volatility

Every spin will have a different outcome

Innovative producer

Quickspin never really disappoints Choosing

At the bonus round

decide for yourself what suits you

Handmade symbols

well detailed

For each player

bets from 0.20 cents to 100 euro

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Cabin Crashers Slot: A zombie apocalypse

Swedish company Quickspin does not produce assembly line slot machines, but when the company does so, come them with something good too. Translated back into the Cabin Crashers Slot, we see this again. It’s not a typical QuickSpin slot because of its quirky theme, but it’s a unique one: zombies focused slots aren’t often encountered. In addition, there is no slot with unique details, but the simple design of the Cabin Crashers Slot appeals to you when playing.

During a vacation in the North American Mountains, the Apaches, which is spent in a cabin, is a real zombie apocalypse. When an attack occurs, you are in a craggy cabin; what do you do? First, you make sure that they are removed one by one by popping them off. DutchGamblers has explained a thing or two for you: how does the Cabin Crashers Slot work, what advantages and disadvantages are associated with the slot machine, is there a bonus round, and the chances of winning?

Cabin Crashers slot play: how does it work?

While playing Cabin Crashers Online Slot, you imagine yourself in a quiet holiday vibe; you spend your well-deserved vacation in a cabin. This peaceful vacation is suddenly interrupted when the zombies attack. It’s up to you to blast as many zombies as possible with guns, dynamite rods and thereby raise your bank account as much as possible. 

Quickspin has thought about the decor. The simple background is somewhat soothing, but the axes, zombies, dynamite bars, tombstones, and crocodiles provide engaging gameplay. You need to get as many combinations as possible on the 20 paylines. Cabin Crashers Online Slot has an RTP of 96.18%, just above the industry average. You will be cashing the most during the bonus round, where you can hand in free spins, where you will get multiple options for your maximum multiplier back. Quickspin has made an excellent addition to the game with this option, which you don’t often see with slot machines.

Cabin Crashers slot review: Are the symbols also of terrifying value?

On the 5 reels, where there are 3 symbols each, you must obtain profitable combinations from 20 pay lines. The low symbols, 9 through baits on a regular deck, won’t make you very much, but whoever doesn’t honor the small will not repel the big. The mid-range symbols: the glass bottle, patterns, and ax are already slightly closer to a smile on your face, with payouts up to 8 times your bet. You will receive the real smile with the high-flyers: the crocodile, bear, and the masked man will be good for a maximum of 50 times your bet.

The wild symbols don’t take a natural shape, a nice extra to the Cabin Crashers slot. These are shot at a symbol, resulting in a random multiplier that rises to x5. Slots are almost always fun to play, especially when you get all kinds of multipliers. But the (online) gambling world consists of much more. 

Review Cabin Crashers Slot: Is it a Reliable Lock?

Quickspin produced cabin Crashers Slot. Quickspin is a Swedish company that tries to distinguish itself by always working innovative and inventive. By creating pokies of technically high quality, the company aspires to differentiate itself. We can tell you: that they certainly succeeded at Cabin Crashers Slot. Quickspin aims to become the best globally, and the Cabin Crashers slot has contributed a bit to that. DutchGamblers has good experiences playing the slot, so we can determine it is a dedicated slot. Do you want to know more about the honesty of online gambling? Please read our blog about it!

The pros and cons of the Cabin Crashers slot

A fun decor, humorous and terrifying symbols, fun multipliers, the bonus you can buy, Cabin Crashers Slot has it all. But are there any drawbacks to the slot machine too?


  • Atmospheric slot game
  • Interactive bonus game by choosing a multiplier yourself
  • Possibility of huge wins: 21,144 maximum multiplier
  • Special wilds that result in a multiplier instantly
  • You can buy a bonus


  • Cabin Crashers may have too high volatility for some players. Likewise, the background may be too simple for some players.

What are the chances of the Cabin Crashers Slot?

Cabin Crashers has 20 pay lines, which is not wrong for a slot whose gameplay is pretty straightforward. The game uses an RTP of 96.18% in the regular game: this is fine and is on average. Do you want slots with a similar RTP? Then try Gonzo’s Quest, Bonzana Megaways or Zeus Slots. You can also buy a bonus. The nice thing about this is that your RTP rises to 96.52%, so an exciting option.

So Cabin Crashers doesn’t distinguish itself in terms of the RTP. What is distinctive about the slot machine are the maximum profits to be achieved. You can choose a certain maximum multiplier at the bonus round at the expense of your number of free spins and the variance. Your multiplier runs from 6,834x to 21,144, so don’t miss out on it.

When choosing the highest multiplier, you automatically choose the highest variance. However, due to fluctuating payouts, it may just be suddenly that your balance is running out. That is why DutchGamblers advises gambling responsibly at all times. Do you always gamble responsibly and still love high-variance slots? Then try Book of Dead Online or Royal Mint Megaways.

The Cabin Crashers Slot: How Does the Coveted Bonus Game Work?

Honestly, Quickspin has introduced a good and original bonus game with Cabin Crashers. Before you can activate the bonus, you’ll have to spin a scatter symbol on the first, third, and fifth reels, embodied by a tombstone. Don’t want to wait for three scatters to spin? For 75x your initial bet, you can immediately play the bonus game, but here you will receive an RTP of 96.52%, a gift from Quickspin.

Next comes a fun featuring: you can choose your number of free spins, each of which has a different payout. The first tomb has 12 free spins, wild multipliers of x2 or x3, where you can get a maximum win of 6,843x your stake. The third grave has 6 free spins, wild multipliers of x4 or x5, and a maximum win of 9,822x. The second grave is precisely in between. Are you a real gambler? Then the fourth option is for you: you will receive between 6 and 20 free spins, multipliers from x2 to x5, and a maximum win of 21,144. The fun thing about the wilds: they’re sticky too. So the Cabin Crashers bonus round can be pretty lucrative.

Cabin Crashers Slot: a supernatural fun slot or not?

Yesyes, finally: Bonuslots’ conclusion about the Cabin Crashers Slot. We can tell you that we are more than content about this production of Quickspin. Let’s start with the gaming experience. You think you’re in a peaceful cabin on the mountain until the zombies attack you. Don’t mind: you have enough tools to remove it and have a fun experience while playing. Next, we can talk about the choice you can make during the bonus round: a distinctive concept. The result can be thousands of times your stake or dozens of times. Anyway, it’s an excellent playing box, Bonuslots is convinced!

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FAQ Cabin Crashers

The game has a high conflict, which means your payouts can fluctuate.

The maximum win is 21,144 your stake. But, of course, you can only be such a lucky ass if you have activated the free spin mode.

The RTP is 96,18%, just a bit above the average. However, it can be up to 96.52% when you buy a bonus.

If you have played three scatter symbols, you can fall into the prizes. You can choose between tombstones 1 through 4, all of which have a different number of free spins with different payouts. So it’s an excellent option.

There are 5 reels, with 3 symbols on each reel.

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