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Coils of Cash

Coils of Cash is an online video slot full of voltage because it takes place in a power box. All kinds of things happen in this crammed video slot. Multipliers up to 625, chain-reactions, free spins, and wins up to 30,000 times your total bet. Read this review and learn all about this delicious slot machine.

  • Fun multipliers that can come to high value together
  • The theme is under high tension
  • Possibility of beautiful wins
Maximum win

Win back up to 30,000 times your stake


The win payout percentage is 96.2%

High variance

The outcome of each spin can be very different

Bet range:

Bet per round between €0.10 and €100

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Entertaining Voltage betting range with Coils of Cash

In Coils of Cash is all about keeping the game under electrical voltage. The developers have changed their course and have entered the path of the online video slots with high maximum wins. You will join for the prizes when you have 3 or more of the same symbols from the left reel on subsequent reels.

How does Coils of Cash work?

Coils of Cash is played on a divided playing field where you can bet between €0.10 and €100 per spin, which is a reasonably wide betting range. First, you have the big playing field, which has a fairly classic layout with 6 reels and 3 rows. Above this standard playing field, the developers have placed an extra row with room for 4 symbols. On the large playing field, the symbols fall. This happens when you make a winning combination, where the combination was. These are the chain reactions that can go through several winning combinations with a bit of luck. When no winning combination appears on the field, turn again.

The row of 4 symbols moves from left to right. Due to this unique layout of the playing field, there are a whopping 2,304 different ways to fall into prizes. The symbols that are part of winning combinations and fall on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 increase the multipliers below the top row of 4 symbols. This continues up to a maximum of 5 times per multiplier. When you make a winning combination with a symbol visible in this row, the multiplier under this symbol in the top row will be triggered. Once you have succeeded, this reel will be completely refreshed with new characters, and the multiplier you used will go back to 1. You can have 5 on each top row box as a maximum multiplier. If you get all these multipliers on one winning combination, you will get a multiplier of times 625 on your won amount.

The electric sparks fly over the display when you make a winning combination. The high-paying premium symbols are all kinds of different electrical devices whose names we cannot determine directly. However, you’ll recognize them when you play the game. These premium symbols will pay you between 2.5 and 5 times your stake when you have 6 in a winning combination. The low-paying symbols are the card game symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. When you spin 6 of the same low characters on the playing field, you will pay your bet between 0.8 and 1 times. Then, of course, you also have the Wild symbol. A significant letter W will replace all symbols except scatters to create a winning combination.

How reliable is Coils of Cash?

According to us, Coils of Cash is an online slot machine that is sure to be trusted. Play ‘n Go developers are outstanding game developers and are now one of the largest online game producers in the online slot gaming industry. Aside from being a reasonable giant within this sports branch, they are still expanding their portfolio.

Like all other online slot games, this online video slot uses a Random Number Generator, an RNG. This software ensures randomness in the game, which means that everything that happens in the game randomly takes place and is therefore not preconceived or programmed. This is a tool that, in addition to online video slots, is also implemented with other online slot games such as table games and scratch cards.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Coils of Cash?


  • The game is very nicely worked out, and you’ll know if you’ve caught winnings through the spectacle that takes place on your screen.
  • Due to the high variance, Coils of Cash is an exciting game. It’s an exciting game with some tension. Every spin can provide great prices with a bit of luck.
  • Coils of Cash allows you to win back up to 30,000 times your stake.
  • The multiplier can be up to 625 times the prize you take on a winning combination.
  • This online video slot is playable on desktop, phone, and tablet. This allows you to play this exciting game in any place.
  • The game is a very easy to play slot but very entertaining.
  • During the free spins round, you can win even more free spins by spinning more scatters during this round.


  • It’s not entirely clear to us what the theme is, apart from the fact that you’re in a power box.

What are the chances of winning at Coils of Cash?

As you have read earlier in this review, Coils of Cash’s Profit (RTP) percentage is 96.2%. This percentage is not super mega thundering compared to other, especially older online slots, but also not gigantic bad. The win payout percentage is always indicated in a portion and represents the average that can theoretically be recovered as a profit from an (online) gambling game. The higher the rate is, the more attractive this game could be for a player who wants to grab nice wins.

In addition to the profit payout percentage, we are dealing with a high variance in this online slot machine. The variance, sometimes called volatility, is the degree of spread of a set of values, also known as the extent to which the values differ from each other. The higher the variance in an online slot game, the more the mutual values will vary, and the more it will be off the average. At Coils of Cash, you have a chance of very nice and high prices with a bit of luck, but also the possibility that you can lose a thing or two.

We at Bonuslots would like to advise all players of online video slots to take responsible gambling into account at all times. Have you become interested in playing an online video slot, or maybe you would like to learn more about how these games work together? Read more on our blog page. You will find helpful tips about all kinds of online slot games on this informative page, and updates are posted regularly. So keep an eye on this page to stay entirely up to date.

How do Coils of Cash Free Spins work?

Coils of Cash is an online slot game with a highly entertaining free spins round. You will enter this free spins round if you know how to spin three or more scatters. The more scatters you know how to spin, the more free spins you will logically receive. For example, when you know how to turn 3 scatters, you will receive 10 free spins, 4 scatters will be 15 free spins, with 5 scatters, you get 20 free spins, and of course, with 6 scatters, you get 25 free spins. Every scatter you spin during the free spins round is suitable for 2 extra free spins, which gets along.

Of course, all the multipliers you have built up in the base game will take you to this free spins round. The great thing is that these multipliers will not be reset during this round. All they do is be worth more. So this free spins round is worth it. It’s going at a fast pace, and it allows you to grab great prices.

Are you curious about Coils of Cash?

Coils of Cash is a charming online slot machine that has been worked out in great detail. The gameplay is also astonishing, even though it seems a bit standard at the start of the game. This video slot has a very high voltage, which will certainly not get bored anytime soon. Have you also been curious about Coils of Cash? Then click here and try out this cool slot!

Would you like to see an example of Coils of Cash?

We have a handy link for you here to give you an example of how this game is played. This video is intended as an example of how the game is played. The winnings you can see will not always be won and can give a distorted picture of the actual game’s progress.

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FAQ Coils of Cash

Coils of Cash’s RTP (also known as profit benefit rate) is 96.2%. On average, this is an excellent percentage for an online slot machine

Coils of Cash certainly has a free spins round. This round is triggered when you manage to spin 3 or more scatters. For example, with 3 scatters, you get 10 free spins, 4 scatters get 15 free spins, 5 scatters get 20 free spins, and 6 scatters get 25 free spins in one spin. You can also spin scatters during this free spins round. For each scatter you spin, you get 2 extra free spins.

With Coils of Cash, the minimum bet is €0.10 and the maximum bet €100 per round. This is a reasonably wide betting range for an online video slot.

Coils of Cash can be priced in 2,304 different ways.

At Coils of Cash, you can win back up to 30,000 times your stake.

With Coils of Cash, the top row with 4 symbols is the multiplier row. When you create a winning combination, each of these multipliers goes +1 to a maximum of times 5. When you make a winning combination with symbols, which is also visible in a multiplier, the multiplier value goes once the value of your won combination. With any luck, you can use all the multipliers at once, which will be done each this time. At maximum value, this will be a multiplier of times 625.

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